His Goodbye

You think you’re so special,

As you lie beside him to go to sleep tonight.

You think you might be the one to win him over,

Might be the one who he cherishes for all time,

But take it from me I was there too and he still told me goodbye.

I once was the one who he turned to,

I once was just like you,

He always came to me in the middle of the night,

Telling me what’s he’s probably now telling.

You can act like it doesn’t bother you,

Pretend it will be different this time,

But his walls are too high,

His guard too strong,

He’ll one day do to you what he did to me,

Leaving you with only his goodbye as he walks from your life.

He’s not one who can be tamed,

Many have tried and failed.

He’s meant to be free,

He’ll tell you that himself.

Even as you hand him your heart and tell him how you feel,

He’ll give you a smile but will say it’s not real.

In time he’ll become the drug you find you just can’t live without,

And then you will find you are the one he can do with out,

With only a few empty praises and some distorted memories,

The ones you wish would fade but instead haunt your dreams.

He’s not a bad person,

He’s just unable to love,

And when he finally goes,

When you are left all alone,

This will become as clear to you as it is now is to me.

I use to think one day he’d learn how much his actions hurt,

Now I know it’s just not his way,

As I wait for the scars on my heart to one day fade.

I hope that for you it will be different,

Turns out better than the past,

But deep down I know as he lies next to you your already his past.

So don’t say I didn’t warn you when you find out he doesn’t care,

Just cherish the time you were given,

Don’t demand for anything more.

That’s all I can offer for comfort when he walks out your door.

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writing kdstorm
The eyes are the windows of desires yet to see the light of day.
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