By: Kayla Meyers


Staring after you as you leave again
I bid the words to come but I never speak
I call after you, scream inside my head
Broken promises that will never be said
Like I want you, I need you

Tie a noose of silence around my neck
Momentary release from the pain
Of all the lies I've told myself
To make it through the grayness of the night
'Cause you're the colors of my world
All that brings my soul to life
And I won't lie

So close to you in these million yards of space
I reach out to you, but you're so far away
Phantom fears surround my heart, choking off my breath
So I can't even say
I covet you, I desire you

Why can't you talk to me
Don't you think I know, I'd understand
Imperfections are what is beautiful
No pretty words, not a fantasy
All I want is what's real
And while I know this, I will never say
That I dream of you, I love you


kayla97068   kayla97068 wrote
on 12/5/2008 2:38:57 PM
Thank you very much, jamisvu! I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed this one.

kayla97068   kayla97068 wrote
on 7/24/2008 4:22:27 PM
How kind of you to say. I definitely agree that the most effective pieces of writing are the ones which people can identify with. Thank you.

stet   stet wrote
on 7/23/2008 2:21:37 PM
i really like this, a lot of people can relate, i can relate. i think a poem, song, book, etc; is always a lot better if someone can relate to it, because then they truly can feel what feelings your conveying. Great job

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There is a balance of life; for every positive there will be a negative, and with every negative soon will come a positive. If you hold on long enough through all the bad, you'll be able to find something wonderful and cherish it all that much more.
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Last summer I began writing lyrics for my friend who is a musician and this came along.
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