of mama and moonbeams

we lay outside
curled up on an old blanket
and looked up
through the stillness of the night
to the plump tangerine fullness of the
setting harvest moon

it was close
I could almost touch it with the tip of my finger
the pointer one
the one that mama would wag at me
when I misbehaved
dear mama
she is gone now
but I feel her close to me tonight

I wanted to touch that moon so bad
tried grasping it
but it stayed just out of reach
that wanting and not achieving
tore at me, ripped at me
it seared the very core of me
until I sobbed with long
harsh racking sobs

I heard my mama once again
hush child she’d say
just hush
no need to cry
mama’s here
your mama who loves you so

I felt an arm snake around me
heard him asking
why the tears on such a night

I felt the tender touch
of another who loves me
this wonderful man who stayed with me
at mama’s side as she drew her last breath
just as a full tangerine harvest moon
slipped over the horizon

Jan   Jan wrote
on 8/20/2009 11:46:12 PM
oops sorry kiwigirl..i really thought this poem was a personal note..but i guess that makes you a good writer..:)

Papak   Papak wrote
on 8/20/2009 8:59:01 PM
I will let the comments of the others speak for themselves.

Michele   Michele wrote
on 8/20/2009 8:46:57 PM
Grief can come out and jump on you at the oddest times---you are lucky to have your 'wonderful man'....

Jan   Jan wrote
on 8/20/2009 7:39:05 PM
you must have had a loving family..i felt the pain of the longing for the mother here and the gratitude of love of the man (father ?) in the end..really great write with a nice flow of story-telling..:)

kiwigirl   kiwigirl wrote
on 8/20/2009 7:38:40 PM
Message received and understood. Better now?

Free Verse
writing kiwigirl
The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart
--Helen Keller
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