skipper and scooter
skipper and scooter are both rabbits. they are both boys and live in the same neighborhood.
they are the same age. they are in the same class at the same school.
skipper and scooter are best pals.

one day while skipper and scooter were hopping around they came across a secret garden.
this garden was not like the gardens they saw before.
this garden had the biggest, oranges carrots they ever saw!! the lettuce was big green,leafy heads.
skipper and scooter decided to hop closer for a better look..
as they got closer they read a big sign,that said no eating from this garden!!
the boys,knew how to read,and being they were good rabbits they hopped away
and headed to the gardens that didnt have signs saying-no eating from this garden.
they had plenty of rabbit friendly gardens w lots of good veggies to eat.

later that day when skippy went home, he sat to dinner with his family, which was his little sister daisy and mother and father rabbit..
every evening at supper time skipper and his family would talk about their day.skipper told his family about the secret garden,he had found with scooter.
mother rabbit said,she knew of this garden and that skippy must never eat from this garden.this garden was a magic garden and that the veggies gave rabbits special powers that were not natural and although the magic veggies looked very good and the idea of having special powers sounded wasnt natural and could bring no real good...

the very next day when skipper and scooter hopped off to school, skipper told scooter about the secret garden and that it wasnt just a garden,but a magic garden,and the veggies that were growing inside didnt just look good,but these gave rabbits special powers too.
wowwy, said scooter. a magic garden, with the best veggies ive ever seen and we could have special powers too,if we eat them!!! bothe skipper and scooter coulnt stop thinking how much they wanted to eat from the magic garden..but skipper told scooter,mother rabbit told me never ever eat from this garden son,it is not natural and no true goodness could come..scooter,then said,then we must never eat there,if your mother rabbit said this,skipper said,i know..but i wonder how no good could come from,special powers?? i dont know said scooter,but mother rabbits always know whats good and whats not..

at school that day,the class was told of a contest being held in one month.
the contest would be a race for the fastest rabbits.
the prize would be a great big golden carrot trophy that read fastest rabbit of the year-this was the best trophy a rabbit could get!!
the teacher told the rabbits this contest would take alot of hard work and dedication,which might mean less play time and more time practicing.teacher rabbit said only rabbits who are willing to do this,need enter because this is a very high honor for rabbits to be in this contest,and this was the first year skipper and scooter were old enough.
skipper and scooter were so excited they talked about it all the way home.
the boys have waited all their lifes to be in the fastest rabbit race
they had gone to watch every year w all the other rabbits in their town
it was a really big deal..
skipper and scooter decided to race home,both boys gave their all,but skipper won,only by a little bit though.
scooter told his pal good race pal.scooter said i guess i better really start practicing,i will try with all my might,he stated..but skipper,i hope if i dont win,you do..thanks buddy said skipper who had always been a little faster than scooter,infact skipper and scooter were both pretty fast.
the contest though would be entered by lots of rabbits only 10 of the fastest will get to be in the final contest with one winner for the famous trophy.
as the days past the two pals practiced everyday for the race.
skipper still faster,by a bit.
scooter never felt bad,but happy for his best pal and just kept trying harder and harder.
skipper started getting a little bored and wanted to stop practicing all the time and go back to playing,like before the whole contest started.
skipper said lets quit practicing today scoot, and lets go play.
no thanks buddy,i really need to keep practicing.
skippy told scooter,well im faster so i dont need to practice all the time like you do
so im gonna go have some fun...ok skip,said scooter see ya tommorrow than.
skipper hopped away without even saying a word back to his pal.

well that day turned into a whole week of no practice and only play for skipper.
while scooter practiced every spare moment,not missing a day! scooter gave up all his play time

skipper was getting bored without his pal to play with, after a whole nother week had past
plus the time to decide the final 10 fastest rabbits who would be in the big race was coming up.

skipper and scooter were back together again,and they were both happy to be,they missed each other.they decided to race home after school,like so many times before.
but this time wasnt quite the same,skipper wasnt ahead like he always was before,infact he was pretty far behind scooter! scooter won!! yes! shouted scooter,finally for the 1st time ever,i was faster,i won you skipper-that means my practicing is really working-wow,scooter said winning the my pal,and the fastest rabbit i know feels pretty good.
skipper was quiet for a moment,he was out of breath,never before was behind scooter,and never did he have to try so hard and lose..he felt angry and wasnt happy for scooter,the way scooter had always been happy and a good sport everytime skipper won..skipper then said to scooter, just so you know,i didnt try scooter,cz i felt bad to win you after you tried so hard,i thought id let you finally win one! scooter hung his head down, and said oh,i really thought i finally won..the dissapointed scooter brought himself to say,well i guess only a best pal like you would lose on purpose so i could win. i know you meant well skipper but i would rather lose than not win fair..
i know said skipper thats why i told you..
skipper had never lied to his best pal before,he knew what he just did really hurt scooters feelings.
skipper felt bad,thinking of what a good pal scooter had always been to him,always cheering him on..
skipper wondered why he couldnt give scooter the credit he deserved.skipper felt confused over his actions

skipper didnt want to face scooter and avoided him for a few days until scooter came to skips house asking if he was ok,he said he wondered why he hasnt seem him..skipper lied again and said he hasnt been feelin well.scooter asked if therewas anything he could do to help? nope said skip and shut the door.

