Olive Garden, Celine Dion and Vin Diesel
Last Friday night my husband and I went to dinner with another couple. As it was a Friday night we had to wait the usual 1 hour, it is Olive Garden after all. My husband was full of his usual remarks about the indignity of waiting 1 HOUR FOR THE OLIVE GARDEN of all places. It's hardly the French Laundry. Everything in my elitist snobby brain tells me not to like Olive Garden. There are hundreds if not thousands of Olive Gardens all over the country and they all are exactly alike. Same wine, same food, same decorations. Around homecomings and the prom the place is choked with teenagers having a "fancy" dinner without mom and dad. It's the Walmart of restaurants. People dine their in their slippers, pajama bottoms and/or the current defilement upon our society, "flip flops". I should hate the place. I want to hate the place. In theory it's one of my worst nightmares.

Here is the problem. It's lovely and good. They do everything right. The atmosphere is relaxing, the bathrooms are clean, the wait staff are exceedingly nice. I know the food is probably prepackaged and heated up but it's damn tasty. Even the thought of their salty bread sticks and cheese ravioli make my mouth water. It is honestly the best ravioli I have ever eaten. WOW. Did I just say that? It is true and I am not going to be embarrassed anymore. I love the Olive Garden and while I am confessing my sins, I also like Celine Dion and Vin Diesel. There I said it and I feel free. You like them too, don't you? Come on... you sing along when Celine is on the radio until someone else comes in the room and we all watched "Fast & Furious" hoping the Vin Diesel vintage car would beat all new zippy cars.

Don't worry I still like Bombay Sitar, Weezer and Emma Thompson.

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