The Dark Side of the Moon

( The following story takes place after a most daring escape from a man-eating dragon. If there is any confusion about the escape please feel free to access the story "There were Dragons in the Sky" which is also available on this site.)

The Dark Side of the Moon

After my escape and realization of dragons, unicorns and the like, I recovered and slowly returned to my normal like as a procurerer of "edible" food at the local McDonald's. My days were passed offering to feed the masses and cautiously avoiding the flying dragons and the curious looks I received as I did so. It was a comfortable life and I adapted to it in little time.

So, with my life clearly laid out before me now, I was certain nothing else could go wrong. Clearly I need to stop challenging deities and the Fates for this is were my troubles began.

It was a fine summer day. Muggy, hot and with hardly a breeze to ease the sweat dripping from my brow. The dragons were resting under the shade trees in the park, watching the young children play without a hungry look. (Even the heat affected the cold-hearted beasts.) The unicorns were roaming the streets, looking for cool water to drink and the elves and faeries...well...let us not speak of them. I am still missing several pairs of my favorite socks thanks to those people. They were brand new socks too and with lovely purple stripes... and I digress. It was a normal summer day for any who have seen these creatures and believe in their undeniable existence.

I had to work, for the day of the week was Sunday and I always work on Sunday. Thankfully the dragons, who had figured this out by now, were too tired to give chase as I bolted from my house, to my bike and raced down the street toward McDonald's.

Don't look so concerned. I make it to work.

No, my trouble began soon after I entered the fine establishment and was set about my job of serving customers who walked in looking for a meal.

You would think little would surprise me. I was almost eaten by a dragon for Pete's sake! I see mythical creatures, who aren't so mythical, everyday and yet, I was surprised. For who would walk through the doors and up to the counter but a pair of extremely tired, old men who spoke in a different language very rapidly. I was accostumed to hearing different tongues being spoken, but this one was completely new to me.

So, they were foreigners. Big deal. I had meet Hindus and Frenchmen, dealt with Hispanics and worked well with Asians. What was so surprising about these two old men?

You didn't happen to see their clothes. There are not enough words to adequately describe the clothing that these men wore. It was a cross between Star Trek one piece suits and my Grandmother's patchwork quilt. The clothes sparkled and glittered and changed colors. I didn't know how to react. Which is why I got their attention. Staring is a very rude habit I have.

Apparently no one else could see them, for I was the only fool staring in awe and wonder. They approached me and with little effort, their clothing transformed to meet the style of our own. I nearly died.

One of the old men had his outfit change into a mini skirt and tank top, both fluroscent pink with lime green high heels. The other was set to look like a cowboy, but in Scotland plaid from head to foot. I shook my head at them and they stopped.

"What is wrong earthling?" The mini skirt man asked.

I choked back my laughter and politely responded. "Nothing."

They bothed looked skeptical and so I told them honestly, "You are not dressed appropriately for this place."

The men looked at themselves and back at me, "Why not?"

The plaided one argued his case, "I have seen many men wear such and no one give them strange looks."

I didn't know how to explain the need to wear proper clothes and who was to wear them, when a pair of older gentlemen walked in to the restraunant. "See, " I pointed at them, "Those two are what you should be wearing to blend in here." The older men sighed and muttered something in their own language. They must have realized I knew more about earth clothing than they did so they changed to look more "normal". I sighed and waited for them to return their attention back to the menu. Obviously they were hungry, why else would they be here?

I know what you are thinking reader, how can I by pass the fact that these men were not from earth? To be honest, I merely chose to overlook that fact and focus on my job. I was in shock. I mean, sure I had read the tabloids on alien and UFO findings, but seeing them in real life is quite another thing.

The two aliens address me again, "We notice that you are able to see us in our original uniforms."

I didn't want to nod, afraid that they'd terminate me for knowing, but the truth was already out there so I nodded and held my breath.

"We would like to know how it is that you can see us and yet the rest of your people are unable to do so?"

I didn't know the answer, but I had a pretty good guess, "I can see dragons and faeries and such. I believe my ability to percieve the reality here has developed to allow me to see you in your original uniforms." The aliens began arguing and grunting in their own language and for ten minutes, I served other customers and waited for them to finish their discussion. When they finished, they approached me again and stared at me for a while.

I must admit I was terrified. Why were they staring at me? Was there something in my teeth? I smiled and unconsciously smoothed down my shirt and pants. They waited. Finally, I could take it no longer, "What do you want?"

They looked startled, "You mean you cannot read our thoughts?"

I rolled my eyes, "I'm not psychic. Are you two hungry?"

The men nodded and looked at one another, "What is psychic?" I didn't want to have to go into explanation, so I redirected their attention to the food.

"Have you two ever eaten here?" They shook their heads and I groaned. It was one thing to eat fast food when one had a digestive system that was accostumed to such, but another when you never eaten such "food" before.

