Reservations Not Allowed
      For years there's always been a standing joke asking the question, "What did you make for dinner last night?" The answer is-Reservations. That use to be more common place in years past, but in today's economy not as often  More people are finding out it's a lot more practical to eat at home and cooking is on the rise. Not everyone has to be a Gourmet chef and dazzle the diners with feats of grandeur from the kitcchen.  You'd be surprised what a nice grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl of hot soup does after a long day and lousy weather outside.  Yes folks, that's cooking.  It may not seem like what we've conceived as the real deal, but yep, it it.  Anything you fix for yourself to eat falls under the category of food prep, which in turn also encompasses cooking.
     Everybody views the idea of actually preparing a meal that is not packaged, boxed, pre-made and frozen, heating up last night's take-out or Mom's leftovers as 'Huh'.  Well I'm here to tell you that there's a new horizon up ahead that's just waiting for someone to embrace and explore.  It holds treasures beyond just mere mortal eyes and taste buds. Only delving into it's robust flavors and colors does one discover a whole new outlook on cooking.  It's quite simply, very easy.  Something anyone must attempt, maybe not always conquer, but you just don't get ahead of yourself task wise, until you're ready for it.  If you stick with that concept, you'll succeed every time.  I'm one of those few people that really loves to cook.  I'll try to make anything from full meals to lavish desserts.  The sky's the limit for me, but that 's probably not your thing to do.  Even my sons, who both took cooking in school, and I've shown how to make certain things, still give me that blank stare or silence on the phone when I tell them again, "You know how to do it already. Remember?"
     What would you do if someone showed you how easy something was and that just knowing a few simple steps could unleash the Master chef in you? I for one would probably run toward the goal, but then again, I have already conquered the fear of cooking.  Others might just shrug it off, and then there's that minute few who's curiosity would be peaked enough that they'd bite at the chance.  It's those of you I embrace with open arms. A new adventure into the exciting Sci-fi realm of culinary mystery and intrigue.  We start our quest to further the palates of the unknown and surrender our unknowing ways to our taste buds through a never ending array of tastes, smells and new visionary beginnings.  To the future and beyond the mere signs of perplexity, to the forefront of the finished creation. 
     Simple and soulful, ever so easy and yet, always seeming so far away.  Alas! The time to step up to the plate of culinary prep, otherwise known as cooking, is upon us.  We must decide if we are up for the adventure or not.  I say, "Hoist the sails and ready the palate, for we sail to new horizons amid failures and glorious triumphs."  The new Art of the game is not on WII or XBox, but on you local cooking networks, recipe cards, magazine racks, family tables and soon to be, your own kitchen or hot plate.  Show them what you've got!  Imagination is underestimated.  Cooking has been re-invented and there should be no reservations allowed.
Karen Kain-writer

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The concept of cooking can not only be terrifying. but adventurous. You must begin the journey in order to know how it ends. There should be no reservations allowed in the decision making, only the excitement of the journey. So come aboard and launch your palate into the sea of intrigue, mystery, culinary foreplay and visionary beginnings.
A Word from the Writer
I am published in Palm Springs and Yahoo's Associated All of my writings are clever and heartfelt and remind us all of family and friends, trials and victories, adventures and contentment.