Moonlit Pillars: a chapter from my story

Moonlit Pillars


Miriam fell on her knees and wept. She was looking up at the silver moon shinning its light upon the silver pillars that surrounded her. “Where are you? Why have you left us to rot like this?” she asked looking up at the moon. The room was empty and the white velvet cloth covered her head again. “There is no hope left for this city, Líhbirïll, and you take all that mattered to me?” She cried silently wishing he would speak. “You give me hope in forms of visions,” she said in a silent whisper between her tears. “Visions from a Blade! You know that a warrior’s vision can be easily changed.” She fell silent again. “Why Kelub? Why Arthad?Why Rhel? The best of our men, my sons, all dead!” The suave breeze was all she could hear, and yet she knew that it carried his presence in it. She could feel him in the room, and yet he was not speaking to her. She looked up to the skies and cried, “ïearler eit, Líbirïllþ yärehnor gùrroh livniþ.” And yet nothing happened. “Please.” The silence was excruciating and the pain inside of her was gnawing at her soul. She knew he was watching her, she could feel him.

“Yär,harl ligni nohfeir,” said a suave voice like the sound of a breeze. “Lasslar err sier thur durr and yet you have hardened your heart, Miriam.” Miriam lifted her head seeing the Watcher standing before her clothed in white. His movement and essence was like that of the wind, but it was a breathtaking sight, for unlike ghosts that move through air, it seemed as though the air was moving through him as if it was part of him. It left her stunned, though she had seen the same sight countless times before. 

“Lihbirill,” she said in a whisper looking at his glory, feeling tears fill her eyes. He was beautiful and it made her want to cry, now though because of his beauty andpresence. It was a strange feeling, one she could only feel at his presence. It seemed to be a mixture of fear, wonder, love, and peace.

“Rise,Miriam,” he said moving through the room, “and trust in me. If I chose to give a Blade a vision, then who are you to say it will change? Yär alles. Yär eth ell. I am the Beginning and the End, and what I decree will come to happen.”

At that moment he dispersed and disappeared in the air and she was left alone again.

“Forgive me,” she said closing her eyes. Tears rolled down her fair skin, and dropped on the ground. She listened to the silence again, knowing that he was still there.

“Aoërell iníer harll, Miriam.” said an Anlorian voice.

“Azlis,” she said not having to turn to know that the Seeker stood on the far side of the room.

“He lives, your son is alive,” he said remaining in the dark of the roofed area.

 She closed her eyes and smiled. “Thank you, Eerie,” she whispered. A breeze rushed pass her at that moment and shefelt his touch on her soft skin. She felt the strange feeling once more, but it was quickly gone. At that moment she saw a flash and saw Arthad being brought into the room, cut and bruised, unconscious and almost dead. She came back to herself again with tears on her eyes. “How long until he is conscious again?” she asked Azlis.

“Atleast a week,” answered Azlis. “I have healed all that I could. He is weak though and has lost too much blood. It surprises me that he was able to escape.”

 “Where was he found?”

Azlis hesitated but answered, “On the Archway.”

She closed her eyes knowing what it meant. She turned to the darkness where Azlis waited. “The Spies of Endor must be warned then,” she said seeing his feint figure in the dark. 

Azlis looked at her and slowlystepped into the silver light of the moon. His hair reflected back the silverlight, shimmering and glistening. “I fear that the Archway is not your only problem at the moment,” Azlis told her. “Meriel is a five day journey from here.”

Miriam’s heart sank at that moment, and she slowly looked up at Azlis, who nodded confirming her biggest fear. She stood up and let the white cloth fall to the ground. The velvet cloth slowly fell through the air, and Azlis eyes accompanied it, seeing the slow movement. “I don’t know what to do, Azlis,” she said feeling tears come to her eyes again. “Endor is falling, and we both know that it’s only a matter of time before it crumbles before our feet. I can’t stop it. Rius is growing too strong.”

“Rest your soul, Miriam. They are in control and all will be well.”

“It’s easier said than done.” She looked up at the dark night again, and felt the cold night breeze touch herface lightly once more. She lowered her head, and wiped away her tears remembering Lihbirill’s words, “Lasslarerr sier thur durr. Not all hope is lost.”