"Okay." I sighed and began thinking of the nicest way to introduce them to fastfood, "Here's what you will probably get away with eating."

I ordered them two snack wraps minus the sauce and a small fry. When they asked about the difference between chicken and beef, I ordered them a plain double hamburger and then a side salad. I placed every condiment on their tray that would fit and suggested they try a little of each before coming back for more. They gave me a curious look, but agreed. I then asked for payment.

"Payment?" They asked. "Oh you mean paper exchange tokens."

"Yeah, sure." I didn't want to answer the types of questions clarification would bring. Suddenly one of them withdrew a rather large bill. In fact, I was certain the paper read 1,000, but I was too dazed to take it in for sure.

"What are you doing?" I hissed, "Put that away." They did so with disgruntled looks. "Do you have a smaller bill? Like a twenty?" They nodded and soon pulled out a twenty dollar bill.

"Why does it matter what bill we give you?" I looked at them and slapped my hand against my forehead. I should have called in sick today.

"Listen, you can't carry around such large bills. Someone will try to steal it and it isn't replaceable. A smaller bill is easier to break down and give change for." I showed them what I meant and they smiled in understanding.

Feeling secure and happy that I had helped to aliens order undigestable food, I placed their order on their tray and then gave them two water glasses. They loved the clear cups and made quite a show studing them. I finally motioned for them to find a seat, but they didn't move. They had an expected look on their faces and so with little else to do I helped them find a seat and showed them how to get water out of the soda fountain. "Remember with these cups you can only have water." I cautioned. I didn't want them to get into trouble.

"Will we die if we do so otherwise?" I groaned, but agreed. No sense in risking it right?

So, finally I had them safely eating in a small booth next to the window where they watched the traffic drive by with enthusathic awe. Wearly, I moved to go about my work once more.

An hour later I found myself being called to their booth. I was on my lunch break and was heading to get some water when I heard them call me.

"Earthling?!" They cried and I knew I should have cautioned them on shouting that as well.

Quickly I moved to their booth and asked them what was wrong. "Sit." They commanded. "We have much to talk about with you."

"I'm on break, so I guess I can explain a little of this world to you. First, you must not call me "Earthling," no one calls a person that here. My name is Sarah. You may address me as such from now on." Both men grumbled something in their tongue and then nodded. I went to get my food and drink and then joined them at their table.

Silence was a little awkward, but as the general topics of life, politics and so forth were brought up, I found myself engaged in a heated discussion on why Obama would make a better leader than McCain.

My break was over quickly, so I gave them an apologentic smile and offered to help them find a place to stay for the night. They just nodded and went back to studying the traffic, which had died down and was no longer so awe inspiring.

Hours later and the men hadn't even finished their food. I was cleaning lobby and closing up the store and they were still there, waiting for me to explain how glass was made.

Finally, I headed home and was not surprised when I was followed by the aliens. I decided to ask if they wanted me to take them to a hotel or something, when one of them said, "We are ready to leave this planet now."

I was a little sad. I had just met the old men and already they were leaving. "I guess this is goodbye then..." I said softly, when one of them shook his head.

I stopped and looked around. Amazed to see a bright blue light surrounding us. "You misunderstand, Sarah. We plan to take you with us. With your help we will map out your world and mayhap your solar system."

I shook my head and I tried to run. The blue light held me fast though. Captured by aliens! I wonder if Oprah would let me on her show? "I can't leave. I have work and family. Duties to take care of here!" My pleas were ignored and the older men merely waited for the blue light to completely cover us before saying a single word in their language. A word I would come to understand meant, "Lift."

I don't remember getting on board the ship, but, I do recall struggling to find a way back home when I was knocked out. When I awoke, I found only one small comfort in this cold room. The old men had read my memories and brought my computer and most of my bedroom along for the journey.

Since I cannot escape, (there isn't oxygen in space so I thought I better stay inside the spacecraft) I have agreed to help them and hope they return me before school starts.

Right now we are on the dark side of the moon and as I am secretly typing this to you, I can only pray someone, anyone sends help for me. These aliens are nice and all, but I'm afraid my parents will be upset when they learn I am missing.

Plus, I am sick of having to explain geography and other topics to these men and women. They will not answer my questions about their home planet and why they are curious about earth, but they are constantly demanding answers to their questions. I have a feeling they plan on invading earth and making it their new home. You didn't hear that from me though.

So, with little light (it is the dark side of the moon) and no chocolate, I am about to go crazy. I have been missing for one earth week (they go by different time and apparently to them, its been a few days only). I need to get home and save earth from attack.

Please help! Oh, lord! Here they come again. I must leave. They don't realize I can access internet up here...Remember..send help! I know they can hide their ship from earth's view and far outweigh us in technology but!

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