As I sat in my room

On a cold and rainy Saturday afternoon

I again started to reflect way back when

On the women and men I used to call friends

Then again, I still would if I could


They’ve fallen like the raindrops

Spattered on the window outside

Like the teardrops I’ve cried

Once upstanding like Doctor Jekyl

But now deranged like Mister Hyde

Wildin’ out like Bonnie and Clyde

And to reach out and touch them

And try to help and save them I’ve tried

But I couldn’t

And now in you all these things I confide

But maybe I shouldn’t

You see, they told us all that they were fine

But they were just telling us lies

They were leading lives of deception

You could see it in their eyes

With them the things righteous and true

Never made a connection

To them the things righteous and true

Was just a sweet, caramel-coated confection

You know, a placebo

Though the truth was never in their hearts

For some, the game was over before they even pressed "Start"

They were leading lives of deception

You could see it in their eyes

They had that shady look

Their spiritual inheritance they forsook

Sacred secrets revealed they forsook

And from the company of you and I they shook

Look! Then they took up practices rebellious and ruthless

Ending up torn up, beat down, broken and toothless

Feeling lonely and useless

Because of an attitude so foolish

And all we can say is "Who’s this?"

Just a broken shell of their former self

Their self-esteem, their hopes, their dreams

Their spiritual wealth

These were doused and quelched

’Cause they stacked the hand against themselves

The Devil’s royal flush they were dealt

Pains a thousand times worse than the smack of my father’s belt

And as I sat in my room

On that cold and rainy Saturday afternoon

These feelings continued to loom

Intermingling with the persistent wind chill

And thick, grey gloom

Reminding me of this world and of its impending doom

And as I stared at my window outside

I thought about the former ties I had with those guys

Living their lives in disguise

And the anger and pain, sadness and blame

Caused me to wonder "Why?"

Why did those guys have to die?

And buy that lie that they could have their pie

And eat it too

And why couldn’t I have stopped them?

Each one adding to the grand sum of tragic stories

That no doubt you know of and have, too

So instead of their actions attacking us

I hope and pray that they come back to us someday

Yet as I stand here on the mike

And on this brisk mid-winter’s night

This piece on friendship recite

You know what’s tight?

As look around I see the faces of those who’ve enjoyed

A much different plight

I see the faces of my young brothers

Who refuse to fight but have become real lovers of the truth

From their youth on

Like Naomi’s daughter-in-law Ruth

Are in it for the long haul

Mighty like Joe Young

Kings strong, tall and stalwart like Kong

All along

I see the faces of my dear sisters

Fine young women

Nice, kind and sweet like Entermann’s

Hence, you all show reverence

You all never wince

Despite the appearance

And persistent interference from those worldly guys

You all have the eyes of fire

So pure is your desire

To do the things God requires

Unlike so many others

Our future wives and our future mothers

I see the faces of those

Who once were laid down by Satan’s smack

But then you got up

You realized like Aaliyah you could

"Dust yourself off and try again"

And now you’re back

Ready to fight, sack

Act, attack and react to the false demonic tactics

You’re elastic, flexible

Like a home theater system with bass and treble

Ready to crank things up to the next level

On the Devil

As your old friends made new ask

"Hello? Can you hear us now? Good."

As I look around this place

Those tears I once shed are replaced

With a smile on my face

And just in case y’all don’t know it yet

We’re elated to have you here

Much love, much respect

And don’t forget that you all are dearly loved

On each other we must depend

The same love we share

Reflects the love from above

You all are the true definition

Of friends

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 7/15/2009 12:41:01 AM
Your words have so much truth and power in them. To imagine you preforming this would be something special to watch. You got my Oscar award here!

Starlingpoet   Starlingpoet wrote
on 7/14/2009 4:12:51 AM
I hope to be able to write performance poetry as well as you do, some day. Great writing!

Warriorprincess55   Warriorprincess55 wrote
on 6/20/2009 9:53:06 AM
Like Trench, I also read this piece aloud, and I could visualize you reciting this at open mic night and flooring the crowd! Nice work!

Trenchtownrock   Trenchtownrock wrote
on 5/1/2009 10:56:07 PM
This is a wonderful piece...I read it aloud and I could feel the beat of the words coming really dug deep and expose this piece.. the rhyming works well..good writing.

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This is a performance poetry excerpt from my first published book "Maturation," which was published this past November.
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