Lost Memories...Lost Love Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Ronny reached the expressway in less time than he thought. But as soon as he got on, the traffic jam was backed all the way to the on ramp. He stepped out of the car to see if he can catch a glimpse of the accident. He couldn’t see anything. He looked around hoping that maybe a police cruiser would be coming along. Nothing was coming. ‘Maybe they are all at the crash sight already.’ He thought to himself. He needed to get to the accident and fast. Suddenly he heard a motorcycle approaching from behind. He turned and began to wave them down. They didn’t seem to want to stop until they were right up on him.

“Stop! Please!” He pleaded.

“What’s up man?” Said the young man who seemed to be in his early twenties.

“Hey I need a ride to the accident, please.”

“No way man. Next thing I know you’ll be hijacking my wheels.”

“My wife is up there in that accident. I promise you I am telling you the truth.” The young sat on his bike for a few seconds trying to decide whether or not to believe a man who stopped him for a ride. He looked around him and saw a bunch of people getting out of their cars in frustration at the traffic jam.

“Please!” Ronny pleaded again.

“Alright man. Hop on.” The young man made room on his bike for his added passenger. Repositioning the motorcycle onto the shoulder they headed towards the accident scene. In just a few minutes they were there. Ronny jumped off before the driver could come to a complete stop.

“Thanks!” Ronny thanked the man as he ran to the crash sight.

Police cruisers, ambulances, news crews, fire trucks were all in attendance. They were trying to organize the scene, find a way to begin directing traffic. Ronny tried as best as he could to fight his way through the crowd of people who had gotten out of theirs cars to view the horrible accident.

Ronny recognized his wife’s car immediately. It was lying upside down on top of another car. “Bailey! Bailey!” Ronny began calling for his wife. “Bailey!”

“Hey, who are you looking for? You can’t go in there.” A police officer stopped Ronny from going any further.

“My wife is up there! She is in that car!”

“Yeah buddy, whatever you say. Please go back behind the line.”

“What?  That’s my wife. Where is she?”

“Sir, you have to go back behind the line and watch like all the other nosy bodies.”

“What’s wrong with you? My wife was driving that white Camry!”

“Are you sure you’re not a reporter just trying to get a story. I’ve heard everything, but you are taking the cake.”

“Look, I am the one who told you guys about this accident.”

“If that’s true then maybe you had something to do with it, or even know who caused it.”

Ronny wasn’t getting no where fast.

Not too far away, Detective James Collins was standing nearby speaking to another officer who had arrived first on the scene. He was trying to give direction on how to secure the devastating scene.

“I heard the whole thing on my phone when it happened. I heard the gunshots. Someone was shooting at her while she was driving before the accident!”

“Did you know who did this? Buddy, you just made yourself an accessory.”

“What! What did you just say?” Detective Collins quickly interrupted the pending altercation.

Ronny looked at him. “Shots were being fired at my wife as we were talking on the phone. She was on her way home.”

“I’m Detective James Collins. You’re the one who called the police when it happened?

Start from the beginning. Did she say who was shooting at her?”

“No. Just that they were blasting their music really loud. She had to roll up the window just so that she could hear me talk.”

“And then what happened?”

“The next thing I knew, she began to scream, and I heard gunshots. She must have dropped the phone, because I then heard the crash. Look, I need to see my wife? Please. She’s eight months pregnant.” Ronny was becoming more and more anxious. He needed to see his wife. He needed to know if his family were okay.

“Thanks to your call, Mr.…?”

“Kemp. Ronny Kemp.”

“The rescuers where able to get here in time to free her from the wreckage and helicopter her to the nearest hospital.”

“Do you know if she will be okay? What about the baby?” Ronny began to cough. His nerves were beginning to trigger the attacks. He kept the spot of blood hidden in the palm of his hand. This was not the time for this. Not now.

“Are you okay?” The detective asked.

“I’m fine. Please tell me. Are my wife and son going to be okay?”

The detective couldn’t speak for a minute.


“All I now is that it didn’t look good. I’m gonna have to leave all of the details of their condition up to the doctors to explain. But I have more questions to ask…”

“I need to get to them, please! Can’t this wait?”

“Look buddy, the detective here needs for you to cooperate and answer his questions.” The officer who was standing close by interjected firmly by pointing his finger into Ronny’s chest, but the detective stepped between them in Ronny’s defense. He was more aggressive than he thought necessary, but then again, he knew some cops can be overtly hostile.

“Lay off this guy, will you? What’s the matter with you? He’s concerned for his family. I have this under control. I don’t need for you to be refereeing for me. Why don’t you go and make yourself useful, huh?”

The young cop gave Ronny an irritated look before walking away.

Detective Collins searched for a cruiser that could get him to the hospital. He couldn’t find one, so he offered to take him.

“Come with me. I can ask you questions along the way.”

The two men headed for the car that was parked on the other side of the expressway.


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