Azlis looked at her hearing that the tone of her voice had just changed. At once he realized that Lihbirill had visited her. He was silent for a moment but asked, “What did He say?”

“He made me believe your words.”

Azlis pondered on her words before saying in a grave tone, “It was Hezron’s vision.”

“The Blade, the one I fear,” she said. “Who is he, Azlis? I’ve never felt one as powerful as that Blade. My knees trembled when I saw him. My eyes watered, and his presence was felt as soon as he entered the Temple. He is not like the others, though it seems he doesn’t know.”

 “I do not know who he is,” said Azlis. “The Eloms have felt his strength and have reached him already, though he has not made his choice yet. He does not know of the power her has, though he is maturing fast.”

“Let us pray then that he does not make the wrong choice, or this world will have another Nameless One to fight.”

“Indeed,”said Azlis knowing she spoke the truth.

Miriam ascended the small steps of the round temple, and walked into the darkness of the roofed area. “What about Kelub?” She asked lighting a lantern. 

“Rius is too canny to kill one as precious as he. Fear not for his life.”

She remained silent, but agreed.

“Meriel will not be happy though.”  Azlis walked towards the door but stopped turning around and asking, “Who is Luzhe, the boy that leads the third flank?”

“He is son of Laze, Seer of the Council.”

“He has seen the Watcher, Miriam.”

“Líhbirïll?!” she asked surprised

“Now among you there is another that has seen Líhbirïll’s glory,” he smiled, “not all hope is lost.”

“Líhbirïll’s words aren’t always soothing,” she said turning around with the lit lantern.

“He has shown you what will come to pass,” Azlis realized seeing her grave expression.  

“Yes,” she answered. “It’s only a matter of time before Endor falls to the enemy.

Azlis was silent and said, “But there is still hope,”

She was walking pass him but stopped and turned around. “Where do you see hope?”

“All things come to end. Endor’s time might not be now.”

She was silent, pondering on the Anlor’s words. “You speak the truth. Endor can still stand against Rius. But the Spies of Endor must be warned, for the Archway can’t be left unguarded now.”

“Summon a council,” Azlis told her. “Let the word spread that Endor will not fall yet.” 

“They will not see hope, Azlis. I have no hope to show them,” she said looking at Azlis.

“Then let them fight for the first time because of Eerie, and not because of estrenght or hope.”

She turned around and said, “I will summon the council in five days.”

“Meriel will be there.”

“Then let him hear of our troubles and report back to the Council.”

“I fear this meeting will bring more into the light then should be revealed to some in the council.”

vledmonds   vledmonds wrote
on 4/3/2009 9:22:52 PM
Hey, i have sent you a friend request. You sound very interesting. My daughter has been to Africa on a mission trip. It was awe inspiring to her and some day she hopes to return. Anyway, If you would like some help with grammar I would love to help you. I am not perfect but I have learned alot from a friend who edited my second novel, which is not published yet, the economy has taken its toll on my finances. ;) But keep up the good work and good luck. :)

gogguy   gogguy wrote
on 4/2/2009 7:07:20 AM
it is a language that I have created. I can send you a message telling you how I keep track if you want.

Bitten2ice   Bitten2ice wrote
on 4/1/2009 7:54:11 PM
I'm intrigued already. The excerpt reads like a trailer... seducing the reader to want more. Is this a language or one you have developed? If you have developed it... how do you keep track? Sorry for the multiple questions... I am a newbie and am just loving the exposure to others who love to write. I will watch the stream for updates...

gogguy   gogguy wrote
on 4/1/2009 1:43:02 PM
hey guys, sorry about the grammar again. I just realized that this is probably really confusing with a lot of names that you guys have no clue who they are referring to. just to clarify, this is not the beginning of my story, it's more like halfway there. hope you enjoy, leave me a comment.

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 4/1/2009 4:06:42 AM
I agree with Scifi. Want to see where this ends for you do have a good start here.

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a fantasy novel, which this is only one of the many chapters. Set on fantasy world. a chapter about a Seer's agony over the forthcoming destruction of her city. I'm sorry about the grammatical mistakes, but what I'm looking for right now is getting the plot and story down.
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Blades = warriors Anlor = type of elf The council of spies and Council, are different groups. if this gets too confusing.....uhm.....I'm sorry, lol.