Always Thinking Of You

Always Thinking Of You


Tarok stood behind a tree in the fog-shrouded morning, his arm straining as he held the bow and arrow, taking careful aim at his victim. He released the bowstring, Zing!  Plunk! He watched with pride as his target crumpled to the ground. Ellie will be pleased. She loved to eat, that one did.

With his prize slung over his back, Tarok whistled a happy tune as he strode through the forest toward their cabin. Ellie would be gone for most of the day, giving him plenty of time to get ready for the celebration


Tarok sat in front of the cabin and could not keep the smug grin off his face as he watched his one and only love clamor up the hill. Tarok stood when she stopped in front of him. She released the apron she had been holding tightly to her waist and nuts and berries bounced on the ground between them. She looked up at her husband and noticed the silly grin.

“What are you up to, Tarok?”

“Wait here, I’ll be right back.”

He disappeared into the rough, low-slung cabin that blended in well with the forest around them, with its bramble thatched roof and an opening through a tree trunk for the door.

He returned with a small carved wooden box and a bouquet of thorn-laden black roses.

“Oh, Tarok, you shouldn’t have.” She said as she eagerly reached for the box.

As soon as she opened it, the object from the box went to her mouth. She tore at it with her sharp pointy teeth and looked at her husband in glee. Chocolate and blood dripped from her mouth in gruesome rivulets.

Tarok grinned and put his arm around her shoulders.

“Always thinking of you, my dear. I know how much you anticipate a human heart this time of year.”

He watched in loving satisfaction as his wife devoured the present, her hands now soaked with the same concoction as her mouth.

“But children from the village don’t venture this way much anymore. This may be the last Valentine’s day we celebrate.”

The two hairy-headed, pointy-eared, leather-skinned trolls sat and Ellie finished her Valentine’s Day gift.


StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 5/31/2008 1:28:55 AM
Nicely done. A totally surprising ending. I liked the way you emphasized certain words that had to do with love in with the gruesomeness. That was true skill.

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Tarok wanted to give his wife something special for Valentine's Day
A Word from the Writer
Wrote this for a contest and got honorable mention. Really didn't know what genre to put it in.