Sandy Hook - A Chronological Account (Taken from the 158 page thread on the ATS Forum)

Sandy Hook Account – “Above TopSecret” Forum ATS – 158 page thread on the shooting at Sandy Hook

NOTE 1:  This summary has stripped out all emotional posts (I’ll prayfor the families, my thoughts are with the families, etc.) and opinions on thegun-grab and politics…

NOTE 2: The time-stamps are one-hour behind the actual times of the event.

NOTE 3: Thread created and posted at 9:38am(all times here are the time-stampsfrom the site)

NOTE 4: The following usernames are of alleged locals:  “summer5”….usedto live in Danbury.  (User account hasbeen since deleted), “Nighthawk1954”lives one town away in Trumbull, CT (User account has since been deleted).  This user had many posts onGodLikeProductions “GLP” after this event also…but had a different username Ibelieve.

December 14, 2012

10:01am – 1 officer injured -  Nighthawk1954

10:06am – 1 teacher “shot in the foot” -  Nighthawk1954

10:14am – Image credit : Shannon Hicks/The Newtown Bee – “iconic photo of kids”

10:14am – witness told News8 she saw two children (1 withbloody face, the other with hand injury) (Nighthawk1954)

10:16am – reports that the principal was shot and killed.

10:22am – “confirmed 2 gunman…one killed”  - Nighthawk1954

10:24am – suspect led out of woods in handcuffs.  Summer5 – “Witness says”

10:26am – news on all CT and NY TV stations now –nighthawk1954

10:28am – “mass casualties” – from a friend on FB – summer5

10:30am – Monroe schools now in lockdown –nighthawk1954

10:33am – Bethel schools now in lockdown – summer5

10:35am – one child killed was reported – nighthawk1954

10:46am – Hartford Courant reports “multiple deaths”

10:48am – twitter from @mpoppel

10:48am – News-Times report one casualty could be theprincipal

10:48am – CNN reports SWAT units on the roof of SHES

10:55am – police scanner “helicopter is following apurple/maroon van into Danbury” – summer5

11:00am – Nighthawk1954 reports friend and daughter are safeat the firehouse

11:03am – all MSM reports “unconfirmed multiple fatalities”

11:03am – Purple van occupants are armed.  “do not approach” from summer5, who’s friendworks for the Danbury PD.  First time wehear they are “dressed as nuns”

11:06am – “I have a call in to a friend of mine who’s on theSWAT team.”  - nighthawk1954

11:08am – Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton tells WABC that threevictims are at the Danbury hospital with “very serious conditions”

11:13am – DPD surround maroon van at 33 Crosby Street inDanbury. – summer5

11:17am – news conference expected at 1pm – nighthawk1954

11:19am – curious Channel 12 helicopter cameraman stays onthe school, while everyone else is focusing on the firehouse at the time.

11:22am – channel 12 camera goes back to other building butthe “feed is pulled” from him.

11:25am – phychiatrist dead, principal dead, and viceprincipal was shot

11:29am – principal is a very good friend of a friend ofmine – summer5

11:36am – ABC affiliates say more than 12 dead.

11:40am – 27 dead – someone comments “and not a single dropof blood”

11:45am – nighthawk1954 says be believes his neighbor’s kidwas killed.

11:47am – HLN said 2nd shooter led out of woodsin handcuffs.

11:53am – It was a classroom – nighthawk1954

11:53am – dispatch says one teacher was  shot in the foot – Dr at the hospital saysthey’ve treated only 3 patients so far.  Summer5

11:58am – TKDRL says “I’ve got some cousins that go to SHES”

12:01pm –my friend who owns the Pub25 restaurant a mile fromthe scene– nighthawk1954

12:01pm – a poster says I’m confused, all the reports aredifferent?

12:03pm – TV says 27 dead, 18 are kids and 3 shooters –TKDRL

Page 10 of thethread…

12:10pm – “facebook is blowing up”

12:10pm – nighthawk1954 says, “I know a lot of newtownfiremen”

12:18pm – Rueters reports “an entire kindergarten class isunaccounted for.”

12:20pm – shooter was a 20 year old…..2nd personin custody

12:22pm – shooter, a 24 year old with 4 weapons and bulletproof vest

12:23pm – ABC says age 24 with 4 guns….NBC says 20 year oldwith 2 guns.

12:23pm – gunman is a parent of a child at the school.

12:26pm – gunman, age 24 from New Jersey with 4 guns

12:30pm – confirmed, “My buddies neighbor’s daughter waskilled. – nighthawk1954

12:31pm – gunman was 20 – summer5

12:35pm – “I smell BS” says one user “I saw someone led outof the school in cuffs, then the feed was cut….another guy in the woods and onedead….?

12:37pm – maroon van doesn’t seem to be related

12:38pm – confirmed….by user “shaneslaughta” I saw thembringing someone OUT of the school in cuffs.

12:39pm – nighthawk1954 reports his “friend in the SWATteam” says it’s bad, real bad

12:40pm – vehicle cordoned off at the scene has NJ Plates -

12:42pm – school girl interviewed recalls hearing 7 loud“booms” when she was in the gym.

12:44pm – scene has been secured – LT. Paul Vance

12:46pm – one girl at school reports “seeing her teachergunned down right before my eyes.”

12:49pm – “confirmed” it was a kindergarten class –nighthawk1954

12:57pm – FOX News confirms shooter was 20 yr old

1:02pm – CBS news reports a body at the home of the shooter.

1:06pm – shooter was the father of one of the students? –summer5

1:08pm – multiple search warrants being carried out

Page 20 of thethread…

1:12pm – shooter’s name – ryan lanza

1:15pm – ryan was an honor student?  What?

1:22pm – shooter used to live in newtown area when he was akid.

1:24pm – CBS News confirms that shooter’s mother was ateacher at the school- she is one of the dead.

1:26pm – confirmed that shooter’s name is ryan lanza

1:27pm – FOX news is saying the previous report of the20-year old shooter was “false”….and in fact the guy is 24.

1:27pm – Police scanner says, “someone at st rose church innewtown may cause harm”

1:29pm – address is Hoboken, NJ – father died at the scene,mother died in newtown. Posted by JBA2848

1:30pm – “suspect in church in newtown, “claiming he’s goingto injure himself”  Police en route vialivescanner feed

1:30pm – suspect is ryan lanza at SHES, wearing militaryvest and multiple weapons including .223 rifle.

1:39pm – comment asks…so he kills his father in Hoboken,drives to newtown to kill 26 including his mother, and then himself?   Should have been in an insane asylum yearsago!

1:39pm – report that the kindergarten class students werelined up and killed execution style.

1:41pm – police swarm the st rose of lima church on churchhill road.

1:41pm – WCBS reports that shooter’s mother was a teacher atthe school

1:42pm – reports of a new Facebook page for RIP to thekiller.  WTF?

1:43pm – CBS confirms shooter’s name as Ryan Lanza

1:44pm – new feed shows a reporter at the Lanza home sayingthe neighbors said police were there at 9:15am and evacuated theneighborhood.    Taped off the area andsurrounded the home.

1:45pm – poster thinks the above post relates to the father’sapartment in Hoboken, NJ.

1:47pm – Ryan Lanza’s FB page is filling up with hate andanger by posters.

1:49pm – Obama press release set for 3:15pm

1:49pm – reporter in Hoboken, NJ says the apartment is wiredwith explosives and booby-trapped.  Weaponsare handguns and AR-15?  (similar toJames Holmes case)  based on live feedvia

1:51pm – all news outlets now report it was an AR-15.

1:52pm – I thought it was a Bushmaster .223?

1:52pm – confirmed only two handguns – 9mm Glock and SigSauer

1:54pm – WCBS-TV say “officials say two pistols found (sigand glock) and Bushmaster found in the vehicle.”

1:54pm – weapons, suspect and car all trace back to suspect

1:57pm – AP Source: shooter is the older 24 year old….youngerbrother is being held.

2:00pm – FOX News has Megan Kelly discussing mental healthissues in the U.S.

2:03pm – someone posts, so only 30 minutes between when heleft Hoboken, NJ and killed everyone in Newton?

2:06pm – both parents found dead in their home – FOX News

2:07pm – someone says, the Ryan Lanza FB page is nowgone.  No screen shot done but he had 109friends.

2:10pm – conflicting reports of shooter’s age….still 20 and24.

2:11pm – someone calls the Lanzas the “Menendez brothers”

2:15pm – posts and tweets from Ryan saying  “It wasn’t me!”

Page 30 of the thread…

2:16pm – Ryan’s page was pulled from FB….not deleted…

2:17pm – first pics of Ryan Lanza emerge on the thread

2:17pm – research of Lanza family does NOT show anothersibling in family other than Ryan.

2:19pm – Ryan Lanza’s “girlfriend” and “another friend” are“missing” in NJ.

2:22pm – Source – “One of his brothers has been found dead.”

2:23pm – Heavy police presence at 13th and GrandStreets in Hoboken, NJ.

2:26pm – CNN reports brother is dead in Hoboken, NJ

2:27pm – people getting pissed at MSM because of all themis-info

2:30pm – WCBS-TV reports that children were found hiding inclosets.

2:32pm – Two roomates of the shooter are now beingquestioned.

2:35pm – new user posts that this thread has the quickestand best info on the case, good work.

2:35pm – It was adam not ryan

2:36pm – FOX News is saying Adam Lanza not Ryan Lanza

2:37pm – the commenter on theRyan Lanza page was Jonathan Russell

2:39pm – every search for Lanza’sfamily comes up with only mom/dad/ryan.

2:42pm – FOX News says Ryan is in“custody”

2:45pm – Governor pressconference – Lt Vance confirms 1 injured.

