your faith (warning its "religious")
Isaiah 54:9 "I promise never again to flood the earth or to be angry w/ thine"/
The Lord God says my love will never end and forever keep my promise of the peace of them/
Since the days will begin to last day of men and the sin is to great for the patience within/
He extends another chance and another chance again/
How many more chances do you think He's gna give/
How many more do we have when we go forth and back to the things that we think that we do that He asks/
If it's not in His name than its not the right path/
If it not by His grace then it's not what He asked/
I'm torn between the laws that are given by God and the laws that are brought and are written by man/
I have broken both of em but the only ones that I care about are the ones that consist of Gods plan/
As much as I fail and disappoint my family in my wrongdoings and personal tragedies/
I would die for them and kill If it has to be/
And I would then lead a multitude after me/
Cuz it is written in the end the great angel Michael in the time of trouble will make an appearance/
The worst since the nations 1st came into existence, when the time comes the saved are in Gods book written/
Many of those who have already died will live again and some will enjoy eternal life/
The wise leaders lite with all the brightness of the sky/
and their stars will forever shine/
So we strive to be faithful and imagine that we're right/
But the truth is we try and still do what we like/
And I hate to say that the family of mine/
Are in a comfort zone that worships in their own mind/
Theirs 10 commandments and if we followed them all/
I wouldn't have to be talking to y'all/
Ellen white predicted about fire proof buildings that were consumed by destruction and not saved by engines/
But I have no light to what is come to new York/
Only that great buildings will be thrown and overturned/
So where are we left to think of all this/
Of our presidency, religion and politics/
The pledge of allegiance wont be allowed to be said/
And the Sunday law is upon us are you ready for it/
I know that if I am given the right to curse God/
Or to see the end of my daughters life if not/
I would die but never deny Christ and fight for the life that He has given so that I can survive/
I'd rather be a thief saved at the end/
Than to follow Him thru life to deny Him at death/
So He knows my intentions when im speaking on this/
Cuz I prayed before I started and I prayed at the end/

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although I am not "religious" in the way of being associated with a religion but I do believe in God and He is the way the path and the light. Some of my writings and songs may not reflect it but I know what i have in my heart
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