Supermodel Diet? Better Yet Conspiracy Diet!
Ever read one of those books that make you insanely tired, because they are one) poorly written and two) just over all a heavy read? 
I have just such a read for you, one of those books that's conspiracy laden and heavy to digest no matter what caliber of reader you are. Mostly Kevin Trudeau's book "Natural Cures "They" Don't want you to know about" is a repetitive conspiracy theory with an extra dose of health advice thrown in to make in palatable. Swallowing the theory of the FTC and FDA working in league with super greedy politians, food corporations and other such wonderful individuals is not difficult. The main problem is his tendency to repeat the same words, same advice and same theory for page after page of unanticipated bordeom. Sitting down, one expects to learn something we don't know, what one finds apon opening the book and trying desperately to stay on the same page without skipping ahead, is that Mr. Trudeau knows about as much as we do.
His fanatical chant of "I'm blowing the whistle on..." reminds me of an all to eager referee at a children's basketball game. Most of his 572 page book is dedicated to the throw down between natural healers and the pharmasticual company, the FDC and FTC verus the right to free speech and free herbal remedies, with about 10 pages holding actual remedies to illiness or better known to him as "imbalances". The mixture of Western medicine and Eastern concepts is interesting, but overall his annoyance with the FDA and FTC takes away from the book.
There is no doubt, however, that Mr. Trudeau makes excellent points concerning America, Americans and the "American" food we eat. He takes a step above other books and attacks not only the processed foods available, but the water supply we drink and bathe in, bringing into question the need for chlorine and fluriode in our water sources.
From personal experience, I've lived with well water for eighteen years and with no fluroide and chlorine was fine. Most well water taste better than city water and has more minerals in it. Of course, calling into judgement our troubling government and the greedy bastards who run things, is nothing new. What Americans should know and question in what they eat is something the author makes abundantly clear, as did many of my highschool teachers.
Chemical processes and unnecessary toxins thrown in for flavor have this book as undigestable as stale oreos without milk. Not that Mr. Trudeau eats oreos, but I think you get the point.
None-the-less, the landslide that he pushes for would involve millions, in fact all Americans, giving up their heavily dosed, toxic food and agreeing to eat real foods. The problem being that "real" food no longer exist in said America. Organic foods either costs too much (humoriously so) or have vanished from store shelves.
Not unlike "French Women for All Seasons", both authors suggest eating acutal food that is grown minus the chemicals and pesticides we've come to love. The question that sticks in my mind, is why do we allow people to throw such unhealthy and certainly unappetitizing chemicals and additives into our food?
I understand the time and effort it takes to make food from scratch, but isn't the effort and time worth the taste? Who has ever tasted homemade noodles? Or homemade apple pie? I know for one that I prefer my own apple crisp to store bought. Has our need to speed up life and get things done at a faster pace killed our poor taste buds? Better yet, our we killing ourselves by taking a short cut?
Life isn't what it use to be, but no one said change is for the better or the worse. The level of stress, disease and over-all depressing ways of modern life leave many average citizens waiting for retirment or contemplating their great grandfather's lifestyle. What most fail to understand, is that life was difficult back then as it is now. Sure modern man has come up with the basic comforts of air conditioning, central heating, refridgeration and my personal favorite, the internet, but with these comforts, as with all things, come the damning and all powerful difficulties and problems that we dread.
Aside from trashing Mr. Trudeau's lovingly written book on the horrors of American health, I wish the readers to understand (not that I expect you already don't...) that pesticides, additives, explosive chemicals, etc. all have cons and pros. The world is what we make it and for America, whose abundance and obesity reign supreme we have made our bout of freshly purchased pre-made mac and cheese. We can grow things faster, make things bigger, buy more stuff and live in relative comfort, but for all we do, we lose something. Life is give and take. We took something away from the crops so we loose a lot of nutrients and benefits that were present before.
Mr. Trudeau would have many of us believe that life before pesticides and the FDA can be considered "the Golden years", but as any historian would tell you, life was difficult then and now. As our ancestors faced drought, famine, plagues and the occasional invading neighbor, we face the horrifiying reality of eating ourselves to death. Life could be worse.
Still with the knowledge that's out there and with the lack of educatioin that is in place. This nation, needs to step up and it's people reach beyond those wonderful Doritos and grasp the idea of learning the chemicals and what exactly they do to you. Proper decisions should be made according to what he or she believes. Most will probably say to hell with it and eat McDonald's anyway, but to each his/her own. "Moderation is key" and for American I believe this saying holds a great deal of value and truth. Do we really need so much food and so much stuff? 
Perhaps Trudeau makes a couple of good points, but overall, I doubt one wants to read through the irritating conspiracy to get to the juice of the book. With these words my advice is to find yourself a gym, eating a little less and please don't pick up a copy unless conspiracy is what you eat with toast every morning.   

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