2:47pm – someone posts about whyno mention of man in the church, man in the woods or man taken from the school?

2:48pm – quote:  I heard gunshots and I saw policemen. Myteacher was scared and a little shaky. We went into the office and police cameand took us into the firehouse.”

2:51pm – Nighthawk1954 isback…turns out another friend of his lost his grandchild.   Nighthawk

“puked his brains out” and thentalks about “time to have a big drink!”  (Note by DH:  strange)

2:53pm – Nighthawk1954 – warnsparents with young kids NOT to watch the news please.

2:55pm – summer5 is back andposting again….re-iterates that his friend is friends with principal.

2:58pm – Nighthawk1954 posts thatthey did find out that 9 kids were saved by hiding in a closet.

2:59pm – shooter died ofself-inflicted gunshot wound – WCBS-TV

3:00pm – Nighthawk confirms thathis friend also heard about the “execution style murders”

3:00pm – one poster says earlyon, when the dead count was at 17, they said the suicide dude was found in hiscar, a white Ford –dead.  Was this reportrelated to a different suicide today?

3:01pm – CNN no longer saying thesuspect is Ryan, - but related to the case, a school in New Mexico is in“lockdown”  (Gadsden School District)

3:05pm – user posts this:  I Was on Channel 3 Eyewitness NewsLivestream, and the reporter said that eye witness accounts saw someone comingout of/going into the woods, wearing camo pants, and according to the reportsthe shooter was also wearing camo pants.

3:21pm – Nighthawk1954 – announcesa gathering in Trumbull tonight at 7pm

3:32pm – Ryan brought in forquestioning, but is NOT a suspect.

3:40pm – reports coming in thatthe guns were registered to Nancy Lanza

Page 40 of the thread…

3:54pm- CBS is reporting the“need” for new gun legislation

3:57pm- shooter was“developmentally disabled”

3:58pm – one user still can’tfind an Adam Lanza in the family.

4:12pm – 4chan showed a page forsomeone posted that a lot of people will die on Friday….just now you get a404-page not found error.

4:13pm – Ryan Lanza now blockingeveryone on FB and was receiving threats on his wall.  (why would someone be so concerned about hissocial pages, if he was informed his mother was killed.)

4:37pm – FOX News states thatRyan Lanza’s girlfriend is missing.

4:38pm – Source says “shooter wasin black battle fatigues and a military vest.”  Source also says  ”the Bushmasterfound at the scene, is a semi-automatic weapon.”

4:48pm – father, Peter is“cooperating with the FBI”  (on the TVnews)

4:48pm – FOX News reports thatPeter, the father, is indeed alive

4:48pm – username “waltdisney”calls this whole thing a hoax….after watching a 3rd grader give aninterview on TV…

5:02pm – user Nighthawk1954lashes into ‘waltdisney” saying you have no class.

5:03pm – Obama’s pressconference….lots of comments regarding “no tears”….people are now suspicious.

5:04pm – regarding the request to“ban” the user ‘waltdisney’, they respond with this “I won’t be banned forvoicing my opinion on a conspiracy theory website. “

This is an obvious false flagevent. No blood, B - list actors, crying president etc.

The only difference from the 1999Columbine Massacre, is that they got a 3rd grader to speak as a witness thistime. Good effort, but she is way too calm having just had 20 classmatesmurdered at her school.  Go watch Obama'sspeech....what tears is he wiping away??  Completely fake.

5:06pm – first posts come inrelating this to Nazi Germany 1933.

5:10pm – one user writes, “thisis more-than-likely a distraction”

5:13pm – MSNBC confirms thatmother is found dead in her home.

5:18pm – Nighthawk1954 posts,“crap, another firefighter friend of mine lost a kid at sandy hook….this isworse than when I worked at 9/11.   I’mso depressed.”

5:22pm – Nighthawk1954, posts “myfriend from SWAT called me and says there is blood and guts all over thebuilding.”

5:25pm – father, Peter Lanza,lives in Stamford, CT and declines to comment.

5:27pm – Eric Holder just made astatement

5:28pm – one poster commentedthat on CNN that haven’t recently shown to footage of the boy saying “they hada man on the ground and he was handcuffed.”  Why has that been pulled?

5:31pm – Nighthawk1954 posts thathe is now leaving for the Trumbill candlelight vigil.

5:31pm – paperbackwriter(username, all of their posts are pretty good)  posts: This is the worst case of misinformation and disinformation I have everseen.  That is a huge error not easilyexplained away by saying it's a mixed up ID like the alleged brothers.

Page 50 of the thread…

5:46pm – Ryan hasn’t had“contact” with Adam in several years. How did he get the ID?  

5:47pm – post:  According to a neighbor, Lanza and his wifewere married fairly recently. While his wife has lived in the neighborhood forat least a decade, Lanza only moved in a few years ago, at about the time theygot married

5:47pm – paperbackwriter posts a“shot” on user “Nighthawk1954”… you know a lot of people in this case!

5:49pm – post shows the divorcedate of the Lanzas as November, 2009.

5:49pm – user posts the connectionto Representative John Frey (twitter @johnfrey) He was at the holiday concertthe night before cheering on his neices (bridget and joan).

Screen shot of Ryan Lanza’sfacebook page:

6:00pm – paperbackwriterposts:  There are multiple clues.

·        Obama fake crying

·        Children laughing in parking lot

·        No blood, anywhere or on anyone

·        Very, very small town

·        Completely isolated school

·        Directly after Oregon Mall shooting

·        Hurricane Sandy/Sandy Hook Elementary

·        Explosive twitter reaction from Gov/Mediaoutlets

·        Members of US Gov. attended the Sandy Hookconcert yesterday,  even going out oftheir way to TWEET it to the world. Coincidentally, 27 people would get killedthere the next day.

6:13pm – paperbackwriter asks,“how long before they start asking us to start donating to the families?”

6:43pm – username LLLightscomments that she is from Connecticut and all of this IS real….signed, G.

7:02pm – police audio is out….oneposter comments on the quote  “twoshadows running in the hall”

7:18pm – Bill O’Reilly about tointerview a 3rd grade survivor (a girl).

Page 60 of the thread…

7:42pm – brother of Nancy Lanzais “James Champion” a Kingston Police Officer.

8:03pm – shooter wore “a mask”why?

8:19pm – someone posts, “This isa watershed moment….a black swan moment.”

8:31pm – a piece from CNN says,that adam was on the 9th grade honor roll.   He could not have been developmentallydisabled, at least not in the traditional sense.

8:35pm – Alex Israel , a formerclassmate of Adam Lanza, described him as genius and “way ahead” of hisclassmates.

(interview on Piers Morgan)

8:42pm – report from YahooNews:  a relative said “adam wasobviously not well”  Family friends inNewtown describe Nancy as “rigid” and Adam was described as “troubled”

8:45pm – one poster says, sheheard that Nancy Lanza was only a substitute teacher at the school.

9:18pm - A parent interviewed onCBS News told the network that his 8-year-old daughter said she heard anargument and cursing over the school’s loudspeaker, apparently coming from theprincipal’s office. Her teacher then immediately locked the classroom door as asafety precaution.

9:19pm – Nancy was a “volunteer”at the school, NOT a substitute teacher.

9:21pm – a post says, “This wholething stinks to high heaven.”

9:21pm – FOX News and “greta” aresaying that a “team of medical examiners” will work through the night to notethe injuries, remove the bullets and identify each person.

9:25pm – some user finds thearticle regarding SHES getting a new security system installed.

9:31pm – Paperbackwriter stateswe don’t know of an existence of any “adam lanza” except for a photo from like8th grade.

9:37 p.m.: A Sig Sauer and aGlock semi automatic handgun were used in the slaying and that .223 shellcasings – a round used in a semi automatic military style rifle – were alsofound

Page 70 of the thread…

9:42pm – CNN Reports: Threeweapons were recovered from the school: a semi-automatic .223 Bushmaster found in a car in the school parking lot, anda Glock and a Sig Sauer found with Lanza's body, a law enforcement officialfamiliar with the investigation said. The weapons were legally purchased byLanza's mother, the official said.

9:44pm – post by a user:  I'm not claiming any conspiracy, but it doesamaze me how news programs can already have tribute specials airing within 9hours of an event like this. I flipped on 20/20 just now and they're doing aspecial about the shooting, the victims, etc. They already have tons ofinterviews, fancy graphics, statistics and the history of some of the victimswhen just hours ago we didn't know anything about them. It just blows my mindhow quickly they can throw together something like this.

9:46pm - How long did it take LEto enter the school? Reports have been saying the first ones there"waited" for State Police to arrive before entering.

10:01pm - Nancy Lanza was apart-time substitute at the school, according to a parent.

10:10pm – the reporting could beon purpose in a sort of “psychological warfare”…they are keeping theLone-Gunman killer center on this story…, but getting everything else wrong tothe left and right of this story.

10:20pm - “I live in the nexttown over”… kids were also in lockdown. Username: SyrinxHighPriest

10:31pm – Info released on theschool psychologist via CNN “Professionally, she'd worked in three Connecticutschool systems before settling in as school psychologist at Sandy HookElementary

Before becoming a schoolpsychologist, she worked as a rehabilitation assistant at a psychiatricfacility, at a group home for disabled adults and as a community mental healthplacement specialist.

Her experience in educationincluded stints in the Redding, North Haven and New Haven public school systemsbefore landing at Sandy Hook Elementary in 1994. During her time in Newtown,Sherlach kept busy as a member of numerous groups such as the district conflictresolution committee, safe school climate committee, crisis intervention teamand student instructional team.

