I love you

I love you.

Yes I said it.

What did you say?

You love me back.

You're eighteen.

A senior at the local high school.

I'm fourteen.

A freshman at my house.

A three year difference.

Isn't a long difference.

But when it comes

To my age and your age

It sounds sinful.

But why would people have to know?

An affair?

Yes, I said affair.

An affair is sexual, you say

But not always.

We wouldn't have to call it an affair

If you don't like.

We could just call it love

Because that is what it is.

This is a love that could last a lifetime.

I love you.

You love me.

What else must we need?

We could runaway, you say.

And I agree.

Let's get your car

And leave this place.

We could succeed.

Or we could get caught.

But that's all right.

Our love will never rot.

I think I'm insane.

Because I just wrote

A poem about us

When there's not even an us.

I just wrote what I want the future to hold.

I just wrote about my love for you.

I just wrote about your love for me.

But I just wrote a total lie.

I love you.

Yes, I said it.

Not to your face of course.

How could I do that?

You don't love me.

You never will.

Because I am too scared

To tell you how I feel.

I will try to deny my feelings.

I will try to forget you.

But how can I do that?

I see you all the time.

So I'll hide my feelings

And never talk about it.

But you will go through my mind

Everyday for all of eternity.

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writing dear_schrudence
When you find something you love, it's not about how good you are at it, it's about how much you enjoy it
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I love you. Yes I said it. What did you say? You love me back.
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