Capstone Project "Sly Guy Don't Cry"
The name of my capstone is Sly guy don't cry. I must admit as fun and educational the Digital Media program is at VMCAD, The one thing I struggled with the most during the entire program was the capstone project itself. It has changed three times before I got to this point. But any how, the reason I chose this project was it has a personal meaning for me as a meaning to my target audience. the Main character is a fox named Argyle who is a lonely depressed character. He has lost his mother to death by a hunter's shotgun, so he doesn't want to live like a fox but like himself. Argyle is a really caring character that tries to please everyone but despite his good nature no one wants to give him a chance because he is a fox. This is personal to me because it is a symbolic representation of my love life. I am always trying to please a woman to the point that I practically become a door mat for them. Regardless of my kind and genlte heartedness they betray, leave, or both just because I am a guy. So I understand the feeling of being shunned into becoming an emotional outcast and how easily one can be cosumed by hatred. This story is not only a symbolic message to the outcasted individual but a reminder to myself to never loose that ray of hope. So far on the production of this piece I have an A/V script, Character Profiles, and a video demo of Argyle himself. It is a little challenging to complete a project like this in a ten week span but I am going to work on only one scene for now and complete the production at a later date. I feel I have had great luck with this project on the story creation process because through recent events I have been inspired from many unlikely areas. The character "Angora Bunni Rabbit" came to me from watching my mother playing a Facebook application called "Country Life". This also helped me with the setting and the imagry. The art direction for the piece seems to have noticable "Shrek" Influence but with the whole personified animals interacting with humans I guess it would have that kind of feel, lol.

Roxanne   Roxanne wrote
on 1/22/2010 12:57:08 PM
Wow "J" that was very deep....I like where you are going with your idea.....This story is extremely kind of makes you wanna cry...

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This is the synopsis of my Capstone creation process.