By Their Side
In this dark place servants of the king get me ready
Ready to meet the God, in my civilization, we must appease our Gods
Most other people in my position, would want to flee
But I was chosen, what an honor, me, to be noticed by our king and our Gods.
The kings servants, was me, bathe me, in a cool underground stream
I have never had this kind of attention before, they are making such a fuss, over me
I am so honored, I know when I smile, I know I just glow and beam
I am filled with such happiness, I am just so happy and full of glee.
After they know I am clean, they work on my long dark hair, making sure it is so pretty
Braiding my hair, adorning it with all kinds of beads and thing
They then wrap my slim body in material from far away, called silk, they are so pampering me
Then upon my shoulders, they place a red robe, red is for good luck, something to which I always, wish to cling.
Then upon my head, they place a crown, so beautiful with all it's gems and gold
They perfume with a scent of flowers, making me to be alluring to the Gods
My parents are so proud of me, because of the honor bestowed upon me, to me this they told
They outline my eyes with black, my lips are red, I must look the best I can for the Gods.
Before I make my debut, before the others of my tribe, I am allowed to meet with my family
They great me with open arms, telling me how proud they are of me
Once a year a virginal maiden is chosen, one chosen to please the Gods and this time it is me
I was raised knowing what an honor this is, I am not afraid, so I would never flee
Then the king's servants escort me pass the others of my tribe, in reverence they are bowing to me
I start the long walk, to the alter, that will end my life, being reborn to another where I shall be a bride
Arriving at the alter, my robe is removed, then I lay on the alter, I have no intention to flee
What happens next, after the knife, the blood starts to flow, and forever by the Gods, I will always be by their side.

MarjeanTherese   MarjeanTherese wrote
on 6/12/2008 11:01:47 AM
Very nice again!!

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 6/10/2008 11:22:34 PM
Great storytelling Lanaia. To take this from the soon-to-be sacrificed maiden's point of view was genius. This story reminds me of the jihad warriors who want to blow themselves up and take as many with them as they can. I saw on a show once where they were so happy to do this for they thought they would be with Allah and the 72 virgins. Funny...I thought heaven was supposed to be such a clean and moral and pure place. Not a place where you get to defile yourself and heaven by making love to 72 virgins. Must be something wrong with my thinking. Hmmmm.....

Free Verse
writing lanaia74
dark poet, fantasy writer
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