undisclosed desires
I want 2 b him, the 1 u see in/
The movies n magazines the reason u gleaming/
The night in armor that fights in honor/
For the right to call u mine is awesum/
I tried 2 call u, txt n always try to find u,  damn I like u/
Its no secret/id leave my boys to spend some more time w/ u, believe it/
Normally I wouldn't b this naive/
To believe in trust that's given and received/
But still I see the type a girl, for a guy this type who would put her 1st/
And give up things n break the habits/
Ur so accustomed by all of those who had them/
I'm so relaxed when we're attached to one another w/ our feelings intact/
Still as strong since the 1st time/
That we talked n i held u right/
But somehow ur having trouble/jumping in2 what we both want 2/
I know we ought 2, don't pretend/
If u keep it in u will see it end/
b4 ur eyes and mayb then/
When its 2 late you'll see w/ them/

They say I'm crazy, a perfect verb/
Prefer it 1st b4 losing nerves/
I'm used 2 wat the people say cuz/ what the people say don't concern us/
We'll venture through, the trust can do it/
Who can say that we will take it loosely/
instead a violent war is raging/
Inside your heart and it's 4 my taking/
Don't mistake my love cuz my goal in time/
Is so sublime/
I'm so inclined to do the things/
That he won't do or even think/
My determination is equal 2/ a broken heart that bleeds 4 u/
And still u seem that your not ready/
To dive in the ocean of feelings u have already/

I know it's there I feel it when your not even here, it's tough to bare/
To know that we can have each other at any moment perfect lovers/
Worst thing abt it is we know we can/
But still resist when we are holding hands/
Don't b afraid, I won't b afraid/
but there we stand in separate space/
Pushing forward I'm moving till your pulling toward scooting over/
You've always made room 4 him/
I'm just asking that u fit me in/
I won't insist I won't suggest/
Cuz if it's gna happen, u will atempt/
Till then I've been waiting since/
I've made amends 2 accept my patience is wearing thin/

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words to a remix of Muse "undisclosed desires" im going to record and put on my mixtape
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