Black Leather Pants
Black Leather Pants

Darin walked intothe club, looking for his next victim. He hadn’t fed in nearly a month and was beginning to get weak.  His eyes scanned the bar and he saw afew girls who would do, but he needed more energy than they could provide and,therefore, a prettier woman than he saw there.  He looked at the dance floor and saw a very beautiful womanin her early twenties; she’d probably only just graduated college.

Darin walkedtoward the girl with a small smile on. “Hello, miss,” he said.  Shepaused in awe of his beauty, but soon recovered.

“Hey, handsome,”she smiled slyly.  Well, she wouldbe easy prey; women who looked like her usually were.

The girl wrappedher arms about his neck and began dancing with him.  He danced with her for a short while, then offered to buyher a drink; he didn’t want her anti-incubus alarm to go off at the lastmoment.

She accepted thedrink readily, then had two more. By this point, she was thoroughly drunk.  Darin had a single bottle of water; his kind couldn’t handlealcohol well.

“Would you like togo back to my place?” he whispered in her ear, suppressing a disgustedshudder.  She giggled and slurredan affirmative.

He half carriedher to his small apartment, which was only a block from the popular club.  The bar owner was like him, and afriend, and they both hunted there most often.

The young, thinwoman was already halfway undressed by the time he had closed and locked hisdoor.  He went to her and helpedher to the bed.

Then he fed uponher.

When he finishedwith the young woman, she was unconscious on his double bed.  From his medicine cabinet, he pulledout a vial.  After pouring a smallamount of the liquid down her throat, she awoke drunkenly.  She was home and enjoyed the life forcehe had borrowed from her.


Next morning,Darin awoke around ten and went to his mundane job at a Starbucks.  This did, of course, provide a doubleuse: not only could he acquire enough money to pay for his cheap apartment inthe human world, but he could also scope for his next prey.

The morning wentas normal, caffeine-addicted college students buying things he couldn’tpronounce without experiencing lack of oxygen.

But around fouro’clock, just before the end of his shift, a boy still in high school enteredand walked confidently to the counter. His hair was blonde and it looked just as charismatic as his face.  He had pale blue eyes and light skin,and was nearly six feet tall. 

He was beautiful.

When the boyapproached the counter, Darin put a perfectly practiced smile on his face andused his most inviting voice. “Hello.  How are you?”

“I’mfabulous!  And how about you?” theblonde said enthusiastically.  Hiseyes rose to look at Darin, and he froze when he took in the cashier’s darkbeauty.  A pink tinge covered theboy’s cheeks when Darin smiled warmly at him.  He blinked and regained his composure, though.

“I am very well,thank you.  How may I help you?”

“I’ll have adouble latte, please.”  Thehandsome boy set the money on the counter.

“Of course, hereyou are.”  Darin traded the coffeefor the money.


This patterncontinued for the next week until, one day, Darin asked the blonde boy hisname.

“I’m Jason!” theblonde smiled.

“I’m Darin.  Nice to meet you,” Darin replied.

“Well, Darin,thank you so much for my coffee each day! I would simply die without it.”  Darin could hardly be called emotional,and yet, he found himself smiling at this silly man.  How could this stranger have such an effect on him?

“Pleased to be ofservice,” Darin said, suppressing the smile that threatened to reveal hisamusement.  When Jason set themoney on the counter, Darin pushed it away.  Jason looked confused for a moment, but then smiled againand said:

“You’re sosweet!  Come, sit with me aminute!”

“I’m off in alittle while, and then I’ll join you.” Darin didn’t know what possessed him to say that, but he was eager tofinish work and join Jason.

After thirtyminutes, Darin clocked out, tossed his apron in the closet, and joined Jasonwith a water bottle in hand.

The dark-hairedman sat down hesitantly, nervous that the offer might have been revoked, butJason’s face lit up and he began blabbering animatedly about everything fromhis family to his favourite shopping places.  The older mostly stayed quiet, listening with a surprisingamount of interest.  Darin was thekind of person who did what he was told and stayed out of the way, nevergetting close to anyone, never caring much for others.  But this blonde man…something about himintrigued Darin, made him want to get closer.  How was that?

They talked for anhour before Jason had to go home and do homework—Darin had been right; he was asenior in high school.  They partedreluctantly.  Once back at his apartment,Darin had a quick TV dinner and changed for hunting: black slacks and a white,Chinese-style, sleeveless shirt. Brushed his hair and pulling it back into a ponytail, the predator leftfor a club on the other side of town. He seduced another woman, but found it wholly unsatisfying.  The only good part was receiving herenergy.  Something was missing fromhis feeding, but he couldn’t think what.

The next day,Darin and Jason sat together in Starbuck’s, talking again.  They talked for an hour and, just asJason was about to go home, Darin blurted, “Let’s go out tomorrow,” before he’deven thought about the consequences. He instantly regretted it. What would Jason say?  Whatwould he think?  Would he ever wantto see Darin again?

Jason looked a bitsurprised at first, then his expression changed to one of happiness.  “I’d love to!  I’ll see you tomorrow at the downtown theater, eighto’clock.  Bye!”

Darin blinked inshock.  Had he just made…a date?  He’d never had asingle date in his life.  And nowhe had one with the most beautiful man in the world.


Darin paced in hisroom, glaring at his closet.  Hehad absolutely nothing acceptable to wear to the movie.

He had to goshopping, and he only had an hour. Only one place could get him the perfect outfit in time.

He transportedhimself to the demon world, where monsters of all types resided (when theyweren’t feeding upon humans), and went to the best men’s clothing store he knewof.  A worker there helped him pickout the perfect outfit: a pair of tight-enough-to-show-each-vein-in-your-legblack leather pants, stiletto ankle-boots, red ribbons tied about his forearmsand hands, and a black sleeveless hoodie that cut off at his toned abs andshowed off his muscled arms.  Twogold chains connected the shirt, and on his arm was a thick gold band.

With his hair inits usual ponytail, he now felt ready to go.

He arrived at thetheater at quarter to eight, not knowing what to do for his spare fifteenminutes.  He couldn’t even buytickets because he didn’t know what Jason wanted to see.  So he played in the arcade for a fewminutes before he heard his name being called.

“Darin!”  He turned around to see Jason runningtoward him.  His eyes widened atthe boy’s outfit: he was just as sexily clad as Darin himself.  Jason wore an icy blue, sparkly,sequined go-go shirt; platform heels; and tight khaki shorts.  When Jason reached Darin, hesquealed.  “Omigod!  You look great!”  Jason threw his arms about Darin’sshoulders in a tight hug.  Darindidn’t know how to respond—he’d never been the subject of any kind of sober affectionbefore—so he just patted Jason’s back until he let go.

“Come on,” Jasonfinally said.  “Let’s go to themovie.”

And they headedon.

After the movie,they walked out into the cool night air, hand in hand.  Darin understood everything now, and hehad to say this before he lost his courage.

“Jason,” he saidsoftly.


“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

And they kissed.

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Darin is an incubus with a problem: he hates to feed, and he doesn't know why. While working at a Starbucks, he meets a sparkly boy, whom he quickly befriends. What's this? What will happen with these too smexy men?
A Word from the Writer
Another school project I wrote. My poor English teacher last year--first a forty-page story and now this! (You'll get that after you read.) I hope you enjoy!