Act One


*Intro to characters & conflict- Nicolas cage is a russian living in New York city with his family who acted as jews in order to leave Russia for the U.S. Cage is shown walking down the sidewalk an into his families cafe where he tells the name and story behind each character.

*Ordinary World- Cage wanders back to the kitchen where his little brother cooks for the restaurant and starts asking how he's been, time seemed tough for both of them. Cage proceeds to tell his little brother that his cooking stinks and that he himself stinks of vodka, they both felt that they were going no where in life if they didn't change what they were doing.

*Dramatic Premise- Cage walks out the front door of his families cafe across the street to a competitors cafe to check there prices, then finds himself caught up in a shootout once inside. He then realized that just the same as people are are always going to eat, people are always going to be fighting. This part cage uses his own voice to narrate what he is thinking during the shootout.

*Inciting Incident- He got his first big sale/break when he was in lyihbininan during the 80's with his little brother at his side, together they bought up all the weapons left when the U.S. pulled out. He sold all of his rifles off and while walking down town with his brother counting there cash, gunfire erupts as they both hit the dirt. When they got back up they realized the bullets and rifles they just sold were being used to kill blindfolded women and children and they decide to just turn the other cheek and do nothing. He was dealing a large amount weapons by this time, life was good for a min but he wanted more.

Act Two

* Obstacles- The main character has been dodging the coast guard and every ATF agent that has raided his operations. He got by because he operated within the loopholes in the law  and the ATF agent on his back is a real straight arrow and wont bust him any other way. There was some static between the main characters and one of his clients during a deal when the warlord wanted to pay him all in cocaine then wound up getting shot by his own gun while his little brother has developed a huge drug problem cage is also dealing with rival gun runners. 

* First Culmination- The Cold War just ended so the main character travels back to russia to visit his uncle who is a high ranking officer in the red army, who is almost permanently shit faced. He cuts his uncle in on the deals and buys up all the stock piles manufactured for a war that never happened. Everything from helicopters,tanks,rifles,RPG's, etc. Shortly after he became involved with the president of Liberia who has armies of children with Ak-47's and rules by the use of bloodshed thats also where the main character receives his first blood diamond for payment. His wealth greatly succeeded all of the lies he has ever lived.

* Midpoint- The main character gets his cargo plane shot down over africa when trying to fly some weapons an lands on a road where the locals take everything out of the plane before the ATF even got there. Jack Valentine is the straight shooting ATF agent who has been on his back since the beginning, cuffs him and leaves him sit there for 24 hours before he returns to free him. 

       After he gets back into town the president of liberia who he has been supplying for so long had a rival gun runner tied up who had killed the main characters Russian uncle prior till this event and makes him deal with shooting his rival in the face himself. He then turned to drugs an started snorting cocaine and gunpowder together, ends up sleeping and a women who most defiantly has AIDS, the presidents men try to kill him but the guns he sold them jammed, the wild animals wouldn't even eat him. After he returned home his wife told him that he needed to stop or she was going to leave him. His wife ended up following him to his safe house that she later turned into the ATF.

*Climax- The main character has stopped running guns for 6 months now and is trying to live an honest life making an honest buck. His old Liberian client stops by his house with a huge diamond and wanted him to do just one last job that he couldn't resist. The Main character revisits his now drug free brother back at the family cafe asking him to do just one last job with him because he feels that he can no longer trust anyone and wants him to watch his back. 

    The two of them met there client in africa right in plain view of a refugee camp where the refugees were being cut down with machetes and the younger brother feels as if he cant contribute to the murder and no longer wants to go threw with the sale, he ends up freaking out and blowing up one of the two cargo trucks holding all the weapons and gets gunned down right in front of his oldest brother. While coming home from africa with his brothers body he was busted when they found a singe round in his collar bone.

Act Three

*Denouement- While being interrogated for all the sales an the bullet under his brothers bones and the raid on the safe house, the main character tells ATF agent Jack Valentine how he will go free because he rubs shoulders with he most powerful people in the world who need him around. How there will be someone who outranks him standing outside who will give him a promotion then set him free.

* Resolution- Takes place back in the same setting as the intro Exposition with Nicolas cage standing in a street covered with empty bullet casings rambling off facts about weapons,people,war, and money and ends it with saying quoit "Never Go To War With Yourself".


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