Just For Tonight

Night fall is here again and I’m so alone,

Don’t think I can face lying in that bed with no one to hold.

I know when the sun rises I’ll feel like hell again,

I think that’s why I’m turning to you to help me get through all of this.

Will you come to me?

Will you let me surrender in your arms?

Help me forget for a moment of the pain in my heart,

Make me feel as if I’m the only one.

I know that this is a lot to ask,

But just for tonight make me feel loved.

I know you are not looking for a new love,

I know you’ll never allow anyone in to your heart.

That’s not what I’m searching for,

It’s not what I ask.

Just caress my wanting skin,

Kiss my hungry mouth,

Fill me with all of you so I can forget.

Stare into my eyes as we go to that special place,

Where there’s nothing more than this moment,

No empty promises,

No guilt filled regrets.

When the morning comes I’ll do what I have got to do to get through the day,

Face my demons head on,

I’ll stop running from the truth,

But til it arrives,

Before I let him go,

Help me to remember that I still have a soul.

Just for tonight let’s not mumble a word,

Just hold me close,

Make me feel wanted by someone for the moment til the morning comes,

Just for tonight let me see how it feels to be loved by you.

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writing kdstorm
The eyes are the windows of desires yet to see the light of day.
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