The Miracle No One Saw

The Miracle No One Saw


Jerry Wayne Humphrey




It was a peaceful Sunday and my wife and I were getting ready to go to church.  I was looking forward to going and had the feeling that this was one Sunday that I should be there.  All morning things kept trying to keep me from going but I was determined to go. 


Things were a little off all morning.  The television evangelist we usually watch just before we leave for church was not on and when I checked the schedule it listed his show starting at the time we usually leave.  It was just little things like that all morning.


We decided to leave and go ahead to church even though we would be several minutes early today.  Well maybe we would get a good parking place today.  It was nice drive to the little church and the air was cool and crisp and the sky was unusually clear and calm.


We were listening to the radio and a minister was preaching a strong sermon and so when we got to the church we sat in the car for a few minutes and listened to him.  We then went into the church and were greeted by the usual people at the door.  Inside we saw our church friends and greeted each other.  We were surprised that the choir was not in their place with their usual songs.


This was a welcome change and in fact the whole atmosphere was a different somehow.  The choir eventually started singing and we were still noticing the people there because there were some members who had not been present for a while there.  We were glad to see them.  One woman in the row just in front of us had a little babe and it was so cute and angelic.

Then in part of the service the minister asked everyone to stand and pray.  In front of me was an old woman who had been sick for a while and there was an open seat next to her and then the woman with the baby.  The baby was asleep and the woman put it in the empty seat for a minute as she prayed.


It was then that I felt a little sick and sat down in my seat still with my head lowered and praying.  I remember feeling like there was someone standing behind me.  As I looked at the baby in the seat in front of me I saw it happen.  The baby rolled over and fell to the floor but strangely it made no sound and no one noticed.  I looked at the baby and saw its head was broken and it was not breathing, it was dead.


Before I could saw or do anything two arms reached over me and toward the baby.  They were emitting a strange bluish light and as I watched the baby rose from the floor and into those arms. Then one hand covered the baby's broken face and remained there for a time.  When the hand moved away from the child it was placed back on the seat in front of me and as I looked at it I realized that it was unharmed.  All traces of the injury were gone and it opened it's eyes and smiled.


It was a miracle; it had been healed and was whole again.  Strangely enough no one noticed and no one reacted.  Apparently no one had seen what had happened but me.  Then the arms touched me on the shoulder and I rose up and realized who it was.  It was Jesus, and he smiled at me and said "do you want to go home" and I heard myself say "yes Lord I am ready".  We began to rise upward toward heaven and as I looked at the seat where I had been I saw my body still sitting there and realized I what was happening.  I thought to myself it is to bad no one saw what happened and now no one will know of the miracle that has taken place here.


Then Jesus said to me " go back and write the story so people will know, your time will come later, you still have work to do now."  Then I was back into my seat praying again.  I turned and looked and saw the blue light as it went back to where it had come.  The rest of the service went quickly and it was a wonderful day.  We went out and drove toward home.  We had to stop on the way for a couple of things at the store and when we parked I couldn't help it I just had to tell what had happened.  As I told my wife of the story she began to cry and so did I.  I told her it was a story that had just came to me and when we got home I would have to write it down.  So here I am putting it down on paper for someone to read.  Who knows how many times these unseen miracles happen in our lives and we are not aware of them.  Jesus is always there even when we can't see him but if we open our hearts we will feel his loving presence.

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Miracles do happen even when you dont see them