Lost Memories…Lost Love

Chapter 1

“Are you sure you want to do this, being so close and all?”

“Yes, I’m sure. I don’t want to have anything on my mind when our day comes.”

“You haven’t said anything all this time, why say anything now? What do you think he’s going to say?”

“I don’t really know the answer to that, Ronny. I just think he should know, be aware.” Bailey Kemp said to her husband of eight months. She hung her purse on her shoulder as she walked over to the door. She turned around to face her loving husband Ronny, who stood by the bottom of the stair well, with his arm resting on the banister. He was only about two inches taller than she, with medium brown complexion, a close haircut, and brown eyes.  He fell in love with her the instant he saw her at the mall window-shopping.  She had walked past the men’s-clothing store where he was shopping himself.  With her medium length brown hair, black opal eyes, and caramel like complexion, a figure that was not thin nor tall, but more average and curvy than most women that he was used to.  Still something about her captured his heart.  In addition, even more so now that she’s pregnant and his wife, being in love with her makes it even sweeter.

“Well, why don’t I come with you, in case he starts something?” He offered.

“No, I’m sure he won’t do anything.” She replied giving him a reassuring smile.

Suddenly Ronny began coughing, and then on top of that he could not catch his breath.

“Honey, are you all right.”  Bailey let her purse drop from her shoulder onto the floor and was about to advance towards him.

He waved her away.

“Are you sure?  Maybe you should call the doc about this.  You’ve been coughing for a while now.”  She said concerned.

“Stop babying me.  Save it for when Anthony arrives.”  He managed to get out between coughs.  After a few more seconds and coughs he was able to compose himself.

“I’m all right.  I spoke to Doc Greene already. It’s just a summer cold coming on.  There’s nothing to worry about. So go on and do what you have to do, that way you can get back quick. I’m missing you already.” Ronny smiled as he looked into his wife’s eyes.

“You know what? Anthony is going to look exactly like you. Your eyes, the shape of your face, even have your wonderful sweet scent.” He walked over and held his wife in his arms.

“You’re so sweet Ronny.” Bailey joked. “What makes you think that he won’t look like his father?”

Ronny held her closer to his body.

“Because honesty is a beautiful thing, and your honesty will produce a beautiful child.” He smiled again, kissing her sweetly and gently on the mouth. Every time he gives her kisses, they always feel like the first time. ‘This is the best thing about being with Ronny, his kisses.’ She smirked as she gently stepped away.

“I’d better go, so I can quickly get back. I might be stuck in traffic, and be very late if I don’t go now.”

“Yeah you do that.” Ronny agreed. He turned for the kitchen. “I’ll start dinner.”

“Okay.” Due to her enlarged belly, now eight months pregnant, it was more difficult for her to bend down and pick up her purse from off of the floor. First she needed to catch her breath before bending down, then as she was finally able to stand up, she felt the baby kick.

“Okay baby. I’m going, I’m going.” She said rubbing her belly. “You’re just as impatient as your father. Honey, I’m gone!” She called.

“Okay. Be careful.” Ronny called back.

“I will.” She said to herself. “We will.”


StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 6/6/2009 12:01:31 AM
Very good so far. Liked your descriptives. I once read a quote that said " Honesty is the sexiest thing a couple can give each other".

Candra   Candra wrote
on 6/5/2009 2:05:02 PM
Very good....what happens next?!

Novel / Novella
writing keilymason
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