10:35pm - Info on the Grandmother:  LANZA , Frances, 83, of Ft. Lauderdale, aresident for over 20 years coming from Queens, NY, died Saturday, April 27,2002. Predeceased by husband of 59 years, Salvatore, and 3 children, Dennis,James and Florence. Survived by sons and daughters-in-law, Peter and Nancy Lanza, Robert and Dolores Lanza, all of Ft. Lauderdale and Ronald and BarbaraLanza of West Islip, NY; son-in-law, James Gould of NJ; brother, Charles Sollaof Longwood, FL; sister, Ellen Privitera of West Islip; 11 grandchildren and 13great grandchildren. PANCIERA MEMORIAL HOME 4200 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, FL33021 954-989-9900

10:30pm – users are starting toquestion this because there is no motive…..raisesa red flag.

10:41pm – response frompaperbackwriter regarding the latest article from CNN:  “All that does is conflict with a previousstory of the shooter arguing with the principal over the intercom in theoffice.”

Who is the vice principal and whydid they come back alive.

Isn't it convenient that therewas a parent there unnamed to give us this new narrative?

11:00pm – more discussion now onMKUltra and programming…

11:08pm – FOX Radio is now saying“the principal buzzed him into the school” because she knew him as the “son ofa colleague”

11:08pm – Ms.  Lanza was NOT on the school roster in anycapacity

11:10pm – comes out the next doorneighbor is the CEO at Newtown Savings Bank. (DH comment:  This is John F. Trentacosta.  Link for 2012 AnnualReport:

11:19pm – front window at schoolwas “shattered or shot”.

11:26pm – someone posts that MSMis now a “disinfo machine”

11:30pm – first discrepanciescome forth  “Radio dispatches andbroadcasts between emergency responders tell part of the difficult story aboutwhat occurred during the morning of the deadly school shooting spree that left27 people dead, including 20 children in Newtown”

11:49pm – someone mentions aconnection to the “Paladin Group.” This is a good example of a secretivemercenary squad for hire. This particular group named was created by ex SSNAZIs in Spain after ww2 , they were even members of the World AntiCommunistLeague, had connections with everyone, Vatican, CIA, Sun Myung Moon, etc etc.Involved in civil wars, insurrections, coups, etc.  These are the types I’d image have no problemshooting a bunch of kids for political reasons.

December 15, 2012

12:39am - "Largest schoolshooting in US history" says the media. Sounds like something of arallying-cry to me. – says one poster

12:51am - this whole thing stinkslike a black op. – says one poster

12:54am - there are soo manyinconsistencies in this thing i dont even know where to begin – says one poster

1:18am - the more i look into itthis adam lanza seems to be about as illusive as the wizard of oz – says oneposter

1:18am - "Another neighborof the Lanza family said that the family had a quiet presence in theneighborhood. “I wouldn’t know them if they drove right by me,” he said. “Weknow all the neighbors but them.” – quote from a story form the InternationalBusiness Times

1:35am - “Riddlesinthedark” posts– “i have inside info about this thing, the school is pissing distance from meand i have a source employed in the school in question being told to not talkto anyone about what they know. if you dont want to hear the details then youobviously aren’t interested in the truth”

1:38am – 11 minutes of policescanner audio put on YouTube

3:02am – first post from someoneasking if there is a connection to the Fairfield Hills Mental Hospital inNewtown?

3:03am – someone posts they airedsome of the audio from the school including “two shadows running past the hall”section.

3:07am – article from CNN:  “Alex Israel was in the same class at NewtownHigh School with Adam Lanza, who lived a few houses down from her.  "You could definitely tell he was agenius," Israel told CNN, adding she hadn't talked with him since middleschool. "He was really quiet, he kept to himself."

Page 80 of the thread…

6:30am – one poster writes:  “Marsha the [Aunt] said the mother had afacebook page, but I can't seem to find it. I looked up the whole family andcan't find Marsha or Nancy. All the cousins are on there, but their profilesare mum about the incident. Only a few keep in touch with each other. Was tryingto link to Ryan and Adam's profile but Ryan doesn't even link to his mother orbrother.   Oh well.  So much for that.

7:44am – this from the poster“Manhater” - According to court documents, Peter Lanza was required to sendsignificant alimony payments to Nancy Lanza, including monthly payments of$10,000 a month and increasing to a minimum of $12,450 up until 2023. The courtdocuments list Peter Lanza's gross weekly income as $8,556 and that he wasrequired to pay all of Adam Lanza's college and graduate school expenses. Itwasn't immediately clear, however, if Lanza was attending college at the timeof the shooting. Peter and Nancy Champion Lanza were married in 1981 inKingston, N.H. According to a report Friday on the website of the Tampa BayTimes, Nancy Lanza's mother has a winter home in Brookville, Fla. In thearticle, she acknowledged to a reporter over the phone that Adam and hisbrother Ryan are her grandchildren. Her Facebook page links to two sons, Jackand James Champion.

7:45am – interview with AdamLanza’s aunt, who lives in Crystal Lake. (DH comment, I believe this was Marsha, an aunt on the Champion side ofthe family.)

7:46am – a post from someonelinking an article from the Washington Post: Here are some quotes:

“Beth Israel, who lived for atime on the same street as the Lanzas, recalled Adam Lanza as withdrawn, butnot threatening in any way.  (DH comment– Beth Israel, 43 is the mother of Alex Israel, the student the same age asAdam)

Richard Wilford’s 7-year-old son,Richie, is in the second grade at the school. His son told him that he heard anoise that “sounded like what he described as cans falling.”

Parent Stephen Delgiadice toldthe AP that his 8-year-old daughter heard twobig bangs and teachers told her to get in a corner. His daughter was fine.

In interview with New York’s WABCtelevision, student Brendan Murray said he was in the gym when he heard a banging sound. Students at firstthought a custodian had knockedsomething over, but then they heard a scream.

“Then a police came in and waslike, ‘Is he in here?’ Then he ran out,” Murray said. “And then somebodyyelled, ‘Get to a safe place!’ So we went to the closet in the gym.”

Meredith Artley, managing editorof, described interviewing a woman who was at the school about 9:30 or9:35 a.m. The woman was in a meeting with the principal, vice principaland school psychologist when theyheard shots from the hall. The three school officials went into the hallway, and the vice principal came crawling back,shot in the foot, Artley said. LINK:

8:10am – Nancy Lanza’s brother isJim Champion – a cop from New Hampshire.

8:11am – Nancy Lanza’s FB page isgone

8:12am – one poster says…”Theywere looking for a second shooter for almost 3 hours before telling us all'officially' that 'they public is safe'

8:26aam - KPLU reports that “Oneof the officials said earlier Friday that a girlfriend of one of the Lanzabrothers and another friend were missing in New Jersey. Subsequently, the thirdofficial said police had talked with the girlfriend. One of the friends had tobe reached in California, so it took some time.”

8:33am – Nighthawk1954 posts - Thecandlelight vigil at the gazebo was a beautiful service here in the town ofTrumbull. We prayed for the families, the victims and the first responders. Ihad two friends that lost loved ones and the family of Mary Sherlach.  Mary was a Trumbull resident who was the school psychologist at Sandy HookSchool. Her daughters, Maura and Katie, and her husband, Bill, will need oursupport and our prayers to help them through. God bless all the families whohave been touched by this horrible event. May God hold them in His arms and maythose who lost loved ones take comfort in knowing that their loved ones aresafe in the arms of our Lord. God bless them all.

8:33am – post by “nowayreally” The'purple van' was supposedly found with a group of 'armed men dressed as nuns'yesterday in Danbury and I can tell you that that did not happen- at leastwhere the MSM said it did. I was two blocks away and there were no cop cars onor near that area.

8:35am - Post by TKDRL - Myaunt's boyfriend said the same exact thing. (regarding the van/armed nuns)

9:03am – press conference tobegin shortly – (running two hours late)

9:04am – Post fromPaperbackwriter - Quote from the “Daily Beast” - News organizations are tryingto be as responsible as possible while still providing details of the tragedy.The narrative being pieced together is that Adam Lanza, who is from Newtown,traveled to a family home in Hoboken, N.J., yesterday, and killed at least oneperson there before going back to Connecticut. It is believed that one victimis Lanza’s father. Lanza’s girlfriend and a friend are reported missing in NewJersey.

9:04am – post from a‘prepper’,  I am a prepper and the veryfirst thing that popped out at me about this was the mention of the NEW AR-15this mother had. A Bushmaster no less. Thats a $1500 weapon that is a mainstaple of the prepper movement. There were no avid hunters living with thiswoman and the two 9mm pistols seem enough for home why theAR??

9:05am – from Nighthawk1954 –  “Wear Yellow & Blue Monday! Those areSandy Hook Elementary School colors.  SPREAD THE WORD!”

9:14am - "Peter Lanza, avice president of taxes for GE Energy Financial Services, declined to answerquestions from reporters in front of his home in Stamford in the Westoversection of the city.

Lanza has worked as taxspecialist and had served as an adjunct professor at Northeastern University inBoston since 1995."

9:31am – good post here:  I beg to differ. I was wathcing live newsfeed when they removed the rifles from the car. The only information that hasnot changed is the fact that two 9mm guns were used and only those. The StatePolice spokesperson said during every press briefing that two handguns wereused and only two handguns.

Dont wanna be confrontationalhere, but I did say it was a thoery, not fact. We have 90 pages of purespeculation here and we are all using the info available. The loadout mention of anything else has happened.

