What if I tell You Jesus Christ is the best super hero of all time?

First of all what defines a hero? Well many say a person who fights for justice, defends the weak, and defeats the villains. Others say a hero can be an ordinary citizens who helps the poor and fight the rights for others through political standards, and speaks for the community. But if status and praise wasn't part of the equation will people actually want to be a hero in the first place or the ones, who they just love?

Others can justify, well batman fights for justice and doesn't want glorify his name, only doing what's right. Superman is a good old country boy who has unlimited powers and fight for mankind because he can easily fall prey to power but he choose to be righteous. That's fine and dandy though but in reality they are only fictional characters made up through novelizing comics, movies, and books. Let's throw fiction out of the way for a second and say these characters are real. Let's say all of justice leagues are real, all heroes from books, video games, animation, movies are all real. Which one would you prefer and why? Let's say you name their strength, manners, and behavior, what defines true heroism and why they should be praised. So let me ask you this will they always stand by your side each day and look out for you if they didn't know you? Of course not they are only one person, it's impossible to carry out that task.

For argument sake, you say I don't admire any super hero and admire ordinary citizens, famous actors, actresses, comedians, and figures that has flame and glory. You say they bring me joy because their work inspires me, and teach me how going for the dreams was possible.That might be good and all but besides their work profession and you realize that they have a dark side in them, that reduce to alcoholism, drugs, abusive relationship, murder, adultery, and all of those sinful things would you still continue to praise them as heroes? It's different right when circumstances are change. Let's say but wait I realize their mistake because everyone our human, and I choose to still care for them regardless of the situation. Well if you do but do they care for you?

Let's say well my only heroes are my family, my daughter, son, father,mother, sister and brother that keeps me going. That's great I mean family understands, and will be there for you in time of need. But will family be by your side once they all pass away.

So who is the greatest hero of all time? The answer you're one true savior the lord Jesus Christ. Christ is the best hero because he fight temptation against Satan when he fast for 40 days and 40 nights. Christ could of easily give in to Satan temptations and become the king of all kings in the time he was man but he resisted.Why because he loves you and knows that dying in the cross was the answer to you're one true eternal salvation. Just think about it fora minute, let's say you have no name, glory, status, financial wealth, and significance in everyone lives will be even give glance at you for love? And that's why Jesus will if you surrender yourself to him.Why was it that the pharisees, who where the religious sects say he was the king of beggars, adulterers, and crippled. Statues doesn't have any problem with Christ the love for you, because if the world hated you, Christ well said I want you in my life.

I mean just imagine yourself, losing everything, family, status,wealth, struggle with stress, depression and all that , Christ will say, “let me enter your life”, “because I share your pain, I share your sadness, and I'm crying for your love,” and his calling you to accept him. I mean to me that's ultimate love right there.Christ is your husband, your wife, your father and mother, and he sees you as his children, and well guide you every day, if you choose so. Jesus is the best hero, because he does not force you, he gives you option to see the world , see the good, the bad and the struggles, and will be there with open arms once you're ready to accept him in you're life. Just like any loving parent would do when they unconditionally love you, regardless of your flaws. There's a reason why god is a jealous god. That's because he doesn't know you and want you in his life! Think about it, let's say your a drug addict, you manipulate people, cheat on others, steal, and a criminal why would god be jealous of me. That's why I tell you his the best super hero of all time. He love you anyways, just accept him and he forever be in your grace. But when you do you still have to repent stop living your sinful ways and follow his guidelines.

Trust me it's all worth it because when you obey and follow his teaching you will have greatest of them all which is eternal life and enter his glory kingdom. So I say to you have faith, bring peace within yourself, and the best hero of all time Is Jesus Christ the lord and savior of your grace and virtue Amen.

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Jesus Christ the Hero
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