free girl

Free Girl



          Wrenches clanked against the black motorcycle.

          Dani grunted when her muchels tighted as she moved the wrench inside the engine.

          She stuck her hand inside and rested it against a pipe, feeling around.

          Dani hands were covered in oil and grease.

          “Ah Christ,” Dani said to herself.

          She tighted a bolt again. She slipped from the wrench. She slammed her hand on the fender.

          Dani cussed under her breath.

          She decided to take a break. She got up and sat on a stool.

          Dani grabbed a rag and wiped her hands.

          Her phone rang and she leaned over an inch to pick it up.


          “Hey grease monkey!”

          “Oh hey Jackie.”

          “What are you doing?”

          “The usual.”

          “Ah, want to come over to my place?!’

          “Sure I’ll be there in a sec.”

          “Ok! Bye!”

          Jackie is Dani’s really only friend. Jackie is always perky. Talking really loud all the time. She was like this drunk person thinking that she needed to talk over the music, except she never slurred her words. She answered her own questions and she always cut in people’s sentences. That girl could even talk to a rock.

          Dani quickly fix up her bike in a second.

          She revved it up and let it warm up in the garage.

          She ran in her room and out on her leather jacket. She grabbed two cigarettes and her lighter and put it in her back pocket. She also grabbed and put on her 70s looking sunglasses.

          Dani came back and hopped on her motorcycle. She hit clutch and burned out.

          The wind whipped through her hair. Oh! The feel of freedom.

          Dani lived in the country. At least she didn’t live in the city with all the cars. She loved the open road, not having to worry about other things.

          Dani equaled freedom. She loves everything about it, the tastes, the smells, the sight, the feeling.

          She stopped her cycle in the gravel drive way.

          Jackie burst through the doorway.



          “I made some lemonade.”


          “I’m making cheese curds.’

          Dani and Jackie sat on the front porch swing and sipped their lemonade.

          “So..,” Jackie said.


          “I’m getting married.”

          “What! Holy god! Great. I’m so happy for you.”

          Jackie only smiled.

          “It’s about time.” Dani said.


          “Jeez. I’m mean; you don’t want to try out any other guys?”


          “Just saying.”

          “No. I love him.”

          “I know you do. I mean you’re my age. Eighteen.”

          There was a long silence, like Jackie ran out of words.

          Jackie and Phil had been dating for years. Since they were sixteen.

          Dani finally cut the silence.

          “Well while you are getting hitched, I’m taking a road trip.”

          “Road trip! Fun!”

          “Yep. It’s about time I did that. I’ve been putting it off for a long time. Since a year after I learned how to ride a motorcycle.”

          “Where are you going to go?”

          South Dakota. Black hills.”

          “Really cool. Are you going to live there?”


          “Why are you leaving?”

          “I hate West Virgina.”


          “Don’t worry, I’ll come visit.”

          “Are you going to live in that town?”

          “Yes,” Dani said, irritated by the way sometimes Jackie can act like a dizzt.



          *                                             *                                         *

          Dani was taking risks. First she was going to the hills not knowing if she was able to get a job. Second, she was hoping that she could get by with the money she had. Third, she doesn’t have a place to stay.

          But that was just Dani, a risk taker.

          She grabbed everything that she needed. Her sunglasses, Harley jacket, her favorite shirts and jeans, lighter, tobacco, switchblade, and money. That was all she needed. She left pretty much everything at Jackie’s.

          Dani wanted no time to pass. It was 8 o’ clock in the morning.

          She put on her sunglasses. She ran her fingers through her long brown hair.

          Dani revved it up some and burned out.

          *                                                *                                        *


          Dani was finally out of West Virginia.

          She now is in Ohio. But is closer to the state line. She is getting much closer to Indiana.

          Dani wanted to cut right through the north section. She also wanted to go around the cities, she much rather take back roads.

          Dani only saw a couple of bikers here. But they were all old. She still nodded to them of course, that’s just what you do to your fellow people.

           Dani could really only think about being free. It was everything of why she rode on a motorcycle. She didn’t totally hate driving in cars. When ever Jackie picked her, Dani always rolled down every window.


          She always thought it was one great big hassle.

          Way up in the northern part, so she would get nowhere by Chicago.

          All Dani had to do is get out of Illinois and Iowa; she would be in South Dakota.

          Her new home.

          *                                              *                                             *        

          South Dakota.

          Dani had a huge grin on her face when she saw the sign that said, “Welcome to South Dakota.”

          Couple more minutes and she would be in the black hills.

          She made sure that the cash in her pockets was still there. She needed it for tonight. Because she probably was going to be staying in a hotel for a couple of nights.

          Now Dani is in the black hills.

          It was dark but she saw lights of that little town, but so alive.

