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A tear formed as she tried to remember who she was without him.  Her name didn't even make sense to her with out "and Dan" attached at the end.

She fell to the ground.  She looked around at all the smiling pictures but now from underneath the pile of dirty laundry she couldn't quite remember what she was smiling about.

She lifted her body, which over time has collected a few extra pounds, off the ground.  Kicked her way through the mess.  She ran her fingers over his face, her smile which she hadnt seen in so long.  The phone rang.  Her heart skipped a beat.  At a mere 25 years old, she had been picking up after him for over 11 years but what was she to expect, she had set precedent for things so many years ago.  

  She could remember the day they met like it was yesterday....

    Lila had a slight case of the sniffles, it wasn't anything worth going home from school for but her mom said okay, so what the heck.  She waited impatiently for her mom's car to pull up and take her away from this mundane routine of high school.  Staring out the window she readjusted her back pack from one shoulder to the other.  She had brought home all her books anticipating that her sniffles would allow her to milk another day off of school.

    A scuffle and a loud thud pulls her attention back towards the dingy hallway of the school.  Two boys, one she had never seen before, were standing over a pile of  school books.  

    "Pick them up", demands the boy she has never seen before.

    "You pick them up," the other boy yells back.  

    Well this is just silly, she thought.  From what she could deduce and what later was to be confirmed, the other boy whose name she could no longer remember, had knocked the books out of the new boys hands.

    They went back and forth, "you pick them up", "no, you pick them up".  she couldn't beleive it.

    Wow, this is annoying she thought.  She steps between the boys, and in one fell swoop she scoops the books off the floor, "I will pick them up", she says as she thrusts them into the new boys hands.

    Thier eyes meet.  They latch.  She turns away. Her Mom's silver SUV pulls up.  

    "I'm Drew," he tells her.  She gives him a smile, pushes open the door and walks out of the building.

    She has been picking up after him ever since, for


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