9:32am – post frompaperbackwriter – “just heard at the presser (before I lost my live feed atUstream), that according to the spokesperson, "I know it soundssuspicious, but yes LE broke a lot of windows getting in."  The shooter forced entry.  Well, heck, that sure refutes the witnesseson the scene at the office who claim the principal buzzed him in!   Wow what a load off the school board's mind!Think of the lawsuits that would have ensued if that had been the case.

9:37am – post from Nighthawk1954- First grade teacher Kaitlyn Roig tells ABC she rushed 15 kids into a bathroomand barricaded the door to keep them safe after the shooting erupted.

“Suddenly, I heard rapid fire…like an assault weapon. I knew something was wrong,” Roig, 29, told “WorldNews” anchor Diane Sawyer Friday.

“It was horrific,” she said. “Ididn’t think we were going to live.”

9:41am – paperbackwriter - I mustsay I am still trying to grasp how more than a hundred bullets fired hastranslated into numerous witnesses using the same exact phraseology of hearinga, "pop, pop, pop" to describe what they heard.

9:46am – Nighthawk1954 posts – “Lookwhat this idiot posted on his web site! “:

EVENT was a DRILL. No children are dead. Stop believing these liesproduced by the Greenberg family who just so happens to live close by on FlowerFarm ln. You will see the business Hoffman contracting is registered to TonyGreenbergs Home at #12 Flower Farm ln. Look in that direction for clues to whois behind the scenes pulling the strings.

Also I have identified the Governor and will be releasing his realidentity shortly. 'This event is an attempt to divert your attention away fromthe identity of the recent Mall shooter who is a family member and son of JoanKaplan (AKA Morning Mayan on the Alex Jones Show)

9:55am – paperbackwriter tries toget Nighthawk to spill the beans on his friends names: 
“I don't suppose you people who know people personally would be willing to sharethe names of these parents who lost kids. They will be releasing the namesshortly anyway and it would be a tremendous boost to your credibility.  I personally cringe when I see brother'scousin's neighbor's boss's uncle's kind of links.  Last name only, please. No first name ofparent or child.

9:57am – response fromNighthawk1954 - No I will not do that till it is made public by the StatePolice.

9:59am – response frompaperbackwriter - Because you and they are the only ones who know?  Surely not. I would imagine that among 27people that many hundreds already know.

10:07am – response fromNighthawk1954 - That's probably true...But I respect their privacy! I spentmost of the night with 2 of my friends that lost loved is not thetime.

10:13am – response frompaperbackwriter - Why, were they at the vigil? I wouldn't go to one if I hadlost a child.

I wouldn't be talking to anybody,not even my friends, not right away, anyway. Not the same day they were murdered.

10:18am – Informative post here from “MisterMaster”:

Here is a bit more to muddy thewaters lol.

Before all the FB pages and othersocial media accounts were removed, I documented them all with screen shots.Both brothers shared some friends on FB. I looked at every open FB account ofthose friends I could in the hopes I could find anyone who possibly knew ormaybe even involved because early on I was under the assumption there were twoshooters.

One guy stood out to me. Friendswith both and lives in Lakewood NJ. He studied CIS at Temple University.  Strangely, only two people subscribed to hispage....both Lanza brothers.  What topicswas this dude interested in you ask?  HisFB page is full of only one thing...guns, pics of shooting guns,anti-government propogands, extremely violent statements, and hatred of the USAfor trying to ban assault rifles.  Thisis fact, I can prove it, and will gladly post his name if it is not againstposting rules. Someone inform me if I can post the name and go look at his FBpage if it’s still up.  Some of thisdudes favorite books are Nazi propoganda books from the 20's-50's.  Included were the works of Hesse, HitlersMein Kampf, Marx, just to name a few.   Favegames...D+D, Magic the Gathering, COD Black Ops.  Initials of this FB friend are JH

10:23am – MisterMasterwrites:  I agree with your post minus afew things. She wasnt a rancher. There are no coyotes in Connecticut. She isnot farmer. Shes an older woman who absolutely cannot handle the recoil of a.223 who lives in a middle class suburb with no viable reason besides perhapsprepper material.

I mean come on people...whatmakes more friggin sense here??? That this woman is an avid coyote hunter anddoes so with an ar-15 which has a recoil like a 16ga shotgun. Or she keeps itfor a just in case scenario?

Seems you are reaching in orderto disprove a simple thoery I posted. Ar 15's cannot be used for anything inthe state of Conn besides just ownership. Please quit it with the nonsenseplease.

10:30am – MisterMaster: what iwant to know about is the guy found in the woods with camo pants and a blacktop, who reportedly screamed i didnt do it, as we was led away in handcuffs.with a dead mother, possibly dead father, and the dead gunman, its carteblanche for the powers that be to say whatever they want about this situationto fit their desired outcome. my guess is the colorado shooting wasn’t shockingenough to get people to be outraged it would take the slaughter of children.

…back to my point.....anyone haveinfo about the guy in the woods? also there was a report of a red van with abusted out window that was fleeing the scene....

10:33am – Nighthawk1954 - The guyin the woods was cutting red van.

10:42am - Post by Nighthawk1954 -News release: STATE POLICE INVESTIGATE NEWTOWN SCHOOL SHOOTING

Guns used have become standard inmass shootings
The guns recovered at the scene, two pistols and a semi-automatic rifle, arethe types that have become standard weapons of recent mass-shooting incidents.

The two pistols, a Glock and aSig Sauer, are popular with law enforcement officers and the military. Thesemi-automatic rifle, a variation of the AR-15 (which is itself modeled on theU.S. military's Vietnam-era standard M-16), is made by Bushmaster in Ilion,N.Y., near Utica. The weapons were purchased legally by the alleged shooter'smother, according to reports.

11:27am – from TKDRL (a localguy)- Lol someone shot me a PM, asking how I seem to have so many aunts anduncles. My father was one of 12 kids, his family was also really close with hisuncle's family, a family of nine. So on that side I have 11 biologicalaunts/uncles, and also 9 other people that I have always referred to as aunts/uncles,even though they are technically second cousins I think that makes them? Thenmom has 5 sisters, so there is another 5 aunts. Hope that clears it up.

11:39am – paperbackwriter -  I was just doing some background on VickiSoto.   She is a teacher who dove infront of the shooter to protect the kids, so I read.   I wondered how she knew that he wouldn'tjust shoot her and the kids anyway?  Howdid she determine that by doing so she was saving them and sacrificingherself?  Of course I made an attempt tosee if she had a fb but already there were only tribute pages.  I saw this photo on one It says the photo was taken January 25, 2012. That lookslike odd dress for Connecticut that time of year.  More like South American Summer.  How do I know this is who she is? There areoodles of people with that name.  Had themedia and LE been more forthright in this case I wouldn't feel compelled toinvestigate every angle.

11:49am – it comes out now thatthe “intercom was switched on” during the entire shooting

11:54am – Nighthawk1954 - How toHelp Families Affected by Newtown School Shooting .  People all over the world want to know how tohelp Sandy Hook residents following Friday's horrifying mass shooting. Post"I want to help" in this comment thread to get updates on what youcan do.

12:09pm – The Today Show - NBC’sPete Williams reported Saturday on the Today Show that Adam Lanza was allegedlyinvolved in an altercation at Sandy Hook Elementary School the day before theshooting.

Attempting to answer the questionof why Lanza may have chosen this particular school, Williams stated that ithas been confirmed now that Lanza’s mother did not work full-time at theschool, despite previous reports.

However, officials told NBC that on Thursday, December 13, Lanza wasinvolved in an “altercation” at the school which involved himself and four other staff members. Of the four, three were murdered in yesterday’s shooting spree and thefourth is currently being interviewed by federal and state investigators.  (DH Note: Three murdered were, the Principal (Hochsprung) the psychologist(Sherman) and Vicki Soto.  The fourth isthe secretary who stayed home on 12/14. It would be excellent to get the audio of this interview and to hear HERresponses.)

12:27pm – good post here:  ” Isn't it pretty far out for the media to'speculate' that the shooter was 24 year old brother of the actual shooter? Howdo you think they came up with that idea? I doubt that they were checking hisID (actually his brother's) after the shooting. I would think that info camefrom law enforcement on scene.

How did they manage to speculatethat the father's house was taped off before the school shooting because theson had shot him dead inside? That info would have come from where?

12:32pm - olice indicated todaythey have "some very good evidence" about the motive behind AdamLanza's massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School and said that the soleperson to survive being shot by Lanza will be "instrumental" in theprobe.  (DH comment, this survivor wasthe vice-principal who was shot in the foot and treated at the hospital inDanbury).

12:48pm - Good post here fromusername “queenofswords” :  I've beensearching for info this morning on answers to the following and reviewing allthe posts since last night. Can't find an update. Does anyone have the answersfor me? Much appreciated.

·        What happened to the story about the dead man inthe NJ apt. originally thought to be Lanza's father?

·        What happened to the story about the missinggirlfriend and another girl?

·        What happened to the story about the man in camoarrested near the woods?

·        What happened to the story about the persondressed as a nun in a red van?

12:56pm – news reports:  Police said they have positively identifiedthe victims and shooter but they are waiting to release the names until themedical examiner has finished work, expected shortly. The bodies have beenmoved from the school to the examiner's office.

1:00pm – paperbackwriter goesafter Pete Williams:  This guy:

Prior to joining NBC, Williamsserved as a press aide on Capitol Hill and at the Pentagon for a number ofyears. In 1986 he joined the Washington, D.C. staff of then Congressman DickCheney as press secretary and legislative assistant.[2] In 1989, when Cheneywas named Secretary of Defense, Williams was appointed Assistant Secretary ofDefense for Public Affairs, and served as Pentagon Press Secretary. While inthat position as the Pentagon's principal spokesman, Williams was namedGovernment Communicator of the Year in 1991 by the National Association ofGovernment Communicators.

