Thoughts to Pinz



               Free flowing thoughts, allowing my memory to rewind

               I revel in the images, enjoying moments that remind


               Seems like only yesterday the night you were conceived

               How quickly time has passed, very difficult to believe


               Born on your due date with relatively moderate labor

               Every moment of your childhood  I continue to savor  


               Always a bright eyed joy, always a wonder and delight

               It’s a pleasure to sit back and watch you begin to take flight


               You were a daddy’s little girl, jogging together side by side

               Now running a writer’s web site, simultaneously with pride


               As you grew, an old soul, awareness and compassion arose

               Time and attention you gave to the unfortunate those


               Disabled, elderly, individuals who had confused minds

               There with helping hands and warm words that were kind


               Alzheimer patients touched your heart and their stories your ear

               Something inside you could sense the intense depth of their fear


               Working with the elderly at a senior retirement facility

               Caring and attending to the extent of your means and ability


               Terminally ill children, there to help fulfill their last desire

               Helping them cherish each moment, until time to expire                                                                                                           


               Humor and laughter, a huge part of your magnetic nature

               It has given you charm, fortitude, strength and stature


               Characters and stories make your imagination go wild

               Innate, you enjoyed them from the time you were a child


              Your first screenplay “5 Minutes”, your film debut

              Solidified your desire to write, the career to pursue


               Off to Los Angeles to the short film festival you went

               A screenwriter you chose to be, you became hell bent


               Editing Grandma’s book, adapting it for the big screen

               Gramsy relished the thought of being read and being seen


               Your first employment opportunity, an author you became

               A chance to practice your talent without the use of your name


               Ghost writing books, not your first style of writing choice

               It became a great tool, you became the storyteller’s voice


               Recognizing the possibilities you seized it for the exposure

               Some criticism, some praise, never loosing your composure


              Your dad and you together, a partnership you began

              With the ball in your court, you grasped it and ran


              A CEO you became, self confident yet never ostentatious

              A social web site you have created, completely outrageous


              Writing exercises, blogs, publishing, and an e commerce store

              An opportunity for writers, readers, editors and much more


              Vast writer’s web site, a place for all types of works to display

              An inviting environment where creators can pursue their forte


              The site has your friendliness, with your sense of charm

              Your bright smile like your future, will continue to disarm


             The sky is your limit, as to what you can strive for and achieve

             Bright stars you will touch, aspiring to your dreams, I believe


             Reflecting back, as an emotional mother with  great pleasure
             I thank you for being my daughter, a rare and remarkable treasure


sagitta   sagitta wrote
on 8/24/2011 2:02:27 PM
I like it very much.....

vwhitlock   vwhitlock wrote
on 1/3/2009 7:33:09 PM
Great read! Brings back wonderful memories!

Tony   Tony wrote
on 6/6/2008 7:47:17 AM
Very touching, you really brought out the truth of life and growing older

unicorn2008   unicorn2008 wrote
on 5/28/2008 12:54:36 AM
This is very touching...It would make any child proud to know you are their mother.....

Warriorprincess55   Warriorprincess55 wrote
on 5/22/2008 8:52:42 PM
This is by far thee most beautiful, heart-warming, loving words put to pen and paper, that I have yet to read on this site! It sounds like you taught your daughter everything she knows! You mother, are a gem! May God continue to bless you for you have shown us all by writing this poem that He has already blessed you with the gift of loving, mothering and writing!

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A poem for my daughter