Lost Memories...Lost Love Chapter Three (Part I)

Chapter 3

Bailey felt very nervous as she pulled into the parking lot of the diner on the corner of 6th and Burton Streets. Even though she had the air conditioner on full blast, her hands still perspired. She sat in the car for a few extra minutes trying to convince herself that maybe she should just let things be and not tell him.

“Why are you doing this? Ronny is probably right. What do you expect for him to do? Say ‘I love you?’ Take you back? Promise to take care of you and the baby and leave his family? Besides you’re married now! Happily! Get a grip, it’s all over.”

Suddenly the baby kicked, and her strong conscious convictions and emotions took over.

“This is crazy!” She said to herself aloud. She didn’t want to cry, but she couldn’t help it. It was probably her hormones causing her grief and anguish, but the tears still began to roll, and then she couldn’t stop.

As other patrons of the diner arrived, they took notice of the crying woman sitting in her car, but they never once bothered to check to see if she was okay. What was this world coming? Bailey was actually glad a complete stranger did not knock on her window, and ask if she was okay; she did not need the added drama.

Bailey reached into the glove compartment for a tissue, and as she did, she heard another car pulling up next to hers. She didn’t look to see who it was. But as she sat back up, a very handsome man, a Antonio Sobato Jr. type of good looking, standing next to her car, with his hands in his pocket and smiling down at her. She became startled at first, but quickly recognized who he was.

“What are you trying to do? Give me a heart attack?” She said opening the door. As she struggled to get out, the man gave her his hand to help. But she declined it.

“I’m okay. I’ve adapted to my new figure.”

“Wow! Look how big you are.” He exclaimed. “I knew that you were pregnant, but wow, your belly is big.”

“Thanks JC. You really know how to make a pregnant woman feel good about herself.”

“I’m sorry. Your belly may be big, but you’re still cute.” He said pulling her purse from out of the car, and then closing her car door.

“Nice try.” She snatched the purse from his hands and then headed towards the diner. “I’m starvin’ like Marvin.” She said.

“You should be.” JC joked.

Bailey smiled in reply, but did not say anything. Her heart was beating so fast at seeing him after such a long time, she really did think that she was going to have a heart attack or worse yet have the baby.

The two people went into the diner together, and found a table in the back corner. A young pretty waitress approached their table with two glasses of water and then proceeded to take their order. Bailey ordered orange juice and a stack of pancakes while JC order tea and two eggs over easy and some toasts. JC watched her as she walked away.

“You will never change, will you?” Bailey said shaking her head.

“Come on now. I have changed. After you and I…well I have changed.”

“Yeah, whatever you say. Anyway, I…”

“How are you doing? You really look beautiful. Pregnancy agrees with you. Is the baby’s father treating you right? Are you happy?”

The questions came quick and fast. The fact that he even appeared to care astounded her. Or was it just another ploy to keep her off guard from what he really wanted? She wasn’t so sure.

“The question is, are you happy, JC?” She returned.

“I’m doing all right. Life is life. I can take whatever it throws my way.”

“I’ll take that. But to answer your question, my husband treats me very well, extremely well actually. I’ve never in my life been happier.” Bailey knew that she was rubbing it in. She watched his facial expressions carefully looking for any signs of resentment or regret.

“Husband? Good, good. I’m glad.” He struggled to get out. He felt his throat trying to close up, and he began to cough.

“Are you all right? You know there must be something going around. My husband was coughing a lot earlier. I can’t afford to get sick right now.” She sat back in her seat.

JC reached for his glass of water, and took a sip.

“I’m fine. My throat is just a little dry today that’s all. Don’t worry, I’m not sick or anything.”

The waitress returned with their ordered beverages and placed them in front of her patrons. She noticed one of them was coughing a little.

“Is everything all right?” She kindly asked with a hint of fake concern in her voice.

“Yes, everything is fine.” Bailey answered and smiled up at the waitress.

“Let me know if you need anything. Your order will be ready shortly.”

“Thank you.”

The waitress then walked away.

“When did you get married?” JC asked.

“Eight months ago. Soon after you and I broke it off.”

“You didn’t know this guy long. That was quick.” He took another sip of his water.

“If you’re implying that I got married on the rebound, you’re absolutely wrong. I’ve actually known my husband for a few years. He has always been a constant in my life, and he is my best friend.”

JC was dumbfounded. And then began to panic a little.

“You never mentioned him before.” He sounded offended.

“He was never a factor for you to know about.”

“So he knows about us, about me?”

“Yes he knows everything. I don’t lie nor do I keep secrets. He’s helped me through a lot, where I couldn’t depend on you, when I needed you the most.” Bailey’s voice started to fill with resentment. She quickly composed herself.

“And to clarify things, Ronny and I never made love until two weeks before our wedding day. I told you before I’m not the type of woman to sleep around. He proposed to me after we broke it off. The best thing to ever have happened to me was standing before me all that time, and I never knew it.”

The words stung JC worse than a bee sting; it was more like someone had cut his heart out. But he tried not to let her see it. At least he hoped his hurt pride did not show. He quickly realized that it was too late. Bailey did see it, but she didn’t comment on it. That’s what he always loved about her. She was sweet, personable, and compassionate, but most of all, true. She never was the type to further the hurt of someone else’s feelings. He had never met anyone so honest and beautiful in his life. He screwed up big this time, and he knew it. She was what he had been searching for all of his life. He felt that he needed to ask and to confirm her real feelings. After all, she is human; she could still be harboring feelings somewhere in her heart. Did he wish that she had room for him too?

“Are you in love with him?” He dared to ask.

“I wouldn’t have married him if I wasn’t. He shows me what real, true love feels like. And I tell you, it’s the best feeling in the world.” She smiled. She knew she was gloating. Why was she doing this? It was so unlike her. It wasn’t her intentions, but it needed to be said. The truth needed to be told.

“I know…So why are you here, with me?” He forced.

“I’m here, because there is something that you should know. Something that I want you to understand and to stress that I don’t want anything from you.”

“You don’t want anything from me. What’s going on?”

In the background, the jukebox began to play an Alicia Keyes song, “Diary.

“Ironic, isn’t?” Bailey said looking down at her fingers, as they listened for a few seconds. Tears began to well up in her eyes again. She began to feel the baby kick around inside her belly. Her automatic reaction was to rub her stomach.

“What’s wrong?” JC asked watching her face. His heart went out to her. Suddenly all of the feelings that he had been denying came rushing back, with a vengeance.

“Tell me.” He pleaded again, reaching out and taking her hand into his.

At that moment it seemed as though they were the only two people in the diner, the music and the moment was only for them.

The baby kicked again, this time a big one.

“Oh! Boy he’s strong!”

JC looked down at her belly. “May I?” He asked.

Bailey looked up into his face and saw the love that he claimed that he didn’t have for her. What was she to say? ‘No.’

She forced a smile, and wiped away a tear. “Sure.” She answered.


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