While serving as a Pentagonspokesperson, some in the press accused him of allegedly working to concealcertain military activities during the invasion of Panama and successfulextradition of Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega, which was later featured inthe documentary The Panama Deception. He was outed as a homosexual byMichelangelo Signorile.[3]

Yeah, they need to have him"discover" this new twist of a "confrontation".  We know some state senator tweeted how heattended a concert then also.  I supposethey want us to think that Adam went to some third grade Christmasprogram?  And a teacher suddenly recalledit, when they've been thunking and thunking how they were going to  tie him to this school after the mommy/teacherstory fell apart on them?  Thanks forposting that.

Page 90 of the thread…

1:15pm - last I heard,superintendent said the mother had no affiliation with the school, let alone ateacher, sub, or aide like was first reported – user TKDRL

1:19pm – someone comments on theodd phrase by a Connecticut State Police official:  "We're hopeful it will paint a completepicture"

1:42pm – someone posts this….AlexJones show 12-14-12 Caller says a large numbers of high school students hadbeen bused to a bowling alley that morning before the shooting broke out

1:42pm – found on anothersite:  “find_the_truth” says:

“Zero Dark Thirty” has toosimilar of a plot point to this – the bad guy switching his ID with his brotherto confuse the authorities upon his death – the press last night suggested thathe went to each child and shot them again at close range, just as the SEALs doto everybody in “Zero Dark Thirty”

1:46pm – first post appearsregarding a possible connection to LIBOR case – involving Peter Lanza (DHnote:  no connection)

2:20pm – someone finds this….TheDaily Mail suggests that Lanza reportedly got into an altercation with members of staff including Principal Dawn Hochsprung,and teacher Victoria Soto

2:24pm – a post questions “if”there really WAS an altercation the day before.   Would be easy for an investigator to pullthe public police file for the afternoon of the 13th.  More than likely there wasn’t policeinvolved.  But 4 of the 5 who were“involved”in this alleged altercation are now dead.

2:27pm – more speculation on thisquote:  CNN Justice Prod Terry Frieden:  “Sr law enforcement official familiarw/investigation says Ryan Lanza's brother founddead in Hoboken”

2:32pm - Questionable commentduring the press conference:  “Somethingelse, a clip on CNN (of today’s press conference) had some FBI guy (cannotremember who) saying " We didn’t know it was Adam until we searched thebrothers home and found him there." YET we know the brother actually posted in facebook and was headingtowards the scene on a Bus.  So the FBIguy flat out lied at a press conference- OR the brother was never "atwork" and posting "I didnt do it" on his facebook page.

2:36pm – paperbackwriterposts.  Dad's house was in Stamford. Sowasn't his house.  So who lived at thehouse in Hoboken where there WAS apparently a crime scene tape and body found?

2:36pm - I would love to knowwhat became of the interview with Lanza's supposed girlfriend too, but we'renot hearing anything on that right now either. No one has even released hername.

2:44pm – Carver interview – “allthe bodies hit more than once.”

2:52pm – the dead teachers aretouted as hero’s:  Newtown schoolsuperintendent Janet Robinson told reporters that the two educators and otherstaff members had put themselves in harm’s way to protect children once itbecame clear the school was under siege.  "The teachers were really, really focused on saving theirstudents," Robinson said.

2:55pm – The “girlfriend” isconfirmed to be in a relationship with Ryan, NOT Adam.  No name has been given.

3:00pm - Some names were alreadybeing disclosed by family members, including teachers Lauren Rousseau, 30, andVicki Soto, 27.

3:46pm – one post makes thiscomment:  Last night on 20/20 one of theteachers said she heard "repetitive gun fire" That leads me tobelieve that it was automatic.

3:47pm – Drudge reports that Accordingto drudge "Nancy Lanza was an avid gun collector and regularly target shotwith her family."

4:17pm – Regarding the strangefacebook pages… MisterMaster:  The pageyou are referring to is missing all data. There’s only two pictures left andzero posts. If we are speaking of the same page, there was tons more thereyesterday before noon. All wall posts are now gone, as are dates of the updateto the page which I find extremely rotten.

That same archived page has 23pix and roughly 30 wall posts the way I have it. How can one remove pix andposts without the page showing an update!?

One more odd thing. Two of theyounger brothers pages has a total of 12 pictures. Not one shows a girl. Infact, in all but two, he is alone. The two that has another person is the guywith the cammo pants. Weird.

In all seriousness though...likehonestly...the police have been through all this like me right? I mean, justcuz it sounds significant to me doesnt mean squat, but does anyone think Ishould contact someone regarding this guy??

I mean, this cats FB page wasdown 30 minutes after the MSM gave us a name. I just archived all friends pagesthat were open to the public the instant I got names offline...which got it tenfull minutes before television reported it. Is it at all possible that no oneinvolved in the investigation knows of this man? Perhaps page was gone beforethey thought about it?   Am I bat# crazy?

4:22pm - Police have denied theclaims by news media that Lanza was involved in any incident with the facultylast week (or the day before).

4:29pm – someone suggests thatthe Medical Examiner press conference needs “its own thread here” because ofhow strange it was.

4:30pm – Father of Emilie Parkerto give press conference soon.

4:34pm - CBS news is reportingright now that all children were shot more than once....WITH A RIFLE.

4:36pm – a posts comments on thesimilar behavior of Dr. Carver (Sandy Hook) compared to the Sheriff at thepress conference for the Oregon Mall Shooting earlier in the week.

4:37pm - Adam Lanza did not evenappear in his high school yearbook, that of the class of 2010. His spot on thepage said, “Camera shy.” Others who graduated that year said they did notbelieve he had finished school.

4:38pm – Facebook page forNancy’s brother James Champion and pic with his mother (Dorothy Hanson)

Some are saying this pic is Adamand his grandmother (NHS class of 2010)

Page 100 of the thread...

5:11pm – Names released. 

·        Charlotte Bacon, 6

·        Daniel Barden, 7

·        Rachel Davino, 29

·        Olivia Engel, 6

·        Josephine Gay, 7

·        Ana Marquez-Greene, 6

·        Dawn Hochsprung, 47

·        Dylan Hockley, 6

·        Madeline Hsu, 6

·        Catherine Hubbard, 6

·        Chase Kowalski, 7

·        Nancy J Lanza

·        Jesse Lewis, 6

·        James Mattioli, 6

·        Grace McDonnell, 7

·        Anne Marie Murphy, 52

·        Emilie Parker, 6

·        Jack Pinto, 6

·        Noah Pozner, 6

·        Caroline Previdi, 6

·        Jessica Rekos, 6

·        Avielle Richman, 6

·        Lauren Rousseau, 30

·        Mary Sherlach, 56

·        Victoria Soto, 27

·        Benjamin Wheeler, 6

·        Allison Wyatt, 6


5:17pm - 4chan post on thepreceding Wednesday night:

5:21pm – comment regarding thepresident’s press conference:  All thedeceased children were six or seven years of age. So why did the President saythey were between 5 and 10 years old in his news conference? You'd think he atleast would have the correct scoop.

5:31pm – Facebook pagesMisterMaster says…One guy stood out to me. Friends with both and lives inLakewood NJ. He studied CIS at Temple University.  Strangely, only two people subscribed to hispage....both Lanza brothers

5:59pm – post by paperbackwriter- Hunting? Cutting wood? Why there? It is not that kind of a boondocks.  If he had been cutting wood, did they recovera chainsaw or axe? No.  Did they recovera firearm with the guy? That is the question. Because how unsafe and illegal doyou think it would be to be hunting so close to a school?  So I don't think he was there doing either.  Although there is something so preselectedabout the location of this school that funnels down with a wooded border allaround it.

6:05pm – MisterMaster:  I had all social media archived of thebrothers and all available friends minutes before the television news gave thenames. Salon scooped every msm outlet on that.

Also, it couldn't have been fakeat all because 1) The pages all had updates in the days prior. 2) Theres no wayfor the shooter to subscribe to a FB page when he is dead. 3) There are twopictures in which this man and the shooter are seemingly doing some targetpractice.

6:33pm - Post by Dark Penguin: AndI am not even saying this is a conspiracy (although I am leaning that way) butI have NEVER watched something go down like this . Having watched the eventlive I can honestly say there are lots and lots and lots of questions, doubtsand disgust at the media.

6:40pm – more talk of the 4chanpost…. Some say fake, some say real.

6:46pm – an “atta boy” post toDark Penguin from paperbackwriter:  I'vebeen digging your input on this thread. Yes indeed the official story, that is subject to change, isn't it.  The media and LE have both been activelychanging it.  Or not and some stayingwith the old info.  This ensures that noone has a clear idea what is going on. If it's not a conspiracy, it's a darn good imitation of it.  I fear what will happen is that somethingelse will happen and the media will turn it's glaring eye away and we will be left with a bunch of loose ends and nofacts that can be nailed down forever and ever. All you will be able to sort of "prove" is what didn't happen.Not what did.

6:47pm – comments related theposts that have been deleted regarding the 4chan topic.   Now it turns out the entire thread regardingthe 4chan stuff has been deleted.

6:50pm – more than likely the4chan post was a hoax, but then why not throw the entire thread into the hoaxbin, as protocol, why was it deleted?

8:28pm – paperbackwriter - Didrabid reporters rush them to release the names of victims before thisevening?  So why did they rush as youcall it to put out information that they knew was false and would have to backtrackon? I am not one to believe that this is done in error.  But, carefully crafted misinfo on purpose.Because they could have chosen not to. Nobody is forcing these anonymousunnamed sources from leaking this stuff out to the media.

