free verse story poem
Run said the man to the boy from the home made of stone
Run did the boy from the home all alone
Away from the wicked man who feigned his father
Away from the man who was nothing but a bother
He looked deep inside his heart, there he found
That his parents weren’t gone but truly all around
It lived in him, as it lives in me
The courage to stand up and set each other’s hearts free
He ran to the forest where he found a loving mother
a mother of the forest, unlike any other
She was a decorous tree with bark of bone
She was a tree who trunk's light no longer shone
he sat with her for days on end
She told him of his parents and became her only friend
The more the boy spoke the more clouds grew black
Until lighting burst in the far off sky with a very loud crack
Rain came pouring to a forest of dry
It was just enough for all the trees to cry
The cry was of happiness for now they knew
the rain no longer fell red but a healthy water blue
the boy who came from a home far away
packed up and left one rainy Saturday
his home is the forest and this he saw
but he could here the voices of his parents like a clear crows caw
they looked around the world and back again
just for the boy who’s home was now a fruitful glen
they found each other at the same place he found the old mother tree
thus there heart’s were finally set free
as for the mother of the forest she lived long
no one ever cut her down for she was too strong
the boy became a man and made a house
around a tree so big the house looked like a mouse
he and his parents were finally together under the big mother tree
living in happiness for ever safe and forever free.

lindsay   lindsay wrote
on 4/21/2008 8:59:22 AM
Great metaphors, rhyme scheme and theme. Very good!

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 4/21/2008 3:05:32 AM
Not bad. Good imaginative and fairy tale quality. I liked it!

Free Verse
writing doublejoe321
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Rating: 10.0/10

Its a free verse poem/story that I wrote late at night its rough at times but overall I think its good, this website if a definite first, so I hope this poem is posted correctly, and please critique my work, I promise I will find out how to read your opinion based critiques. it does have some cryptic meanings so feel free to try and figure em out.
A Word from the Writer
it is a quickly written poem and hasn't been spell checked so watch out.