Campfire #2 The Woods.

The Monster covered distance in great leaps and bounds.  My head felt as if it would cave in.  The monster's hand squeezed a little tighter with each step, but I could not make a sound.  Even in the breeze I could smell the beasts breath.  Its stench made me gag.

We entered the woods, and the creature tossed me down into a pit surrounded by trees.  The creature made a grotesque scream as it shut the hole trapping me inside.  I could hear it outside the hole dragging something.  Wood?  Maybe.

I began to look around for something to pry on the twigs and branches.  They seemed to be woven together.  I tugged on a stick, and it came right out!  I pulled another.  And another.  Soon I had a hole large enough to poke my head through.  The beast was missing.  He had left behind a pile of wood.

That makes sense, I thought out loud.  Whenever I had explored the woods, I would come across random piles of tree trunks and branches.  It must have been the monster's doing.

I couldn't hear the beast anymore.  I enlarged the hole as quickly as I could.  I looked around.  Still no sign of the beast.  I made my escape out of the hole and began to run through the trees back towards the house.

A roar penetrated the silence.  I turned to look while running and fell head first into a log.

I woke up.  The log I had been laying on was covered in blood.  My blood.  Oh great, I thought to myself.  My fear had evaporated with a little bump on the head.  I checked for wounds.  There was a gash on the left side of my head, oozing slightly.  I got up to run again, but a wolf stood not six feet away.  He was glaring at me, baring his teeth.  Those yellow eyes looked like beautiful backlit marbles, glowing against the blackness of his fur.

We stood locked in this duel of nerves.  Mine were ready to snap.  My body was shaking and I needed to pee.  I thought I couldn't bear it anymore and I was about to run when the wolf howled and took off.  I gasped a breath of relief, and ran off to the house.

All was quiet back at the house.  No lights at all this time.  The office was empty and dark.  I moved to the garage door keypad and punched the number.  Fifty-five ninety.  The parents wedding anniversary.  I can finally claim my prize, I muttered to myself.  As I shut the door, something snuck in behind me.

All I saw was long light brown hair, and a lot of teeth dart behind my step-dad's truck.  Then it came after me.

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Short Story
writing killer210
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