8:41pm – Piers Morgan interviewsBeth Israel – she knows the family and even mentions “adam’s mom was akindergarten teacher.”  What?

8:48pm – word is that WestboroBaptist church might “protest” at the funerals. 

9:08pm – good post fromMisterMaster - Ok people...I have more to muddy the waters for you. I apologizeI cannot embed videos, but will post the source at bottom of post for all towatch. I saved it, I suggest other do too. On there is a video clip from NBC's Today show. Its 2 minuteslong and my jaw dropped when I watched it. Confirmed by "multiple federalsources" that there were FOUR handguns collected from the school. NothingBUT handguns were found and the reporter stresses this fact. The reporter goeson to say that the shooter did have an AR 15, but says that gun was left in thecar and not fired.

This is after the ME has alreadysaid all wounds were caused by a rifle.   First two pistols, then only a rifle, nowfour pistols and no ar, but ME testified before the world and stated rifle.Wtff!!??   Now...I gotta imagine thatjournalists are reletively smart people...or at least educated. If they trulyare being fed this erroneous information constantly, youd think theyd getpissed off and say something...I would. After all, if I get no credibility as ajournalist my career wouldnt last long.  Iwent to drudge. Clicked on headline about the shooter trying to buy a gun onTuesday. Click link, vid is right there on  (DH comment: This relates to more Pete Williams disinfo)

9:30pm – The Guardian confirmsthat Nancy Lanza was part of a doomsday prepper community.

10:04pm – from MisterMaster -These media outlets were being fed great information very early on. The reportsof those dead were listed at 27 just 20 minutes into it being breaking news.They also knew of the two handguns and ar15, as well as a very close estimateof shots fired.  Now obviously someoneclose to the initial investigation was leaking info...good info. So why then isthe rest of the information...assumingly gotten from the same source....alsogiving blatant lies to reporters?

10:32pm - More on prepper and theaunt Marsha…Her former sister-in-law Marsha said she had turned her home ‘intoa fortress’. She added: ‘Nancy had a survivalist philosophy which is why shewas stockpiling guns. She had them for defense.

10:39pm – from paperbackwriter…..AMemorial page set up for Vicki Soto 4 days before the shooting. here contains the URL of the actual page that was since deleted.)  Page opened December 10.

10:48pm – paperbackwriter - I dida bit of research on Vicki earlier today and could not be sure she wasn't justa random pic.  The pic for her alleged"personal" page showed a short-sleeved summer pic but the metadatasaid it was taken in January!  Summertime in South America.  Now go to FB andsee how many Vicki Sotos hail from...South America.  She's the teacher who herded kids into acloset, you know like we were told some of the kids said the policeman's whocame by said to do.  And then she and shealone is shot in amongst the kids who are without a scratch.  Does that sound remotely plausible to you. Itdoesn't to me.

10:59pm – (regarding the VickiSoto FB page) The page name was after the fact. It was created on Dec. 10th,but after the shooting the name was changed and it was turned into a memorialpage for this person.  (Note:  it wasn’t a personal page at all, it wascreated as a fan page or a group page on Dec 10, and then changed the name ofit.)

11:01pm – someone suggests, “Soare we suggesting that the victims didn't exist?”

11:04pm- WeWillAllBeFree- poststhat he has all the screen shots of the Vicki soto FB page…

Page 110 of this thread…

11:26pm- from Starviego – Strangethings…

Hochsprung and schoolpsychologist Mary Scherlach, shocked by the sounds of gunfire and shatteringglass, bolted into a corridor from a conference room across the hall from theclassrooms.

I thought they were in theprincipal's office? Now it's a conference room?

--Dr Carver says the bodies ofthe 26 victims are all ready to be released and that parents were shownpictures, rather being taken to see the actual bodies, as they identified them.

A Newtown, Conn., priest had the"horrible" job of going door-to-door informing families earlySaturday morning that their children had been killed in the elementary schoolmassacre.

Why would the priest have toinform the parent's personally of the death of their children if they hadalready ID'd their dead kid via photos? Do you get the feeling they are makingthis stuff up as they go along?


Hochsprung and schoolpsychologist Mary Scherlach, shocked by the sounds of gunfire and shatteringglass, bolted  into a corridor from a conferenceroom across the hall from the classrooms.

I thought they were in theprincipal's office? Now it's a conference room?

--Dr Carver says the bodies ofthe 26 victims are all ready to be released and that parents were shown pictures,rather being taken to see the actual bodies, as they identified them.

A Newtown, Conn., priest had the"horrible" job of going door-to-door informing families earlySaturday morning that their children had been killed in the elementary schoolmassacre.

Why would the priest have toinform the parent's personally of the death of their children if they hadalready ID'ed their dead kid via photos? Do you get the feeling they are makingthis stuff up as they go along?

December  16, 2012

12:01am – post by salainen -HELL-OOOOOO! What are you talking about? This whole incident is nothing but a"drill." This was a PSY-OP! Why do you think the story changes everyfew hours? There are no DEAD CHILDREN - NO HEROIC TEACHERS! WAKE UP!  Does anyting about this story make any sense?NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Why? Because it never happened! This is all STAGED!The only "GOTCHA!" in this story is if you BUY IT!

12:14am - SuperStudChuck says : Thenagain, I thought I remembered seeing a pic of a car with a New Jersey licenseplate in the parking lot yesterday, too.

1:46am – one poster reminds us ofthis…Sandy Hook School Principal Dawn Hochsprung told The Bee that a masked manentered the school with a rifle and started shooting multiple shows – more thanshe could count – that went "on and on."

Page 120 of this thread…

8:12am – paperbackwriter mentionsinfo on Peter Lanza’s new wife:   I think her name is Jennifer and she is about37 years old and also works with Ernst & Young.  That's from doing online backgroundsearch.   They have been married a littleover two years. The divorce was settled in 2009 so they got married probablyabout 6 months after and moved into her home in Stamford.

9:55pm – paperbackwriter - If Iam not mistaken Ms. Roig was one of 37 new hires at the beginning of thisschool year by the Newtown School Board.

12:12pm – Newtown Church nowbeing evacuated

12:43pm From Shaneslaughta - itwas on cnn, a journalist commented that they had roped off a car that was fromnj.....they later confirmed it was adams cars. they found the ar-15 inside itsupposedly yet all the wounds on the deceased were with the ar-15.

2:32pm - SuperStudChucksays:  At church today, we were told thebrother of one of our church people (small church-- 100 or so-- in Minnesota)lost a granddaughter. Her name was Charlotte Bacon, 6. So I think this confirmsto me that these are REAL kids. No reason for my conservative church to makethis up. We have no political sway.

3:20pm – from Dark Penguin – thisrelates to the media saying the entered the school with three guns.  Contradicts the fact that the bushmaster wasfound IN THE CAR (not to be confused with IN THE TRUNK, where the bolt actionrifle was found later that night).  “Lanzahad entered the school heavily armed. He had three guns -- two handguns and theBushmaster .223-caliber assault rifle that he used to force his way in and killmost of his victims -- along with hundreds of bullets, at least 30 magazinesper gun and extra ammunition, police said. Lanza ultimately used a handgun tokill himself, state police said, and the three guns, the rifle, a Glock 10 mmand a Sig Sauer 9 mm, were found by his body. A fourth gun, a shotgun, wasfound in Lanza's car outside the school, police said.” (article

3:55pm – one poster says….”However,on the very first day, I read one report and one report only that said Lanzapossibly had 6 guns in his possession of which 4 were registered to his motherand 2 were registered to his father”

4:02pm – someone posts regardingthe coincidence of “Sandy Hook” working on the map in the movie “The DarkKnight Rises”.

7:22pm - Post by “I-on-beam” Goodpost - police have cordoned off a black Honda with New Jersey plates believedto belong to the dead shooter. 


Two handguns have been recovered at the scene and police have cordoned off ablack Honda with New Jersey plates believed to belong to the deadshooter. 


Authorities initially believed that there were two gunmen and were searchingcars around the school, but authorities do not appear to be looking for anothergunman 

The gunman, identified as Adam Lanza, 24, of New Jersey, was killed inside ofthe school. 

The Bushmaster AR15 rifle found in the trunk of Adam Lanza’s car was alsoher’s. 
Law enforcement sources said the Bushmaster was recovered in the car, but Vancedenied that assertion at a news conference.*/dse?page=1#small 

He also had an assault-style rifle in his car, but did not bring it into theschool 

Police say that Lanza drove to Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown in hismother's car. 

Read more: 

Three guns were found at the scene - a Glock and a Sig Sauer, both pistols,inside the school, and a .223-caliber rifle in the back of a car. 

Read more: 

My two cents.. too many inaccuracies leave incompetence. People (MSM) shouldfired, and or keep them away and do not let them close to any crimes b/c theyare in competent. Police and authorities should not talk with them… Confusionis for us to concentrate on this and not other things.. again Blissing to all!Hope all the links work after previewing. 

ps added later... how could he have had all these guns and ammo and stillmanaged to be an accurate shooter ???  wejust been had.

8:32pm – Honor93’s Post regardingthe weight of the ammo….there is no way that twig of a boy was carrying all ofthat on his person ... not a chance.  90loaded clips ?? 3 weapons ... nope, not seeing it.  don't they have ANY clue how much weight thatis ??  since i haven't seen a recentphoto of Lanza, i really don't know but, i seriously doubt Adam was a weighttrainer or a lumber jack of a man like he'd have to be in order to manage theload they're describing.

8:38pm - Post by starvirego:  What exactly is the evidence against theaccused suspect Adam Lanza?

