eyes wide open
As I sail through air with the greatest of ease

I don't have time to think about much except
that out of everyone you were the one I couldnt please

The clouds go passing by
the wind howling in my ear

You know it's scary what you can do when you have no more fear

I thought I was destined to have a life fit for kings

Like love, riches, power and all the stuff
that comes along with such things

But it's a very sad day when you find out that all
the best chapters in the book of life don't have you in it

Because of this you start to believe that you should
cash in all your chips for there is no way you are ever gonna win it

On and on I could write

However, I think it's best for me to just take to flight

So when you read this think about people in your life
like friends and family that may be feeling alone
without anyone's picture to tape to their fridge

Find them, talk to them but most of all love them
before they decide it's best to head for the highest bridge

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 12/1/2009 3:40:16 AM
Great message here. One that we all should remember and to act on. Love the flight thing for it makes sense.

jlew1973   jlew1973 wrote
on 11/30/2009 4:34:11 PM
This is great stuff. I identify with every line. Been there. But I tried to take flight thru a different means and somehow landed...alive. Thanks for sharing this and reminding us that all it takes it a moment to show someone you care about them. Who knows who you might save with kindness, empathy, and a little love. Enough mushiness: the poem itself is strong. Technical stuff: A few nits could be worked out, subject/verb agreement, smooth a few lines without losing the power or punch. It'll be that much more powerful for it. Great work! John

writing jfarb
I love this life of mine
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