I AM NOT A GREAT MAN, BUT...............
I do not think I will be a great man anymore. But to my friends I know that I will be that smart guy. So, I might not be as wild as Oscar Wilde, or as frank as Anne Frank, or as dope(cool) as Alexander Pope, or even as obscene as Atheism(to religious folks and few others), or as generous as Sisyphus(really i would break and challenge the gods haha), or as troublesome as Napoleon, or as full of crap as Joan of Arc(for people who do not believe in her), or as sincere as Voltaire(also based on his honest last words:"For God's sake let me die in peace."), or as thoughtful as Aristotle, or as hailed as Nathan hale, or as hard working as Stephen Hawking, or as gifted in creating dread as Steven Spielberg, or as sinister as Adolf Hitler, or as quickly getting away as Ernest Hemingway, or as the boss as Gauss, or as a poet as Goethe, or as so true as Camus, as ridiculous as Santa Claus(sorry kids), or a tester as Webster, or even harsher than Margaret Thatcher, or as bush as George W. Bush, or a douche as the other Bush, or with so much flair as Tony Blair, or as shallow as Christopher Marlowe(since he was not conventional, elizabethan england probably thought him so), or as from a different sphere as William Shakespeare, or as needy of a guard as Kierkegaard, or as quick as a lightning bolt as Usain Bolt, or as so very applied as Maimonides(I hear that he did a lot on the jewish Torah), or possesing the great air of Voltaire(oh yea I used him already). So, I might not be a great man, but I will be to my friends that smart guy. 

hitchensian   hitchensian wrote
on 5/1/2014 3:42:38 PM
hey elton thanks, i just might ; )

Elton4562   Elton4562 wrote
on 2/7/2012 5:18:40 AM
I am very impressed and surprised by this write, but I have to wonder how many will have heard of many of these figures from history. Perhaps you should rewrite it some, format it differently and present it on a more intellectual site such as Poetry Soup where it would find a more sophisticated audience. Elton

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