Rick's Father
I am always amazed at how
a single innocent question
can prove so earth shattering.
Twenty years ago, as a child of ten,
while out for a walk in the park,
with my father, I asked him:
"Where is God, daddy? 
Where can we find Him?"
He said: "There is no God
around here, at least,
none that I can see.
But you're welcome to go find Him."
My father didn't go to church is a tautology.
I never went as a boy.
I've always believed that my father
thought of a God in Heaven.
There was no need to use Him. 
I am a thirty-year old graphics designer.
It's been fun,
and I believe there is a God.
My success did not depend
on my answer to that question.
I was welcome to look for God,
my father told me,
and I found him right here.
In the Bible
and in the mystery of creation.
People toy with their own humanity.
That's no reason for atheism.
Only the Almighty could have planned the planet.
That's what I'm going to say to my ten-year-old.
Whether I go to church or not,
the Old and New Testaments
speak for all of us to hear.

Starlingpoet   Starlingpoet wrote
on 7/28/2009 12:01:12 AM
This is a very easy poem to relate too. Sometimes just one answer from a parent can make you grow up in a hurry and have to start having your own opinions. Our parents opinions are our opinions when we are young but there comes a day that all changes. Good poem!

Michele   Michele wrote
on 7/6/2009 9:01:34 PM
You've 'believed' since at least, age 10! Someone besides Daddy planted that seed in you.

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