          She wanted to cruise up and down the lanes. Everywhere she looked there where shops, bars, gift shops, antiques, and whole others.

          Dani saw a lot of other bikers too. Either they were riding or parked outside the bars.

          Dani thought she was about to pass out. So she decided to find a motel.

          She checked in and rode her motorcycle up to the door. She walked in the lied on the bed and took long breathes.

          *                                         *                                              *

          It is Dani first day in her new home.

          She hopped on her cycle and went up and down shops.

          She had a great idea of working at the bar. So what, it had long hours. But it’s okay pay. Not cheap, like you get ripped off.

           Dani parked and got off.

          It was early in the morning so it wasn’t busy. Only the bums hang around.

          She walked in. there was a bartender grabbing a beer.

          “Well hi there miss,” the bartender said.

          “Hi.” They shook hands. “I was just wandering if you have a job available.

          “Yes, actually. I fired one three days ago.”


          “So you up for the job?”


          “Perfect. You start tomorrow.”

          “Okay great. I’m Dani, by the way.”

          “Jim. Say how old are you actually?”



          “Is that bad?”

          “What? Oh! No, no of course not.”


          “So you and your family came here, ah?”

          “No. just me.”

          “Ahhh. You know the boys are really going to like you.”


          “Cause your young and a looker.”


          “Just saying, we don’t get a lot of pretty girls here.”


          They both laughed.

          “So I probably should be going.”

          “Alright,” Jim said.

          Dani started to walk out of the bar (which was called beer bellyz) until Jim stopped her.

          “Don’t forget, work tomorrow.”

          “Got it Jim.’

          She started to head out, again.

          “Oh and Dani.”

          Dani turned on her heel, slowly.

          “Nice motorcycle.”

          “Thank you Jim.”


          “See you tomorrow.”

          “Yep. Bye dani.”

          Dani felt full of excitement. Her first job here. So thought she might as well see if she could find a second job.

          She turned a right to find a restaurant, a hotel, and shops.

          Dani stopped at a vintage store. In the window there was a sign that said, “Help wanted.”

          Well that was easy, dani thought dani. The vintage store looked pretty good.

          She walked in.

          There was a boy there reading a magazine. He looked up and had a shocked look on his face. He couldn’t have been anymore older then dani was.

          She smiled. “Hi I’m here about the job offer.”

          He didn’t say anything at first; all he did was stare at her.

          “Oh! Oh. Sure.” He went back to staring.

          “Are you okay?”

          “Sure. Yeah. I just have a hangover.”

          Dani laughed.

          “I’m um…I’m Dani.”



          “So the job offer right. Well the owner is here. So you can talk to him. Nobody else asked about it. So I’m sure you’ll get it right away.”

          “Oh okay.”

          Lee went in the back room and pulled out the owner.

          The owner is an older man. Could be a grandpa.

          “Oh hi. How are you doing ma’am?”

          “I’m good. Name is Dani.”

          “I’m john. I own the store and the manager.”

          Dani nodded her head and smiled. Lee whispered something to john.

          “Well hon. You’ve got the job,” john said.

          “Really? You don’t even need me to fill something out.”

          “Oh no! It’ll just be you and lee working here. I’m getting to old, I need some time off.”

          “Wow. It is really easy to get jobs here.”

          “Well, welcome to the black hills.”

          John left for home. So it ended up being just lee and Dani at the shop.

          Lee showed dani around. How the cash register worked and everything else.

          They laughed and joked with each other. Dani was really starting to like it here.

          They walked by the window, so both of them could spray it and wash it with Windex.

          Lee started to do some strokes when he stopped and stared out the window.

          “What?” Dani asked.

          “Is that your------ motorcycle?” he asked without taking his eyes off of it.


          “Oh! Sweet!”

          “You ride too?”

          “Of course.”


          “Dude we could totally go riding together.”


          “There are never any young bikers here.”

          “Yeah. Man, my prayers have been answered.”

          Dani laughed.

          Lee walked off to the back room.


          *                                         *                                             *

          Dani and Lee were riding side by side with each other.

          Lee showed dani all kinds of back roads. Dani was still blown away by the black hills. She loved weaving through them.

          The country here was a lot different then the country in West Virginia.

          Lee looked over to dani and she smiled at him.

          This is a month later from when dani arrived here.

          She now has a little two bedroom rundown house that she got from john.

          She also has a shack next to it so she can work on her bike whenever she wants.

          Dani knew she made a great decision to come here. It has changed her in many ways.

          Sturgis bike week is in a month and dani was jumping for joy.

          Freedom equaled dani.

          She has always been like that.

          She’s always been a free girl.



StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 8/7/2008 12:10:46 AM
Nice read. I liked the fact that you kept Dani free and wild yet she knew she had to take care of business. Realism is the beauty of your writing here.

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