Father, I wish u couldve seen, the man I hav become/
To be proud of who I am, other than your 1st born son/
Was it to difficult, to call or visit me/
To be here for Dina's graduation, to share a birthday with me/
To see your grandson and granddaughter, whom you've never met/
To comfort me 1 month ago, when I was close to death/
To raise a man like me n show him how 2 be strong/
To see me get married, though it didn't last long/
But it must have been too much, to come and see your only kids/
Much easier to forget, and have a new set of them/
So u don't have to be the man, we turn to when we need u/
So since you never bothered, I never will either/
But because u weren't there, I am grateful that I learned/
That I will never leave Valarie, and always be there for her/
So mayb I don't really wish, u couldve been in our lives/
Cuz we're doing great, my mom did your role just fine/

dienamik   dienamik wrote
on 3/10/2012 2:43:21 AM
Thank you and thank you

zaccats   zaccats wrote
on 3/9/2012 11:22:52 PM
This is a very good piece of poetry. I love poetry that comes right from the heart, and this you have done extremely well. Try to limit or eliminate the slang from any writing you will find that after your works are posted/ written people will get the hang of your style. Plus if you're an old kodger like me we tend to loose touch with the younger brigade. But then again may be old guys like myself should up sdate our selves and get more in touch with the young. You obviously have a great talent, keep up the good writing. Sincerely zaccats

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a lil something for the man who wasnt there
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