He was carrying another's IDcard. The car he allegedly drove was not registered in his name. Nor were anyof the weapons registered in his name. And certainly no witness could haveID'ed him from a photo lineup as the shooter allegedly wore a mask. So how didthey make an ID? Did they take his fingerprints at the crime scene and comparethem to those in a database? That's the only way they could have done it.

Also unusual is the total lack ofany online presence, given that the kid was known to be good with computers,demonstrated by his hosting "LAN" parties.

Did he even know how to drive acar? I don't see any evidence that the guy had a driver's license. Andcertainly he did not have any record of violence, or even any anti-socialtendencies.

This guy is as much a patsy asJared Loughner or James Holmes.

Page 130 of this thread…

11:03pm - Post from Honor93 - amreading it over and much of what is there, i hadn't read or heard beingreported. from what i have read/heard, there isn't much of this that doesconnect together as it should.  betweenthe pip-squeak of a guy manhandling upwards of 200lbs of armament into aschool, un-noticed ? all the way to 20+ dead without an errant bullet beingfired, to broken windows, shooting out the main door but no one heard ... noneand i do mean none of it even remotely sounds logical, likely or evenpossible.  i'm still wondering how thelocal newspaper printed the supposed statement of a dead woman (principle) ?that just isn't proper reporting in any way, shape or form. {accident my arse}

11:44pm - Also Sunday, aConnecticut official said the gunman's mother was found dead in her pajamas inbed, shot four times in the head with a .22-caliber rifle. (a different rifle?)

11:44pm - Another story from a“parent”  - A parent told MailOnlineLanza battered on a closet where 15 children and their music teacher werelocked inside shouting: 'Let me in! Let me in!'

The mother, in her 40s, whodeclined to give her name, praised the quick-thinking actions of MaryroseKristopik: 'I want to thank my child's music teacher. She saved theirlives.  'The shooter kept banging on thedoor screaming: "Let me in! Let me in!" but he didn't get in.  So why didn't he shoot right through the doors?

December 17, 2012

2:54am - Paperbackwriter -Earlier today I was reading a story where the remaining 430 students would beattending an empty school in good condition called Chalk Hill.  First question I had was how convenient therewas a ready-made school in the waiting, why wasn't it being used if it was ingood condition?

5:04am - One incredibly bravelittle girl is the only survivor of her first grade class because she playeddead while her friends were killed around her by gunman Adam Lanza. The unnamedgirl's story was revealed after her mother attended grief counseling with alocal pastor Jim Solomon. The unnamed girl, 6, waited until she believed it wassafe hiding among the corpses, then ran from the building covered with blood from head to toe.

11:15am - I've been followingthis since it happened, and I'm not buying it at all. The story changes way toomany times. None of it makes sense. I've thought about it, and thought aboutit. I've looked at that picture of Adam many times, and I just don't see how hecould have done this. Not by himself. It doesn't make sense to me why he wouldsay let me in, let me in. It sounds as if he was trying to get away fromsomeone. I have the feeling that Adam may have been a victim, and unfortunatelythere's no way to prove it that I can see. Post by username “CatrionaBeldame”

11:39am - Two adult survivors whowere shot and injured in the Newtown, Conn., school massacre will be integralparts of the investigation into the deadly rampage, police said today."Investigators will, in fact, speak with them when it's medicallyappropriate and they will shed a great deal of light on the facts andcircumstances of this tragic investigation," Connecticut State Police Lt.Paul Vance said at a news conference today.

12:31pm - I've been followingthis thread pretty closely but maybe I missed something.  I thought there was only one injuredsurvivor, the woman who was shot in the foot. Can anyone tell me who the second one was?

12:37pm - Someone mentioned a NEWarticle from ABC regarding a 2nd gunman….”I google-searched 'ABC twoshooters at school'  I got a hit, low andbehold it was from a story they did three days ago.  Click on the link... It has been updated!Updated as in 'SCRUBBED' of any mention of two shooters. Post by “butcherguy”

3:11pm Post by MisterMaster:  After rumors of Nancy Lanza working forDARPA, I set off into that rabbit-hole all day.

It was mentioned that perhapsNancy was working on video games or something similar.

So, on December 12th,2012 NVIDIAannounced a partnership with DARPA worth $20M.

NVIDIA as many know is theindustry leader in graphics cards and processing equipment for computers andconsoles.

"NVIDIA has been awarded acontract from DARPA to research embedded processor technologies that could leadto dramatic improvements in the ability of autonomous vehicles to collect andprocess data from onboard sensors. The goal is to enable surveillance andcomputer vision systems in ground and airborne vehicles to collect an analyzevastly more data that can be processed today in real time. This is the fourthgrant awarded to the company through DARPA."

I found no other articles relatedto any of the other grants, I tried.

Strangely...the gentleman incharge of this project is named Drew Lanza. There is also a product by NVIDIAcalled the "Lanza". All info on this product is in Spanish on allGoogle searches related...I have no further info on it as I dont speak thelanguage. Perhaps someone could check that lead out??

Anyway, curious as to who thisLanza guy is, I jumped down that hole....

Drew Lanza has NO relationship toAdam Lanza as far as I can tell. Peter, Adams father has two brothers namedMark and Michael. No other siblings are listed on

HOWEVER, there are some strangecoincidences that I gotta mention.

Drew grew up near Stamford, CT.

Currently employed byMorganthaler Ventures. Peter works for GE. How many ex GE employees work atMorganthaler now you ask? 13 is the answer. Like Goldman Sachs runs the Fed, GEruns Morganthaler.

Graduated Stamford University in1979 with an MS in Electrical Engineering. Stayed and taught for two years andthen left for IBM. He left there and founded part of Sony. Heleft there for.....Raytheon! A few cool jobs later, he is now a partner atMorganthaler.

While in Stamford he was a memberof Delta Kappa Epsilon. Some of the alumni of that fraternity include:

Both President Bushes. Roosevelt.William Hurst. Harry Truman. Many many many members of the board of very largenews conglomorates....check the wiki on the fraternity...amazing the illimanatimembers!

Their has thefollowing creepy quote on their homepage...real creepy.

"A brother dead and brothersmourning Fill the heart with grief today. And the earnest grab fraternal;Speaks,"a dear one passed away." Yes, no longer shall we greet theein the halls of DKE. Yet,they name in sweet rememberence Graven on our heartswill be. As we trust,to meet again,In a full unbroken circle,Free from sorrowand pain."

All mistakes and capital lettersare exactly as they were written.

So, mom may work for DARPA doingvideo type things. Drew Lanza works for NVIDIA through Morganthaler Venturedoing a processor and video program with DARPA. Morganthaler is filled with GEexecs and Peter Lanza is a GE exec.

Drew Lanza grew up in the samearea. He shares the same last name. lists 117 Lanzas in theUS...that have a landline anyway, so a bit of a stretch, but whats the odds ofthere being another unrelated Lanza that once lived in the vicinity NOT beingrelated?

Pictures of Peter and Drew nextto each other show they most definitely could be related...they look strikinglysimilar.

I am not implying this hasanything to do with anything besides a strange coincidence. There are someuncanny coincidences that warrant further investigation. I cannot because ofthe limits of my phone or I would.

Wait til ya see what else Ifound.....

3:57pm - Nvidia is spying for theUS government. If you have a nvidia card in your computer. Take a look at userprofiles on your computer. They now have created a hidden user on it.UpdatusUser. Take a look at the folder it holds. The file folders on yourcomputer. Documents, videos, links, etc etc

4:31pm – one poster suggests lookinginto the gun manufactors stock price over the past three days….could besomething similar to the “put options” bought for UA and AA before 911.

5:41pm - Now this story waspulled.

Most of the interview ishere….Then, during the interview, something strange occurred as Monsignor Weissbegan to laugh and giggle on the phone while discussing this grave situation.He was asked how things happened at his school.

“Monsignor Weiss: "We werelocated...we were notified through the alarm system that's in our town throughthe school system,"

Monsignor Weiss began. "Ourchildren were actually at mass so we kept them in church for quite a while andthen sent them over to our hall where they are still in one group.

So now...we are justawaiting...word from the officials on what we should do from here. I'm moreconcerned about the...the...


MSNBC: "Monsignor..."

Monsignor Weiss:"(laughter)"

MSNBC: "Monsignor...?"

Monsignor Weiss:"...(laughter)...more concerned about the parents waiting to find out whathappened to their children (stifling laughter)."

5:45pm - This is the 2nd timethere has been awkward laughter from professionals. The ME also was makingjokes and laughing about one of the gravest tragedies ever seen in thiscountry.

6:05pm - More talk about theNewtown Bee publishing an article and quoting Principal Dawn Hochsprung…..Exactly.Who is this woman, and why did she misrepresent herself? Was this anotherplanted eyewitness, like we saw on 9/11, to make sure the story follows theagreed-upon script?

7:06pm - Poster is looking forfollow up on this quote:  USA Today saidthey had interviewed a very traumatized school nurse from Sandy Hook, whodescribed how the gunman walked into her office and looked her straight in theeye.

Page 140 of this thread…

7:30pm – reports now say thatLanza’s computer was smashed up.

7:45pm – on the same morning - Onthe morning Adam Lanza allegedly gunned down his mother, 20 small children, andfive adults in a Connecticut school, his uncle was on the front page of a NewHampshire newspaper for bringing a man back to life.  Link:

9:26pm - No photographs orevidence of a gun-club membership for Adam?

9:43pm – A user posts thisinterview, very strange comments and awkward situation from first responderJeffrey Thomas, 38 of Sandy Hook fire department.  He said he was first notified by this eventby the multiple helicopters around Sandy Hook. Link:

11:52pm –frompaperbackwriter:  I am sure I haveread and heard that Soto protected her students and none besides her werekilled.   Now 6 were killed there besidesher?

