A Matter of Opinion
    Personally, I don't understand why so many people are infuriated with homosexual people. Many argue that it is firmly against God Himself, but ponder this: not long ago, people were persecuted for being of a different race. This is simply a single well-known example. Another is represented by the Holocaust, where not only one, but several groups of people were systematically murdered. Millions of innocents have suffered and died for committing no crime apart from being different. The pages of history are drenched in the sorrows of such peoples.
    I have read of countless murders of homosexuals committed with the only 'justification' being the victim's sexual orientation. In turn, I have also read of some homosexual serial killers who committed horrendous crimes; however, as not all innocent murder victims are homosexual, neither are all serial killers, but all victims and serial killers have one thing in common: they are all human. Humanity is in no wise perfect. This does not justify killing on anyone's part, but it does address the problem: homosexuality.
    I do not believe that any child is born homosexual. While some people may not recall being heterosexual, my personal opinion is that they subconsciously realized their sexual orientation, but the decision did not manifest itself until they came across a situation where their sexuality was tested.
    A common misconception when homosexuality is viewed this way is that a person can simply decide to change their sexual orientation. Of course, I can't speak for anybody but myself, but I cannot see how this would be a simple change for anyone to make, homosexual or not. How can one consciously go against something which has become a part of them? It would be as simple for a gay man to decide to become strait as it would for a strait man to decide to become gay.
    Aside from this view, I have also encountered opinions where people reject homosexuals because God intended human kind to be perpetuated through heterosexual bonds. This view in particular strikes me as obscure, particularly in modern society. It seems that the majority of the world's problems, both socially and environmentally, can be traced in part to overpopulation. As such, why are people upset that not all homosexual couples choose to become parents? And even if they don't, it doesn't provide reason to discriminate; plenty of heterosexual couples choose to not have children; are they also 'worthy' of discrimination?
    In summary, what is my point? Am I advertising homosexuality? Do I suggest that homosexuality is superior to heterosexuality? Certainly not. My point is this: you should not be discriminatory towards homosexuals due to their sexual orientation. Am I demanding that you treat them with more respect than any other person? No. I propose that you treat them like human beings, for that is all anyone is. If you cannot bring yourself to fully accept homosexuals, at least strive for tolerance.
    When all is said and done, most every homosexual is searching for the same thing that most heterosexuals are: love.

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My personal point of view on the homosexual 'issue'. Keep in mind the title, A Matter of Opinion; this is only my point of view. I don't mean to offend anybody, as this is simply my opinion.
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