Blood Moon
     I gritted my fangs irritably as the opposing wolf swiped at my side with an outstretched claw. In the second it took the other wolf to regain her posture, I lunged eagerly at her behind, digging my front paws into her back legs. A high shriek tore through the forest as I twisted my claws, pulling them out quickly so a small amount of blood cascaded downward to the ground.

    “You little-!” she coughed, bending her body to the side as I tried for another attack. Eira’s back legs were smothered in fresh blood, the scent overpoweringly strong and sweet as I launched into the air and scratched her back, pivoting to the right and landing a few feet away from the now injured wolf.

     With a low guttural growl, Eira turned around and managed to slice my side open with her claws. Wincing, I ignored the stinging pain and bit into her leg before she could withdraw it.

     Howling from the impact, Eira thrashed against my hold, but I buried my teeth deep into her flesh, until I hit the bone and blood flooded the walls of my mouth.

     This was it. The conclusion to the day which occurred once every year. It was the night that anyone of the pack could freely challenge the Alpha for the title and position. It was a rare time, because no one ever really dared to fight the Alpha, especially when the moon was blood red in the midst of the pack’s forest. The Blood Moon.

     The hardest part was, it was a battle to the death.

     “Why are you challenging me?” Eira spat. “It’s not like I’ve been dictator or anything.”

     I narrowed my eyes. “Yeah, you have.”

     She threw back her head and laughed. Compared to the dull sheen of my pitch-black fur and deep blue eyes, she bore fur as white as snow, shining with a pearly luster, shaggy tail a golden cream. I was smaller than her, and yet she didn’t look menacing in the least, what with her striking emerald eyes and pink skin. Under all that fur was the form of a demon.

     Eira had taken control of the pack roughly four years ago, killing the previous Alpha and claiming the throne herself. She was a sick little wolf:  injuring or killing anyone that opposed her will, ruthless, giving some of her own to neighboring packs as some sort of slaves.

    I intended to stop that now.

     “Aro, I always knew you were trouble.” she hissed. “I could smell the hate in you the first day you joined the pack, could see the abhorrence burning in your eyes.”

    “I’m glad you noticed..” I grinned, thrusting my teeth from her leg, purposefully ripping a chunk of her flesh and fur out.

     She revolted as her leg fell limp. I tossed her flesh onto the ground, keeping a small piece to digest for my groaning stomach. The rich taste of raw meat, like ground hamburger, bathed my tongue as I chewed mockingly and swallowed.

     Eira stood up, the gap in her leg healing over as soon as she moved. “You bitch!”

     “Yummy.” I said as I licked my lips, stepping back as she started toward me.
     A good distance away, standing around us, were the other members of the pack. They stared, bodies quaking, as Eira and I circled each other, ears flat against our skulls.

     Her otherworldly energy saturated the air with a searing hotness, crackling with power and bursting like a monstrous inferno. I focused into the core of my own energy, tapping into the freezing coldness of ice and snow, brought it out of me, built it, built it, until it overflowed with want and desire, crashing into Eira’s. The two energies collided with a supernatural force, pushing against the other in an attempt to wipe the conflicting power into nothingness.

     Eira’s power crawled over me, raising Goosebumps across my body with the intensity of the heat, the scorching pricks of power that pressed down on me like a metaphysical weight.

     She chuckled as her power swept around me, filled my eyes, my nose, my mouth, and ears. Clogged my senses and diminished my power, until I was overwhelmed with the amount of it all, the stench of burning skin, the needles of energy stabbing into me with every labored breath I struggled to take.

     Eira’s lips curved into a satisfied grin as she reared onto her back legs and howled. I watched with interest as her bones snapped and rearranged themselves muscles increasing, back arching, as most of her fur receded and went to flowing down her back, legs, and underside, leaving the pale hide to reveal on her sides and arms. Eira’s face remained that of a wolf, her tail becoming shorter and thicker, front legs shortening to human arms, torso and body morphing into a human-wolf cross, retaining the muscle and features of a wolf but the stature of a human. I’d never seen any were-wolf able to revert to that form. It was extremely difficult to attain and keep.

     “You’re done.” she roared, voice a low wolf growl, but held the softness and high-pitch of a human female.

     I struggled to my legs, letting out a cough as she neared me, urging her power onto me mercilessly. Her power was so great, so enormous, it could turn a wolf-form back into a human. I hadn’t realized that until now, when her power was crashing down on me, driving into me so strongly, my powers broke and my wolf form gave in.

     A scream ripped from my throat as I was forced into my human body, bones popping and shifting to the human’s structure, fur withdrawing painfully, muzzle, ears, tail, retreating into the shell inside. A clear, hot liquid burst everywhere as I converted to a full human, naked body shivering in the damp cold of the night.

     Eira’s lips pulled back so her fangs glistened in the light of the crimson moon. She charged toward me, claws ready, eyes set to kill.

     In that moment, I bent down and grasped a small stick. She came at me with so much speed, she hadn’t enough momentum to slow down, and rammed herself straight into the stick I held pointing at her chest.

     It pierced through her heart as she realized what I had done, eyes widening with disbelief as she halted, body convulsing, the grin vanishing from her face.


    “Hope you have fun in Hell, Bitch.” I said as she staggered back, the stick clearly visible, protruding from her back to her front. Blood seeped onto the dead grass as she fell down, and her eyes became dull and lifeless as the heart stopped beating.

     I hadn’t had time for a victory celebration, as the world came spiraling everywhere, the moon turned white, and I was plunged into a blissful sleep.

friesianone   friesianone wrote
on 5/27/2009 3:41:44 PM
...=( I wonder who rated it a 5? I would've appreciated it if they could have told me what it is lacking...D=

Moonrose   Moonrose wrote
on 5/26/2009 5:27:39 PM
Ooohh, that's cool... yeah Aro!! Good job, really like your ideas, and most of your descriptions; especially the energy bits. :D Sweet, way to go!

Short Story
writing friesianone
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Rating: 6.7/10

A female werewolf challenges the Alpha for the very position
A Word from the Writer
This story contains blood and gore.