1st I will tell you that your beautiful....
First I will tell u that your beautiful, I'll ask u to sit down and I'll start rubbing your shoulders from behind w/ my face up against your neck slowly kissing your shoulder n your neck. After I can feel your shoulders fall I know that your relaxed and I slip off your shirt. I ask you to lay down and I take a few seconds to admire the beauty before me. I move myself in the middle of you as I put my lips against yours slowly so I can taste your lips. Your tongue enters my mouth as mine enters your now playing w/ each other. I start to move down kissing you first on your chin down your neck and down the middle of your chest. Using my hands to feel the sides of your body smoothly over the softness of your skin. I move down kissing you till I just barely pass your stomach and I look up, I pause, and smile over the excitement of having you w/ me. I move back up the middle of your chest n as I reach your neck I turn towards your ear n kiss you while slowly breathing warm air up against you. I nibble just a little bit on your ear lobe n move to your cheek and onto your mouth and kiss you passionately. Feeling the urge of each others wants, neeeds, desires! You pull my shirt off and I wrap I arm around you to unhook your bra. You look at me and place your hands on chest and rub it up and down to my sides till your hands move to my belt buckle and unbuckle it and undo the button and zipper and pull everything down. You rub your hands again from my chest down to my sides and down to my abdomen and you feel my clean shaven body. You take a moment to feel me and your smile tells me that your pleased w/ what I have for you. I put my hands on the side of your hips n pull your panties down your legs and under your feet. I lay on you and we kiss more and more passionately and you move your hand down and place me just at the entrance of you and you put your arms around me urging me to enter. I slowly slide inside and push till you feel all 8 inches of me and you let out a gasp of air. The warmness of you is evident in my smile and I slowly move back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Then I put your right leg over my left arm and I hold it up as I rythically rotate in a circle inside you with my right hand massaging your breast from the side to the nipple. Your soft moaning indicates your pleasure and it pleases me while I kiss your right breast n lick your nipple very gently. I stop and get up, I extend my hand and as you take it you stand up. I take my seat on a chair and you place your legs opposite me and sit on me, facing me. Your control on me keeps you concentrated as you put your right hands on my chest. SMACK! Right on your left ass cheek w/ my right hand. SMACK! Again SMACk once more. The volume of your moaning elevates and I can feel your body shaking. Your vibrating body takes a pause and you let out a short cry out and you place your hands on my head and give me a firm kiss indicating your gratitude for your orgasm. I then put each of your legs over my arms and I wrap them around you and once I know I have up securely, I rise. Pushing you up in down in midair you become excited at the elevation in which I have you while I'm still inside you. I feel my sensation increasing and I slow down and bend slowly to lay you down. I place my self in the middle of you and thrust harder and harder. With your hands on my sides your moaning starts once again as you tell me to go faster and faster and faster. Your body begins to shake again and I feel the firm grasp of your hands indicating that you have cum once again. And then my sensation at full strength now, I unleash my pleasure, throbbing and finally I take a deep breath. I move down to give your a soft kiss and I lay down next to you. For minutes, we just lay there and bask in the comfort and relaxation of each other.....

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This is just one way of what it's like to be in bed............
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