Egyptian Prayer of Fertility
  Oh, Isis mother goddess of everything and all, mother To Horace, please hear my plea
I am but an unworthy servant, beseeching you to grant me one thing
My womb is barren, I ask you with your hand of fertility, to please find it within your heart to touch me
Do me thing one thing and so much happiness into my life you would bring.

My trustful husband, regardless of no child, he stands right beside me
I know I am not worthy, of what happiness you could bring to me
But I have always tried to be your faithful servant, I beg of you, please hear my plea
I shall always be loyal, I hope you don't think I'm selfish, but a child would make me happy and full of glee.

I bow before you in humbleness, grace, and humility
But, Isis, oh Isis, I know you are just, to even listen to what I have to say
Regardless, oh goddess, by your side I shall always be
I know if you hear me, I can depend on you just as I do Rah, riding his chariot to bring us each a blessed new day.

I am only a lowly servant in the palace of your messenger, Pharaoh
But a child, an unexpected gift for my husband, to him what a smile that would bring
I try to obey all laws, always trying to make sure the seeds of goodness I sow
A babe to hold next to my bosom, oh how my heart would sing.

My time of bearing years, well now they have almost gone away
That is why my prayer to you now is most urgent
My husband and I have been together many years, but my womb remains barren, in this I have no say
So I humble myself to you in hopes to us a babe will be sent,

Oh goddess of mother earth, you yourself are a mother
You will understand how important it is to have a child of your own
You should understand my plight and I above all others
Oh goddess, I know you always protect me, knowing this, I know I am never alone.

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I just imagined how an Egyptian woman of some years felt about being barren, I am an amateur Egyptologist, Lol! One of my passions