Billy Blonde and Beautiful

May 2006.  Bellingham, Washington.  A sincere neighborhood with children constantly on the sidewalks playing.  Amber Street.  We are in the home of Billy Oliver.  Billy is an attractive 20 year-old auto mechanic for a Chevrolet dealership.  His parents, Gladys and Steven, are accountants.  He is in his living room talking with his high school friend Ed.  Ed works in a shoe store and is still relatively undecided about his future, but he likes working with customers. It is 8:00 p.m.

Ed: Mary is getting on an airplane right about now.  Going to see her Aunt Jessica in Chicago.  She's getting married again at fifty.  It's her second marriage.  Mary wanted to be there.

Billy: Didn't you want to go?

Ed:  I can't leave the store.

Billy:  You think the store will crumble without you.

Ed:  Yes and no.  Weddings don't interest me.  Even mine.  We're just going steady.  We're not hanging on each other.  There's a difference.

Billy:  Tell me about it.  (half laughing)

Ed: I know how people think--girlfriend, fiance, enagagement, playmate.

Billy:  Sort of like love and lust.

Ed: We're too young to think of marriage, you, me and Mary.  We need our space.  Our lives could change. 

Billy:  That's exactly what I think.  All that lovey-dovey mumbo-jumbo isn't for us.  We love our freedom.  I don't want to go to a football or basketball game and wonder if my wife at home is missing me.  We're tied to a system that way.  The system of married life.  We're too young.

Ed:  I admire the way you think, bro.  You're my great buddy.

Billy:  Ditto.

Ed:  Do you feel the need to decide between Alkira and Cathy?  How do you like that one?

Billy:  I don't feel any need to decide anything?  Why should I?  It's a good question.  I'm a wonderful guy.  I like spending time with both of them.  It's hard to take one over the other.  But there's no rush.  I like the energy of Alkira, her thin lithe body, black hair, and sexy high-pitched voice.  She just amazes me so much in wanting to keep kissing me.  She's very energetic.  She's set with her father's reaturant.

Ed:  So, you admit money makes a difference? (tough)

Billy:  I never said anything about money.  Do I want a girlfriend who is begging for sandwiches?  Of course not. Same with Cathy, who works in a furniture store.  I wouldn't go out with the same nice-looking dirty blonde girl who happened to be homeless.  I'd bring myself down.  Cathy is very business-like and business-oriented.

Ed:  Oh, so you prefer the restaurant atmosphere that Alkira can offer?

Billy: (snapping)  I'm not looking for anything from Alkira.  I'm the man! 

Ed:  I'm sorry.  So, they're both sexy?

Billy:  Right.  Don't you think Mary is sexy?

Ed:  Yes.  Number one requirement.

Billy:  We're young beautiful men.  We need to keep presence of mind.

Ed:  The third one who's a red-haired nurse is where you'd go wrong.  Having two on the burner at one time is hard enough.  For me, Mary, one Mary at a time is sufficient.  You seem to need to make that choice.

Billy:  They're both equally interesting in mind.  I can't help it right now.  If we sit down and compare and contrast them, that's too cognitive for me.  Cathy likes to microwave everything.  Alkira likes to take time and cook.  That makes little difference to me, for example.

Ed:  Both like new movies, just out.  OK, understood. I don't want to take a step further about that issue. What do your parents say?

Billy:  Here's mom right now.  Let's ask her?  (In walks Mrs.Gladys Oliver who has come home from a dinner meeting.) Hi, mom.

Gladys:  Hi, Billy, and Ed, how's everything?

Billy:  Good.  We were just having a serious discussion about my love life.

Gladys:  Good.  I'm glad it wasn't about my love life.  That's as good a topic as any to have a serious conversation about.

Billy:  Should I choose Alkira over Cathy or Cathy over Alkira?

Gladys:  They're both darling, sweetheart.  I'd marry them both.  How's that?

Billy:  I don't feel like I'm cheating.

Gladys:  And as long as they don't feel duplicity from you, you're fine.  Remember, they're bright young ladies.  They meet nice young men in their busy lives, too. You're not the only fish in the ocean.  The door swings both ways.  I don't want you to be too disappointed either.  Life is full of irony.

Billy:  (to Ed) Leave it to mom to come up with the impressive point for the night.  Sexy girls have sexy saucy appetites.  Thank you, mom.



MarijaT   MarijaT wrote
on 2/4/2010 8:55:29 AM
I've read a few of your writings, I like this one. It is funny and interesting. The young men talking about life, sort of in philosophical way. However, almost every work of yours has that "it's 2006/08... I can't help but roll my eyes when I see it every time. I get that this is a sort of style, but as a reader and a writer I would rather prefer a different beginning to introduction. Thanks for your comment.

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