in the ditch
instinctively she put her hand out toward the light
drawn to the beams coming from the distance
she tried calling, her voice, raspy and strained
I am here, please see me, I am here

the pain in her leg flared as she moved slightly
stretching as high as she was able, arms held high
screams of silence tore through her head
as realisation dawned that this might be her end

to her side lay the reason for her distress
a small pony, it's front leg broken, bone exposed
the hapless creature bawled in pain then fell silent
as shock overtook its battered body, death soon to follow

the beams drew nearer, the lights coursing towards her
searchlights, directed right and left, a siren wailing
I am here, please find me, I am here, just look this way
in the ditch, please look in the ditch

her cries grew louder, coarse retching sobs, guttural sounds
despite the searing pain she attempted to stand
arms still well aloft, waving frantically, desperately
I am here, can't you see me, I am here

the light swung in her direction, then veered away
then as suddenly, swung back again and focused on her
she heard voices, the sound of cheering, footsteps running
and then the strong beloved arms of her father encircling her

kiwigirl   kiwigirl wrote
on 9/2/2009 1:31:41 AM
thank my minds eye, she was riding her pony and tried to jump a ditch. The pony stumbled breaking its leg and the rider went rider flying. Lying in a ditch, she is not easy to see from the road. Time passes and it gets late. Search parties are out looking for her...

Papak   Papak wrote
on 9/2/2009 12:53:25 AM
"realization" It took me a minute to understand this and then again I wsn't sure. Had she been out riding? I thought I saw a "car" and she hit the horse and rolled but no car is present. Although I don't particulary like this poem, any poem that conjurs up different visions and versions of thought is worth reading a number of times. and any poem that is read more than once must be a good poem. I would compare it to a favourite movie, the more times you watch it the more you see. Well done.

Free Verse
writing kiwigirl
The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart
--Helen Keller
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