God is with you

     Imagine yourself being force to choose something you spiritually believe in, and die in the process. But you know the reason why when people are force to live that way. Because it is right, and in God's eyes he wants that for all of us, while the enemy does not want that grace for you. They only want fear, and deception, so that you can be doomed eternally, than live in God grace in his kingdom of heaven.

In those days people stayed true to those ideas and beliefs, and here today as well. We all know love is kind, gracious, and above all else unique because we as humans share a bound, that shares a connection, that could never be broken. We see it in our family, we see it when we help the poor, we see it when people who overcome poverty, and having a special bound with another person as we each grow a strong spirit in faith and trust.Others may argue and go the scientific route that it's just chemical response we have in another person, and nothing more than just the simple fact through the laws of natural selection. If that was honestly the truth, than why do we go to such lengths, to care for a person? Why do we forsake our own lives and try to better our-self or our lovers, why do we give up are own expectation and live for people unselfishly, just like any loving parent give for their children. Imagine if you actually believe in science creation and someone where to tell you that they could give you a formula to get rid of love and attraction towards your family, and children would you take it? Of course not, you want love, you want a caring heart, a kindness that could never be unbroken, and the spirit that never dies. Science cannot teach you that, they can't teach you to get rid of depression, science can't teach you to love, nor they can't teach you to care for others, they can only give you logic answers, not emotion that warm your comfort and a peace of mind.

So why stick to the dogma of your pride and ego, and let yourself be free of idealism of man laws ,and follow the will of God laws. That's the reason why god created us in the first place. That's why god give us free will in the process, so we can burden others struggle, help a fallen brother and sister, and try to become a person who's willing to make a difference in someone's else lives not just for fame and recognition , but just because love is all that needed. In return god will reward you ask heal ways does, when you have faith, when you choose to follow him as your guidance, he will protect you as any parent would, guide you through the up and down, because we all face that once in our life,so that we can all understand sorrow, regret, hope, but in the end change for the better good. Face it we have flaws, we make mistakes,we try to correct, we try to learn, and obviously we try to understand these experience and life lesson. But try not to do it alone, we all need a helping hand, God understand this, that's why his begging you to love him just the same, so he can give you that love, that you need, that you wanted all along, to the day you eat,sleep , drink, and to the moment when you past away.

In the end it's up to you, you can drown yourself into doing things that feels right, you can live cheating on others, drink away your problems, resort to drugs to give you a moment of happiness, and take advantage of others foolishness through your own demise of hate and anger to your hearts content. But realize this, the moment when you don't have all those things, the moment when you face a difficult task and road block in your life and need a helping hand, this is the time to have trust in god. For god will answer those things for you, and will take away all those past mistakes, and live to be holy again. Don't get me wrong just because you believe in god and you still hold all those grudges, and deception doesn't mean your scout free. After all, Satan and his fallen angels do believe in god, but choose not to obey. There's always justice for the punishment for everything involving sin, but to change you must not choose to live to pleasure the flesh, but surrender to the lord up above, and he will give you the love you needed all along.

BarefootPoet   BarefootPoet wrote
on 2/28/2015 8:26:03 AM
This is truly inspirational. The path to true joy is to love God first, others second and yourself last.

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