The true nightmare! on Elm Street or Earth?
The scary truth about Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare on Elm Street series is that the nightmare didn't end. I believe that Freddy Krougar is the alias for the well known pop star Michael Jackson. If you notice they both have the same body language/dance moves, both wear the same style hat, both have one shiny glove, both being the number 1 "Thriller" of their time, and both go after children at night. this goes a little beyond mere coincidence and shows evidence to the existence certain mythical creatures like the Spectral Wraith which in fact is a demon that prays on victims as they sleep. This bringing up another point that both of these characters live in dream worlds, Freddy living in the subconscious mind and Michael Jackson living in Never Never Land Ranch, the locations were the prey on small children as they sleep. Do killers make movies or do movies make killers? this is the question that man has battled with since the invention of the moden day horror film. Movies are in fact nothing than more than a different form of artistic medium that allows storys to be told more visually. They are in fact no different from the Gun, they both need a person to create and utilize them. Humanity as a whole is the ultimate predator to both animals and the environment to where Nature herself struggles to survive. We are in fact monsters with: bodies big a fortress from obesity (rook), heads like a horse driven by selfishness (knight), wrapped in the robes of our vanity (bishop), married to our foul lust (queen), determine to display our power to the fullest (king), and willing to throw our lives away to the next big trend Smoking, drinking, bulimia, etc. (pawn). Do killers make movies? (Movies that glorify the death these killer create, the white pieces) or do movies make killers? (The inner darkness and evil desires of man that inspire the next campaign of death, the black pieces). this is another battle and more will be destroyed. Do we forget that nature is the board our game is decided, for without her all of our pieces will fall into the never ending void of the abyss and we will no longer exist.

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