skipper had saw scooter everyday out his window,racing past faster and faster,he saw all the rabbits racing down the bunny trail,practicing to be in the top 10.
skipper could tell scooter was by far the fastest,faster than him now..
skipper didnt know what to do,he liked being the fastest rabbit and he couldnt help,that he was jealous of scooters progress,even though,scooter worked hard,practiced all the time and even gave up play-which skip did not.
the day of the race for the top 10 had arrived..
scooter came to skippers anxiously knocking at the door,when skip answered scoot said c'mon champ arnt you ready? skip said he still wasnt feeling so well,incase he wasnt 1st again..scooter said c'mon skip even not well your the fastest rabbit i ever saw,you gotta place..skip felt more confident after his old pals confidence in him and said thats right! i am! lets go
the race began and ended with both skipper and scooter making the top 10 and scooter placed number 1,skipper 3rd.. skip was again sore with his compliment just an excuse that hes been sick or else he would have been number 1..again scooters victory felt,unearned to him cz,his pal skipper the fastest rabbit was now sick..scooter never even thought for a second, skipper would act this way towards him,if he was winning fair and square-which scooter didnt think he was cz of skips stories of how he let him win, and now with him being sick..
scooter started to feel guilty for winning,like he didnt deserve it!

skipper regretted that he played instead of practiced,that he didnt work hard and now the pal he always beat was gonna get the trophy,he felt he deserved!!
skipper thought and thought how can i possibly win now and i have no excuses!
skipper went outside to practice running,he took a different path than all the other rabbits ran down so noone would see he wasnt the fastest anymore
skipper was frustrated and said its no use this practice ill never win now! he began hopping home when out through the grass,there it was- the magic garden,w veggies that give rabbits special powers if they eat,he saw the sign saying do not eat,he remembered mother rabbits words,never eat from that magic garden,its not natural the powers and no good can come!!
he tried to block that out and rationalized that if he could eat from the magic garden and get special powers for the race,then he would be the winner and that winning would be the good that would come from it.
skippy quietly hpped towards the magic garden for a closer look-how good it looked to him to eat and get the special power for the race
skippy snuck under and grabbed a carrot and carefully carried the magical veggie home to hide to eat for the day of the race..

the day of the race arrives
skipper gets ready and gets the magic carrot to eat....chomp chomp chomp it was done
within minutes skipper ran out the door faster than he ever moved before
he ran and ran and ran, without getting tired only getting even faster
yeah,skipper said to himself ill show them who deserves that trophy-me!!!
as he arrived to the race,full of confidence-he saw scooter
scooter hopped over.hi skipper!! are yoou feeling better today i hope?
yes scooter i am,he snapped
so no more free ride for you,as fastest rabbit-im back and better than ever
ill show you and all the rabbits who the fastest rabbit is and that trophy will go to who desrves it me!!
well,ok,skip-im just glad you are feeling better because i just didnt feel,like true winner with out you at your natural best-it just didnt feel fair like that..
well good luck old pal said scooter..looks like i better use this time to really practice then before the race..
skipper watched his niave pal as he could see how hard he had worked for this,and how fast he had become,faster than all the rabbits by far
but not skipper,not with the special powers he got from stealing the magic veggie
he thought w confidence..
 and the bell began to ring,racers take your places
all 10 rabbits behind the line and ready
on your mark,get set-GO!
and off they ran,skipper flying past all 9 of the other racers
scooter led far ahead of the next 8
and it was soon clear-it was no race
skipper had finnished the winner,the fastest rabbit ever to win this race in the history of it
the audience was amazed
scooter came in next and noone hardly noticed
skipper wasnt even out of breath as scooter had never tried so hard at anything,he was out of breath as he hopped slowly over to his pal
looked him in his bunny eyes and said congratulations-to still the fasted rabbit i ever saw and my best pal-noone deserves it more than you skipper,you earned it and im truly so happy and proud of you...
skipper suddenly felt something as he watched his best pal hop away happy for his win
skippers head filled w what his pal said about earning,and deserving
skippers retraced everything in his head,how he acted
how poorly he had treated such a good pal and the best sport he knew,having put up w him through all this
and why did he win? by stealing from the magic garden,cheating w special powers by eating magic veggies that gave me unnatural power-after i was told no good could come!!
mother rabbit was right,this suddenly felt anything but good
he knew had he not done what he did,the rightous winner was scooter
who worked hard,gave up playing,never gave up and kept practicing
and always stayed humble and modest even when he won me,he didnt take credit and i refsed to give it.
skipper felt sick as they brought over the trophy
he immidiatley yelled for scooter,before the trophy arrived
scooter ran to skippers side
skipper said to scooter
ive done alot of things im not proud of
cheating you from this trophy,i just cant do...
you did win scooter!!! fair and square
evrytime scooter,i was a poor sport and i learned my lesson
its nothing if its not real
thats why im telling you,because your a real friend and this trophy for me is just a symbol of how untrue ive been..please forgive me,scooter!
i do,said scooter.

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writing joeyelise
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