Cell of Pain
I don't know how to escape the pain I feel, the anxiety being the bars of my prison cell
I am so lost as pain  and remorse ooze and seethe within my soul
Chained by my heart, I see no escape in sight, from my personal hell
In my heart, there is a very big unfixable hole.
In this locked cell, it is like, something opens allowing water to gush in, and with no escape, I feel like I'm drowsing, in an abyss of pain
No one can throw me a life preserver, they can't get passed the locked door of my pain
Slowly drowning, no way out, I try, but my tears fall like rain
I try to put on a smile, a facade, but inside, I feel as if I'm going insane.
Outside my locked cell, is an abyss of remorse, from this I try and stay away
But it's like, I'm being drawn to this, my cell will unlock the door for me to go here
But I want to stay away from here, here in this place, I do not want to play
My cell on the edge of remorse, from this I wish to steer clear.
Locked within my pain, at the end of the tunnel I do not see a light
I see only a tunnel of darkness, which through I am scared, to try any sort of escape
I'm afraid the darkness will totally engulf me, smothering me, holding on to me very tight
Is there some reason why darkness and pain chose me to rape?
In my cell of pain, I have to face my reality and fears
But I question myself, am I strong enough to handle what I must face?
The death of a loved one, locked within my cell, all I can do is cry an ocean of tears
I feel the love, that death robbed me of will never I will be able to replace
I know life goes on, me hoping one day to leave my cell, and see the sun
Feeling the warmth of the sun once again will give me the strength, to once again be able to smile
Being ready to face life again, with the brilliance of a smile, giving me the strength to face life again, to laugh and have fun
I know one day, I will emerge victorious, but for the time being, I shall remain in my cell of pain for awhile.

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 6/2/2008 2:59:51 PM
What a description of a prison. And all the prisons we are in or we create. I too was a prisoner for 12 years to drugs and alcohol. But I freed myself and 16+ years later am still free. I thank you for sharing this Lanaia for it says so much.

Free Verse
writing lanaia74
dark poet, fantasy writer
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