Beyond Belief
Darkness on the horizon, on a moonless night, car trouble once again
I stay in my car, as the atmosphere outside, causes me chills up and down my spine
I may be acting like a child, but for some reason, these feelings, I must defend
So dark, so silent, a night indeed for fiends to dine.
I must do something, but I am frozen with fear, I just don't know what to do
I roll my window down, but there are no signs of life, as far as I can see
The only thing I see is blackness, as darkness only hampers my view
I try the car one more time, as my shaking ice cold hands turn the key.
But this does no good, the only thing the motor does is make a clicking sound
Then what little light I have from the car, just slowly fades away
Leaving me is a ocean of blackness, alone with the sound of my heart as it pounds
I must think of something, this I must do without delay.
I decide to get out from the protection of my car, hoping I am making the right decision
Standing outside, very strange, there is no sound, everything is as silent as a mime
I then remember, in my glove compartment, for protection, I carry a small gun
I get it, hoping and praying, if I use it, it won't be this time.
I am torn, I don't know what to do, should I leave the car or should I stay?
At this very moment, all I can do is stand here, I just can't get my legs to work
I am afraid, I don't know what lies within the darkness, is there something there with which I do not want to play?
I know I am being silly, but I don't know what lies in the darkness, what is in the darkness that lurks?
I can't express in words the intense feelings of fear, stirring within me
I see a light from behind my car, but I can't really make out what it is I see
Then within the darkness looking like a black frame around a illuminated human form, is this really what I see
Being terrified beyond belief, I fire the gun -------------------------------------

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writing lanaia74
dark poet, fantasy writer
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something that could happen to either one of us