Lost Memories...Lost Love Chapter 7

Chapter 7

JC pulled out of the parking lot of the diner and headed towards his home. His mind seemed to be stuck on Bailey and the baby, Anthony, his son. He was blown away that she was going to have his baby. How was he going to tell Valerie? Could he trust her in that he really didn’t have to tell his wife? Bailey did say that she and her husband will care for the baby.

He turned on his car radio to play his CD to help distract himself, but he really wanted to change them. As he looked for another one, in the side compartment of the car door, the end of a song “Truth Is” by Fantasia Borrino was playing on the radio. He caught the end of it, and immediately felt like his heart was breaking. He fucked up, and he knew it; he had to admit that he really missed Bailey. Her scent, her smile that was so affectionate and warm. The way she handled her frustrations with others, including him. She never spoke out of her demeanor when he revealed the truth about being married.  ‘Could it be that she still loved me’, he proposed the idea to himself, ‘and maybe that’s why she’s keeping the baby?’ But he knew he had caused her a lot too much pain, which also explains why today is the first time she has spoken to him since she walked out out of the café. The news on the radio suddenly kicked in as his cell phone rang.


“Hi baby. It’s me. Are you done yet?”

“Yeah, actually. Surprisingly everyone showed up on time.” He lied, trying not to sound nervous.

“So where are you now?”

“I’m on my way home.”

JC then heard the male reporter announce a terrible accident having had just taken place on the expressway. When they mentioned the type of car that was involved, he thought of Bailey, and immediately became ill.

“A white Camry just hit a parked car on the shoulder of the express about five miles west of the Vernon exit. If you are traveling in that direction, you will have to get off at the exit before and take a detour all the way…”

“Oh my God!” JC said. His heart began to pound loudly and fast in his chest.

“What’s wrong honey?”

“Uh, a terrible accident just happened on the expressway. I’m gonna have to take the back roads just to get home.” JC tried hard not sound too upset. “What time does the movie start?”

“In about an hour. It’s about five-thirty now.”

“I may be late on account of this accident. What about the next one?”

“Two hours after that. Take it easy getting here.” Valerie said with little concern in her voice.

“I will. See you soon.” He closed his phone and without any reservations, JC headed for the accident site. He needed to know if it was Bailey who was hurt. He prayed it was not her.

He didn’t even realize that he hadn’t bothered to ask what movie they were going to see.


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