From Of Atlantis, book five, Labryinth into Oblivion

Here, I am a young woman, in the springtime of my life, where I should be worry free and gay
But my young body, has let me down, a disease has made my body fail me
This is the time in my life, when with my own children, I should be able to play
But no my body has let me down, just making me wish from it I could flee.
Finding out I couldn't have children of my own, well there sure wasn't in my plan
I have a womb, but it will never be the cradle of my unborn child, the way it was meant to be
I the chosen, foretold to beat the evil of this planet, a simple thing like a child, to do this, I never can
My arms will always ache, for the feel of a child, but seems that wasn't meant to be.
I was so devastated, when the doctor delivered the news to me
I had to be alone for awhile, so the reality of the situation, could slowly sink in
An operation, I am told I need, of all things to hear when you are twenty-one, you need a hysterectomy
When I started this day, I did not know I would end up in heartbreak's den.
I am crushed, knowing I can never feel a life inside me grow, never ever feel my child as within my womb he would kick, and turn around
From now on there will be an unfixable hole in my heart, I don't know if it will ever be filled
My arms will always ache for my own child, the voice, of it, I will never ever hear a sound
I know my destiny by the Gods, this I know they have willed.
Maybe, somehow, someway, my aching arms and the hole in my heart may some way be filled
Who knows what lies in the future of life or their life's destiny?
Only the voyage of the chosen was foretold. Who ever said a person's life, the end, is ever sealed?
I know  the Supreme Being and Cheyenne hear my cries, maybe some way they will answer my pleas.
One has to choose a certain path, hoping the one we choose is right
Maybe in my life, I will make my Gods happy, the one day they will smile upon me in a special kind of way
No one, not even I the chosen, down the road no one's fate is within sight
The silence, I hear from my heart, my arms that oh so ache, my heart that silently breaks, my dreams and wishes, I pray come true one day.


StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 5/27/2008 3:15:18 AM
You speak for so many women worldwide Lanaia. Such a sad and lonely feeling in knowing that you can never have a child. And I admire your imagination for you take it beyond it's limits, especially with your Atlantis series. Keep up the good work, for you are a poet that inspires me to keep stretching beyond the limits of time, space, and love.

Free Verse
writing lanaia74
dark poet, fantasy writer
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