faded yellow duck
the bath is filling
an old clawfoot tub
standing in the centre of the bathroom
no walls to surround it
water cascading from
aged chrome taps
styled like an old-fashioned telephone
the handle for the shower
resting across the top

the tub is more than just
a place to wash my body
in it my whole self is cleansed
my peace and well being restored
it is my solace
the one place I can be truly free
in it I am weightless
just like the bubbles that
course across the surface of the water

to one side sits
the yellow rubber duck
a gift from a long ago lover
just whimsy, nothing more
of no real use
but I cannot bear to part with it
it reminds me of the
woman I once was
lithe, supple, sexual
and young, so young
and so very full of life

I am old now, old and frail
it is my nurse who lifts me from
my chair and undresses me
helps me into the tub
she is the one who washes me
sponges my back
and my private places
nevermore will I have a lover
treat me thus
how I long for a man's precious touch
just once, just one more time

my nurse knows to leave me be
she will come and get me soon
but for now
this is my time, this is my place
my special place
just me and my memories
and my faded yellow duck

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Free Verse
writing kiwigirl
The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart
--Helen Keller
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