True Love?

I feel a little better,
We talked on the phone,
But I'm still kinda sad,
We are apart...and I'm alone

I told him how I felt,
He did not believe a word,
He said I'll have to show him,
Because all this he's already heard

Which is true...I said it before,
And went back on my word,
I treated him really bad,
Which he never did deserve

All I can say is "I was selfish"
And focused all on me,
And did, and said, all those things,
To make myself happy...

But in the end I screwed myself,
And lost the one for me,
The only one who truly cared,
And I always could believe...

The past few months...I did not care,
And all I've done was whack,
But now I know, what I must do,
To get my life on track...

All I did was search...and search,
For someone to fill his place,
I was looking for love, which was really dumb...
He was right there in my face...

But stupid me, I let him go,
And pushed him far away,
When in my head, I really knew,
I wanted him to stay...

And after that I started thinking,
He's better off this way,
Because he wouldn't have to put up, with all the crap,
I put him through each day...

I'm surprised he never just left me,
After all that I would do,
But he stuck by my side, through it all,
That's how I know his love was true...

I've cared for a lot of other guys,
And tried to be with them,
But I realized I only cared for them...
Mainly as just a friend...

It didn't matter what they had,
Or the things they could give me...
Because no one filled my heart like him,
He's the only one who has the key...

So if I'm lucky, I'll get a chance,
To prove I've changed my ways...
And show him how much I really care,
And make up for all our lost days!

DwayneKilbourne   DwayneKilbourne wrote
on 10/11/2008 4:29:23 PM
The struggle of love can be difficult. I added that roller coaster struggle of life in my book, Reflections on Life's Roller Coaster Rides: 100 Poems of Circumstance. Good luck in your situation!

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 5/8/2008 11:40:47 PM
Very good! Nice flow and rhyme. I wish you the best in this situation.

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Sometimes Love is Blind, and it can be right in you face, but you choose to look past it!
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