Inhabited planet
I had come a long way,there was no turning back, I knew, if I adonden this now,the result would be only one terrible thing; death. Taking a deep breath,I pressed the big,red button and lunched my ship forward...........
tension,stress,pressure was all I can feel of. Suddnely my adventure had turned into a nightmare,I had only one wish to wake up from this horrifing dream. Suddnely ship starting shaking and was collasping,my mind and ship give singles of"ALERT and"DEATH".But then with a CRASH,ship crash landed on a strange planet which was way to big. As we crash landedsome of the strange alines marched towards us. Their hands were full of strange wepons of which we have never heard of. They ordered us to move forward,they were short and fat and were of colour red wine. Every one on that planet looked at us as we were an alian and it was true we were alian on theri planet.
 They took us to the place which was way to strange and old in that place some kind of strange energy and attraction came to me. When we enter the strange place,it was huge,way to huge,dust was everywhere which make us cought. One of the alien said some thing in some strange language and then slowley big and huge ,main door opens of that strange place. Passing through various halls we reached to a door which was very big and looks very heavy as that door open we went in,when we went in it was a very marvilious room made of marble and there, right infront of us there was a throne where a adget alien was siting and just few inches far, there was a lady alian. She was in her late twenties, with a sprawl of red hair and a round, boyish fash.Her face was wet with tears and she was also afride of omething, but of what? the adget alin had a kid in his hahd and beside that adget alian there was a very huge and deep pool which was of dark read collor: like blood. that adget alien put that kid into the pool and waited of when that kid would sunk into the water. As that kid sunk into the water in felt like sooo many bells ringing in my head and I faint.
When i wokeup I was in my room and in my bed sleeping. As I got up I called my mom and aked about my friends, mom told me that"It was night when I heard a CRASH. I, in hurry, get up from the bed and went outside so you were on the door, you were unconsious. I tiied to woke you up but you dont so I clean you up an tug you in bed." that was the day when i never found my those friends and the mystory that how I surive.

Elton4562   Elton4562 wrote
on 5/16/2010 3:54:08 PM
You showed commendable imagination in writing this story and it was fun to read. Keep practicing your writing! Suggestion: If you have access to a word processing program like Microsoft Word or WordPerfect, type your work there first and run its spell checker. Spelling sure isn't something that comes easy to many of us. But to make progress in writing, it's necessary to work on it. Best wishes and thanks for your posting. Elton

Short Story
writing eragon
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Its a narrative writing where a girl(me) had discover a inhabited planet and I have tried to make a little adventure and a little spooky and I hope that you guys would like it.