On A Dare
     I can't believe I'm doing this.  I'm out of my ever loving mind is what  I am.  Looking back at the table, twenty-one year old Jeanna Marshall saw her three best friends.  So, smile all you want, girlfriends, you're not in my shoes.  I ought to be taken behind the barn and pistol whipped as my daddy use to say.  Maybe, just maybe, he'll tell me he's not interested.  Then I', home free.  At least for the next three weeks.

     Looking at his watch, Special Agent, Mark Black was getting impatient.  His contact was supposed to have been here fifteen minutes ago.  He was a man of little patience,  Rugged, cold hearted and cold bloodied was his creed.  No man, woman or animal dared to cross his path, fool him and get away with it.  He would give the little snitch ten more minutes, then he was out of there.
     Jeanna approached the man sitting at the bar.  Her friends had picked him out for her,  She had accepted their dare and agreed to proceed when she got a good look at the man's face in the bar mirror.  All she had to do was ask him to buy her a drink.  After the deed was done, she would smile, say thank-you and return to her friends.  Every Wednesday evening was considered girl's night out.  A new bar each week and a new dare.  This was their fourth bar, and it was her turn.

     Downing his third whiskey, he felt a light touch on his shoulder.  Maintaining control. he growled through clinched teeth, "It's about time."  Spinning on his stool, he grabbed her wrist before she could respond.  "If I hadn't been expecting you, sweetheart, you would be history right now.  No one sneaks up on me or touches me without my permission."

     Jeanna had trembled when she heard his voice.  But when he had turned and grabbed her wrist, she knew she was in deep trouble.  He sounded as though he had been expecting her.  Looking back at her friends, she saw each of them mouth, "Go ahead, ask him."  Swallowing a lump in her throat, Jeanna's voice came out in a whisper.  "Hey cowboy, wanta play?"
Where did that come from - that's not what she meant to say.  She held her breathe and shivered as he did a thorough scan of her body.  Before Jeanna could retract her question, he threw some bills on the bar and as he stood, he said, "Sure hot stuff.  My place or yours?  Before she had a chance to object, he squeezed tighter to the wrist he had grabbed earlier and she almost had to run to keep up with his easy strides through the bar heading in the direction towards the exit.  Feeling her heart beat quite a bit faster than before, it wasn't fear she was experiencing.  She felt excited.  She decided at that point she would tell him when they got outside where he could go and she would return back to her friends,  Glancing in her friend's direction, she smiled as she disappeared out the door.


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