December 18, 2012

12:30am – user says Ryan’s FBpage was real (DH comment:  a post bypotential girlfriend Jessica O’Brien asking Ryan if she can prepare something forRyan for dinner), and Adam’s wasn’t….and also the page setup earlier, seemsodd.

Both brothers subscribed to apage done by Josh Halloway…Adam’s only had a few friends and one was a whitekids with tats.    Some good videos outthere by username IdahoPicker regarding the screen shots of Adam’s page beforeit was removed.

7:17am – MisterMaster  posts that Adam changed his politicalaffiliation on FB to “Anarchist, communist” at 6am that same day.  Suggests that Josh Halloway could be the 2ndshooter.  Very creepy page, and pictureswith Adam in them.

8:02am – Nighthawk1954 – posts alink to a great tribute video on You Tube.

9:33am – ButcherGuy posts acomment around the “I smelled sulfur” quote.  Blackpowder weapons create a sulfur smell, but not the current, modernweapons.   Was a blackpowder weapon usedin the shootings?

2:08pm – from NavyDoc :  There is a lot of conflicting information andstuff that does not make sense. The naive side of me wants to dismiss it asjust the "fog of war"--confusion and so forth surrounding a horribleevent. The jaded side of me thinks that some of this is a bit too suspicious.Gun control was a dead topic since the Dems got creamed in the 1996 midtermsand only something of this magnitude could ever give them any ground. Thetiming, with a lame duck liberal president and retention of the senate seems abit too perfect. Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, but three times isenemy action, as an old war horse once said to me.

3:52pm – by Taggart with reasonfor the smashed hard drive.   - 1.Topaint the picture of a calculated killer 'They' swapped his hardrive with abroken one to paint the picture he may have planned it on his computer anddestroyed the evidence.   2.He was acalculated killer and he destroyed his harddrive to hide anything that could befound.

4:21pm – media now saying thatAdam snapped after he found out about his mother’s plan to move forward withhaving him committed.

4:36pm – many users are postingthe video link of Robbie Parker laughing and smiling before his interview.

5:26pm post from paperbackwriter- Upcoming move to Washington State:  Ijust heard an interview with 3 people who knew her who said she was planning tosell her house and move to a college town they had been looking at inWashington State.  I wrote down theirnames as I listened. John Bergquist, Russ Hanoman, and Elener Adriani (that maybe spelled wrong, I was writing it fast because they didn't leave it up therelong).

5:47pm – post by “curiouscatty” –regarding the Robbie Parker video:   I dohowever promise all of you that THAT MAN DID NOT JUST LOSE A CHILD.

7:00pm - Uncle says Adam was onFanapt.

10:51pm - Strange item from GeneRosen:  Then Rosen called the children’sparents, using cellphone numbers obtainedfrom the school bus company, and they came and retrieved their children.

11:02pm – curious observationthat all the media is now focusing on the funerals, and documenting thefamily’s strength, etc.  Nothing at allabout the remaining questions.

11:09pm – good post comparingthis mass shooting to another mass-shooting at a school:  The Virginia Tech shooting, with 33 deaths,was covered efficiently and no conflicting stories. No disinformation.

December 19, 2012

12:28am – good summary here from a new poster: Here's my thing.....the media has painted a really stellar picture ofAdam Lanza as this complete basket case. So unstable he could not function inregular school. So unstable his mom was at her witts end with him, so messed upthat his entire world was on his computer. So unstable she quit work to carefor him?  Yet, she takes him shooting?She keeps guns in the house?

Onto Page 150 of this thread:

8:27pm – TKDRL – posts that theirfamily knows one of the kids killed.   Healso mentioned that the mother also watched the Robbie Parker interview as sheis not a tin-foil hat wearer, but still said, “something is off here.”

December 20, 2012

9:23am – Nighthawk1954 postregarding how you can donate:

7:28pm – good post - I thinkmaybe that's because she MAY have owned 3 guns. Another smear article said shehad a 'cache of large weapons'. (the 3 guns?) She was said ( by media) totarget practice with Adam. Seems to me she obviously trusted him with guns anddidn't seemed worried. She supposedly had them for self defense, does that makeone a 'doomsday prepper' in and of itself, (that term seems to be used tocreate stereotypes). For me to believe that he suddenly would take a gun andshoot his mother in her sleep?, smash his hard drive up for nobody could readwhat it contained, and then go masscre a room full of children and faculty,it's going to have to take more evidence than this weak twisted convolutednonsensical tale devoid of any real details, swirling around and being fed tothe herd through the so called 'news'.

8:10pm - I'm really trying tounderstand why Nancy Lanza is being crucified by the media and the public tothe point that many are blaming her for essentially enabling Adam Lanza'sactions but Adam's father, Peter Lanza, is not facing any backlash for Adam'sactions.

10:00pm – good response regardingthe crucification of Nancy in the media as a “doomsday prepper”.  “Because she stands for a stereotype that themedia wants to crucify. Nothing personal. And she apparently isn't in aposition to refute the smears.”

December 21, 2012

10:57am – good post in responseto the comment regarding the press’ lax of coverage on Peter Lanza:  That is a good point starviego; I'm sure thatPeter Lanza being a Vice President at GE Energy Financial Services and GEowning 49% of both NBC & MSNBC allows that "news" division togive Peter Lanza a pass.

Interesting enough, isn't itinteresting that this is one of the few mass shootings that the media isn'tgiving the accused shooter's middle name? Guess what, the accused shooter'sfull name: Adam Peter Lanza. If they were using his middle name, Peter, incoverage it might remind us that he has a father too...

11:00am – NickDC202 posts - Is itjust me or are we witnessing the worst exercise of modern"journalism" with the coverage of Adam & Nancy Lanza'sbackground? It just seems the media is throwing spaghetti against the wall andseeing what sticks...

11:13am - User “cinnamonhearts”writes:  The biggest red flag to me isthat MSM does not ask questions. You can't tell me that MSM didn't hear thepolice audio, the dialogue about more than one shooter, the comment about ateacher seeing two shadows running by her ,,, More than one shooter in policeaudio, just like in Aurora.

12:42pm - Was the shooter wearinga mask or not? As far as I knew they claimed Adam was wearing a mask. However,if Adam was wearing a mask, why would a child claim the gunman "had nofacial expressions"?

5:53pm - Good quote frompaperbackwriter:  “The victims are assketchy as the shooter.”

5:57pm – another frompaperbackwriter:  “Wow how many regularswere out that day? The school nurse and the school secretary?  A teacher requiring a substitute? Who else?”  (DH comment: Rousseau was a substitute that day, Sally Cox, the nurse wasn’t in andthe Secretary took the day off).

11:05am - Cinnamonheartswrites:  "Emilie, right, smiles alongsideher parents, Robbie and Alissa, and her two little sisters. Her mother did notattend the memorial as she is still too fragile, friends said.  (DH Comment: Alissa Parker, Emilie’s mom did NOT attend the memorial for Emilie inOgden, UT What?) Link:

December 22, 2012

December 23, 2012

December 24, 2012

5:01am - New comment regardingthe “delivery man” -  Dennis Stratford,who works for the school district, happened to be making a delivery to SandyHook Elementary when the gunman attacked. He saw dead children. He saw the remainsof dead children on those who survived. He waited agonizing minutes for his ownchild to emerge unharmed from the school. Two of his neighbors' children didnot.   "I go home and cry everynight, and I cry every morning," Stratford said.  “There were nine minutes of evil, and aninfinity of goodness after that," Stratford said, sitting on a forkliftloaded with gifts. "This is therapy for me."

December 25, 2012

December 26, 2012

11:00pm - A mock shooting drillwas being conducted in Putnam County, which is only miles away from Sandy Hook,on the very same day!

December 27, 2012

December 28, 2012

December 29, 2012

10:25am – post by username“receptive” – regarding the number of students in Soto’s class – it doesn’t addup.  1. Police - finding "7 kids safe in the closet."  2.  6 kids (4 girls 2 boys) at Gene Rosen's house."Mrs. Soto is dead."  3. AidanLicata and 2 boys ran away. A woman picked them up and took them to police station.  What can you make of this?  Teachers on Facebook: "He killed her and not one of her children were harmed."  Friend on Tumblr: "Not one of her students were harmed."

4:52pm – more comments now appearregarding VisionBox crisis actors.

8:40pm - Now Reddit is on this sandy hook stuff and they have been posting pics of actors and this lady has tobe the same person.  i'm glad more mainstream places are now looking into the inconsistency of the officialstory.  Something is up

January 12, 2013 – Final Post of thread

2:45pm – username “hypattia” - Thiswhole Rosen thing is what has convinced me that something is very wrong! Alongwith the points above, which is exactly what I've been wondering. I don't knowwhat happened but I know something is just plain wrong! My children would have been crying for me, not sitting in a STRANGERS HOUSE, crying and discussing the shooting!

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As the Sandy Hook shooting unfolded on December 14, 2012, a strange series of events took place and was documented by contributors to an online forum while the event took place. With excellent links and investigation by the readers, it became known that what the public was told on 12/14 was very different than what actually took place. The amount of Mis-information and Dis-information given to the press made it obvious that something was going on much bigger than a mass-shooting in an American Elementary School. This account exposes the questions that remain to this day, that haven't been addressed, or answered by Law Enforcement Officials.
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The 158 page thread on this subject had many posts that related to gun-control, mental illness, and emotional posts by users giving well wishes to the family. This account has all of those types of posts stripped out and only facts, evidence and official reports remain.
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